Android Car Stereo Adapters for Cadillac Vehicles

Cadillac Android Car Adapters

Stream audio from your Android-powered devices directly to your Chevy car stereo. Our android vehicle integration kits allow you to connect devices via their auxiliary-in ports as well as USB interface. If you have music in your USB thumb drives, these adapters can turn them into very handy virtual disk changers.

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These are the types of features that the harness or kit is able to override.
The model of vehicle that this vehicle specific product is designed for. Please keep in mind that engine variations can affect the compatibility of the products.
This feature details the type of in-dash car stereo receiver that the item you are viewing is compatible with or made for. A Factory or OEM stereo is what is included when the vehicle is manufactured (eg. the original Ford car radio is the OEM or Factory stereo). An Aftermarket car stereo refers to a car stereo made to work in many vehicles. Aftermarket stereos are made by companies such as Sony, JVC, Dual, Jensen, Pioneer and others. Universal compatibility refers to an item that works with any kind of car stereo receiver.
This means that the bypass, override module is fully compatible with iPod or iPhone's video and audio features. Please check the product description for up-to-date information on specific Apple compatibility.
This means that the harness is compatible with vehicles that have On-Star built-in.
This tells you whether the override/bypass module is user programmable, which makes it easy to disable select functions such as DVD, navigation, and auxiliary. This also allows you to select which functions you would like the harness to operate.
This feature will tell you whether the override/bypass module is upgradeable by USB to keep the unit current with future Lockpick advances and vehicle changes.
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Crux WVIGM-04

Wi-Fi Connectivity for Select GM LAN 29-Bit Vehicles 2007-2013

WVIGM-04 main
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Wi-Fi Connectivity for Select GM LAN 29-Bit Vehicles 2007-2013

• Wireless Audio / Video Mirroring from Mobile Devices
• Unlocks the Factory Screen for Video In Motion Capability
• Online navigation via Smartphone Mirroring
• Plug & Play installation
• Dimensions: 5"L x 2.5"W x 8.8"H

Crux WVIGM-04

Wi-Fi Connectivity for Select GM LAN 29-Bit Vehicles 2007-2013

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