Cerwin-Vega AGU Fuses at Sonic Electronix

Cerwin-Vega AGU Fuses

AGU fuses from Cerwin Vega are built with heavy duty construction and are nickel plated for better power transfer.
For accessories, this is the type of fuse that is required for the item to work properly.

For fuses, this is the type of fuse.

This is the size of the fuse that is compatible with the fuse holder. If the fuse needs to be replaced, be sure to replace it with the same size.
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Cerwin Vega CFAGU80

AGU fuse 80A (4 pack)

CFAGU80 main
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AGU fuse 80A (4 pack)

• 80 Amp AGU Fuses
• Quantity: 4
• Power Distribution Series

Cerwin Vega CFAGU80

AGU fuse 80A (4 pack)

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Cerwin-Vega AGU Fuses Information

Cerwin Vega AGU fuses, or glass tube fuses, are a must have for your car stereo system. Constructed with a glass body and metal end caps, these fuses make it easy to see if or when they are blown. Come to Cerwin Vega for your AGU fuse needs!
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