HD Radio Adapter Kits for Volkswagen (VW) Vehicles

Volkswagen (VW) HD Radio Kits

Control your iPod music player right from your car stereo. Our Volkswagen (VW) HD Radio kits enable full control of your devices while retaining advanced capabilities and delivering rich digital-quality audio. Compatible with a wide range of Volkswagen (VW) vehicles.

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This means that the cable will provide a charge to the iPod or iPhone while it is connected. On some cables that provide a charge, a power and ground connection will be required.
This explains what exactly the unit integrates into your factory stereo. Some kits integrate many different features into your factory radio, while others add only one or two features to your existing factory stereo.
The model of vehicle that this vehicle specific product is designed for. Please keep in mind that engine variations can affect the compatibility of the products.
This feature tells you how many devices you can connect to the unit at the same time. For example, some units allow you to connect an auxiliary input and an iPod/iPhone connection at the same time!
This denotes whether the factory radio improvement module is an add-on tuner for an existing receiver, an FM stereo modulator, a plug-n-play installation harness, or if it is a portable module by itself.
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iSimple Gateway ISVW573

iPod/iPhone Interface Kit for 2006-2009 Volkswagen Beetle

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iPod/iPhone Interface Kit for 2006-2009 Volkswagen Beetle

• iPod/iPhone Interface Kit
• For 2006-2009 Volkswagen Beetle
• Direct Connection for Your iPod/iPhone to Your Factory Radio
• Delivers Digital-Quality Audio
• Display Song, Artist and Album Information on your Factory Radio
• Charge Your iPod/iPhone While You Listen

iSimple Gateway ISVW573

iPod/iPhone Interface Kit for 2006-2009 Volkswagen Beetle

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