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Portable High Resolution Lossless Music Player

• Portable High Resolution Lossless Music Player
• Built-in Separate Amplifier and DAC
• 2.0 inch Color TFT Screen
• Micro SD Card Supported
• Battery Life: 12 Hrs
• Color: Silver



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Medium-Power Amplifier for FiiO X7 Portable High-Resolution Audio Player

• Medium-power Type Amplifier
• Intended for use with the FiiO X7
• Frequency Response of 20 Hz~20 kHz and Max



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Special Edition IEM Portable Headphone Amplifier

• IEM Special Edition Portable Headphone Amplifier
• Op-Amp Combo for Low Distortion Audio
• Special Metal Film Resistors
• Optimized Sound Tuning
• Internal Rechargeable Battery