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Top Sellers in Directed Car Security, Safety & Convenience

2-Way LED Remote System Kit

• 5-Button Transmitter
• 5-Button Companion Transmitter
• Confirmation Of Commands Via Sound And LED
• Color: Black
• LED Color: Orange/Green
• One Mile Range



Glass Break Audio Sensor

• Audio Sensor That Detects Attempts to Tamper with or Break Your Vehicle's Glass



1-Way Passive Keyless Entry System w/ 1 Button Remote

• 1-Way Keyless Entry System
• 1-Button Key Fob
• Valet and Sleep Modes
• SmartLock Feature



Trunk Release Solenoid

• Electronic Trunk / Hatchback Release Kit
• Integrate Your Trunk Into Your Vehicle Security System



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Smart Start Add-On Module with GPS Tracking

• Start, control and locate you vehicle from anywhere from your smartphone
• Utilizes Verizon CDMA/3G technology for more coverage and faster response
• Active GPS mode uses 30% less power
• 25% smaller module
• Plug-for-plug compatible with existing installations
• Dimensions: 4"W x 1.5"D x 6.5"H



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Ultrasonic Sensor for Security Systems (DEI Install Essentials 509U)

• Ultrasonic Sensor for Security Systems
• Detects air pressure changes in the cabin of the vehicle
• Detect thieves entering vehicle without glass breakage
• Adds extra protection when used in conjunction with other security systems



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OEM Fob Battery Control Inset Compatible w/ Most OEM RFID Type Fobs

• OEM Fob Battery Control Inset
• Compatible with most OEM RFID Type Fobs
• Can be Used with PKALL or XK05 for Certain Applications



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Siren with Backup Battery

Siren with Backup Battery • Gives the crook a nasty surprise when he disconnects your battery cables-the siren keeps on shouting for help!



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48" Molded Extension Programming Cable for DEI Bitwriter

• ESP Molded Bitwriter Programming Cable
• 3-Pin Ribbon Cable Included
• Extends Bitwriter Port So You Can Mount It In An Easy To Reach Location