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Complete your amplifier installation with quality accessories and kits. Find all what you need to install your amp such as wiring kits, distribution blocks, cables and more.

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Universal Bass Remote Level Control Knob

• Remote Level Control Add-on Accessory
• Adjusts level through RCA inputs and outputs
• Simply connect your audio source into the RCA inputs and connect your RCA outputs into an amplifier

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Positive Battery Clamp with Two 8 AWG Outputs and One 0 AWG Output

• Positive Battery Terminal Clamp
• Two 8 Gauge Outputs
• One 0 Gauge Outputs
• One 4 Gauge Output
• Compatible with Positive Terminals
• LED Voltage Display



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Distribution Block with Three 0 or 4 AWG Inputs and Two 4 or 8 AWG Outputs

• Distribution Block with LED Voltage Display
• Uses compact AFS Mini wafer fuses
• Three 0 or 4 Gauge inputs
• Two 4 or 8 Gauge outputs
• Easy installation
• Screw down impact resistant cover



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8AWG OFC Motorcycle Amplifier Wiring Kit

• 8 gauge Power Amplifier Installation Kit
• Made from 100% oxygen-free copper
• Mini ANLFuse holder offers
• True-to-Gauge cables/wires