Stinger 9 Conductor Speed Wire at Sonic Electronix

Stinger 9 Conductor Speed Wire

The measurement of the diameter of wire. As the gauge number increases the size of the wire decreases. As the wire gauge number decreases, the diameter of the wire increases. For example, an 8 gauge wire is going to be larger than a 16 gauge wire.

When purchasing wire, make sure that you know what size, or gauge of wire is needed.

This the how long the item is. When purchasing an item that requires a specific length (such as RCA interconnect cables or speaker wire), please make sure that the length of the item is long enough for your needs.
This is the main color of the item.
Since 1857, The AWG (American Wire Gauge) system has been the standard for measuring the diameter of wire. AWG standard is the measure of bare wire to find true gauge. Companies that do not follow AWG Standards include the thickness of the wire jacket which means the actual wire is not "True to Gauge".
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Stinger SGW991

9 Conductor Speedwire 100ft Roll

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9 Conductor Speedwire 100ft Roll

• 9 Conductor 18 Gauge Speaker Wire
• Nine Cables In One
• Flexible Jacketing • Ideal For 4-Channel Amplifiers
• Easy Installation

Stinger SGW991

9 Conductor Speedwire 100ft Roll


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