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4-Way Electronic Crossover with Remote Level Control Knob

• 4-Way Electronic Crossover
• 2-Channel RCA Input for Full Range or Front Channels
• Phase Inversion Switches
• Remote Knob Included
• Processing for Your Whole System

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  • 4.3
3 reviews

Digital Bass Driver with Dash Mount Remote Control

• Digital Bass Driver with Dash Mount Remote Bass Control
• Bass Restoration Circuit
• Bass Maximizer Indicator With 2 LED Indicators
• PFM Subsonic Filter Switch
• Balanced Input Circuitry



9-Band Graphic Equalizer w/ 18db Boost and Cut

• 9-Band Graphic Equalizer
• White Illumination
• Independent Fader Control
• Master and Sub Gain Controls
• Max Output Voltage: 8V



Digital Bass Reconstruction Processor with Remote

• Digital Bass Reconstruction Processor
• Wired Remote Control
• Parametric Bass Control
• Output Level: 13.5 volt
• Balanced Inputs
• PFM Subsonic Filter
• Bass Output Control



  • 4.1
8 reviews

Bass Maximizer and Bass Restoration Processor

Bass maximizer and bass restoration processor • Maximum bass control • Dash mount remote control • Subsonic filter and bass level control • Output level: 13.5v • Input noise rejection: 60dB

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Bass Reconstruction Processor w/ 3 Band EQ & RGB LED Tarantula

• Variable 3-Band Bass Frequency Equalizer
• Frequency Sweep Adjustment
• 12V Max 2-Channel RCA Input
• Dash Mount Remote w/ Subsonic Filter
• RGB LED Tarantula



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