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Waterproof Digital Marine Receiver w/ iPod/iPhone Support & Bluetooth Ready

• Rear USB
• iPod/iPhone Video compatible
• Bluetooth Compatible
• Backlit LCD Display
• 70W x 4 Chan. MAX
• 2 Set of 2V Preamp Outputs



Marine Digital Media Receiver with Internal UNI-Dock ,Apple iOS and MTP Android/Windows Media Playback

• FusionMS-AV650 In-Dash Receiver
• FUSION-Link Technology to fully control compatible Fusion entertainment systems
• Built-In Unidock for phone protection, charging and playback
• NMEA 2000 Connectivity
• MP3/M4A/FLAC Playback
• 4 audio zones (zone 1 and 2 powered by internal amplifier)



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Waterproof Digital Marine Receiver w/ Uni-Dock, iPod/iPhone/Android/Windows Media Playback, Built-in Bluetooth, and SiriusXM Ready

• Single DIN (Chassis) Waterproof Digital Marine Receiver
• 70W x 4 Chan. MAX • 26W x 4 Chan. RMS
• 3 Sets of 3V Preamp Outputs
• Compatible with MTP Android/Windows
• Compatible with Apple iPhone 6/6+ and iOS 8 software



Single DIN Bluetooth In-Dash DVD/CD/AM/FM Marine Receiver w/ 16:9 WQVGA Color Widescreen LCD Screen and SiriusXM Ready

• 70W x 4 Chan. MAX • 20W x 4 Chan. RMS
• 4 Line Outputs (1 left & right per zone, requires amplification)
• 4 Sub outputs (1 per zone)
• 2 Auxiliary stereo inputs
• 16:9 WQVGA Colour Widescreen, Optically Bonded LCD Display
• Chassis has a Glass Filled Composite with Aluminum Heat Sink