Secondary car batteries need accessories so you can finish your install. Shop for fuses, terminals, isolators, relays and more!

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If you are installing a car audio system, Xscorpion has everything you need for a simple and smooth installation. Browse this section to find Car Stereo, Amplifier, and Speaker installation accessories, Car Battery accessories, RCA Interconnects, Power & Ground Cable, Big 3 Upgrade Kits, and Installation tools/accessories like electrical tape, screws, measuring tapes, screwdrivers, wire strippers/crimpers and much more.

Xscorpion Battery Accessories

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Top Sellers in Xscorpion Battery Accessories

Platinum Battery Terminal w/ One 0/2 Ga, One 2/4 Ga, and Two 8 Ga Connections

• Platinum-Plated Battery Terminal
• One 0/2 Gauge Output
• One 2/4 Gauge Output
• Two 8 Gauge Inputs
• Fast and Easy Installation
• Includes Positive to Negative Adapter



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Platinum Digital Battery Terminal w/ One 1/0 AWG, Two 4 AWG & Two Screw Terminals for any AWG Wire

• Platinum Digital Battery Terminal
• Two 4 Gauge Outputs
• One 1/0 Gauge Output
• Two any gauge cable inputs w/ Ring Terminal
• Protective Cover Included
• 3-Digit Digital Voltmeter Display
• Screw Terminals Hold Cables Securely



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Platinum-Plated Long GM Battery Terminal Posts

• Long GM Battery Terminal Posts
• Platinum-Plated for Maximum Conductivity
• Works with Both Positive and Negative Terminals
• Retains Factory Connections



80 Amp High Current Relay Car Battery Isolator

• High Current Relay Car Battery Isolator
• Reliant & Efficient Way to Add a Secondary Battery to Any System
• Connect Relays to Operate
• Amperage: 80 Amps



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For over a decade, X-Scorpion has been manufacturing car audio installation accessories such as distribution blocks, battery terminals, fuses, RCA interconnects, power/ground cable, iPod adapters and much more. They have put their effort in the field of car audio to meet the highest standards in manufacturing the ultimate audio solutions and introduce a new level of perfection. Their success has been achieved through hard work, innovative technology, passion, and the commitment to research. With operations in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia, and South America, Xscorpion has become a worldwide company and strive on building their products with detailed passion & precision.