Atrend 12DVR (Black)

Dual 12" Black Carbon Fiber Vented Subwoofer Enclosure

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• 12" Dual Chambered Vented Black Subwoofer Enclosure
• Carbon Fiber Painted Finish
• Silver Spring Loaded Terminal Cups
• Completely Miter and Dado Panels
• Embroidery Finish
• Color: Black

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Strong, Reliable Enclosures

Engineered and manufactured using only the best additives throughout the production cycle. Hardwood MDF combined with true mitered corners and full inset dados. Atrend line of product is built for the high-end niche market.

From design to delivery, Atrend products are tested vigorously to ensure sound quality and accurate engineering. Working with only the latest in computer automated software and machinery, Atrend continues to be a trend setter in the marketplace. Atrend delivers quality results by utilizing only the most efficient engineering and manufacturing processes.


General Features:

  • 12" Dual Chambered Vented Black Subwoofer Enclosure
  • Carbon fiber painted finish
  • Embroidery finish
  • Ultra plush black carpeting
  • Silver spring loaded terminal cups
  • 3/4" MDF construction
  • Completely Miter and Dado panels
  • Color: Black
  • Also available in:
  • Box volume: 2.25 cubic feet (per chamber)
  • Total box volume: 4.50 cubic feet
  • Dimensions: 18"D x 34"W x 16"H

Specifications & Details

Box/Enclosure specifications
Subwoofer Size
Subwoofer Cutout Shape
Round / Circle
Box Type
Number of Subwoofers
Box Style/Shape
Cutout Diameter or Length
Maximum Speaker Depth
Total Box Volume
4.50 cubic feet
Box Volume (Each Chamber)
2.25 cubic feet
Wood Thickness
Number of Terminals
Terminal Type
Spring posts (banana clip ready)
Box Exterior Color
Black Face with Black Carpet
Box Finish
Carbon Fiber Painted Finish
Tuning Frequency
33.39 Hz
Port Details
Number of Ports
Tuning Frequency
33.39 Hz
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider

Item Details


Model Number:

12DVR - BLACK carbon fiber



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Customer Reviews

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Nice box

For the cost it may seem a bit much at first. Once you see the box in person, the durability, finish, and the size it makes it more worth it. I have this box with 2 Audiopipe TXX-BD2-12s loaded in it, being powered by a Soundstream P600.1D @ 1ohm. Let me say OMG. The SPL level is impressive, along with the sound quality level. My next step is getting a bass processor to clean up the notes, and a decibel meter to measure my SPL level. This box is by no means small, so when ordering be sure to measure your trunk as I have a 04 Galant and had to take apart my trunk to get this monster to fit.

I am rating the features a 3 because like any box there isn't anything special feature wise about it.

By Maqqy D on November 16, 2014


found this helpful.

Good buy

I bought this box for use with 2 Audiopipe TXX-BD2-12s at 1ohm on a Soundstream P1.600D. The box and Audiopipes replaced a 1.14cu ft ported box with 2 Audiobahn AW1200V's. The box is large may not fit in many trunks as I had to take a few items attached to my car out just to get the box to fit. It is a heavy box, especially loaded with subs. The finish on the front is a carbon fiber looking with a clear coat over it. The only complaint I have is the screws can strip easily as the front finish is smooth allowing the leeway for the to drive in and the strip the mdfb. The setup I have is amazing especially for 600w rms. That setup has impressed a few friends running 1200w+. If you want a nice finish box that has a large size cu ft this box is a good buy. It is a bit pricey but was well worth the money.

The value I rated a 3 because of the steep price tag as well as ease of use since it was a mission to just get it to fit in my trunk.

By Shawn on November 12, 2014


found this helpful.

Airspace not as listed

The airspace advertised is external. The internal volume is 1.44 cu ft tuned to 35.5 hz. Other than that. Seems to be solid and well built. Also states 3/4 inch construction. The front baffle is 3/4 the other sides are 1 inch.

By Aaron on June 12, 2022 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


found this helpful.


The only problem I had was with shipping, you gotta consider these things are 70lbs and if your drivers a female like mine was, she ain’t ganna be gentle with it????

By Hank Hill on July 9, 2023 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Well worth the money

I have two amper audio 12s in this box with a skar 2000.1 D at 1 ohm and it will move some air and it sounds really clear you can't beat the price and the quality and weight is great only complaint is carpet get thin if you move it around other then that I would say a good buy

By Timothy on June 11, 2017


found this helpful.

Atrend 12DVR ported box

Box is made nicely. Only thing. "Says would ship at a later date." I wish sonic electronics would actually give a trame frame. Instead of ship at a later date. Like 4 to 8 weeks. I would recommend the box.

By Justin on August 22, 2022 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


found this helpful.

Solid box. Well built.

This thing is oversized and perfect for high excursion woofers. Over 2 feet cube per side. Each box has own airspace. Takes up a lot of room in my suv but worth it. I have two of these in a grand Cherokee. Perfect fit

By drew on May 5, 2022 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


found this helpful.

Great Prefab

I bought this box for a pair of Sundown Audio SA-12 subwoofers. I'm on a tight budget and didn't have money to have a custom box built. The specs for this box are very close to Sundown recommendations. Its made with 3/4 msg and the front is a glossy carbon fiber look. Its a sharp looking box that is very sturdy and well made. This is not your typical cheap prefab box. With subs mounted, its very heavy. It is also large so be sure to take accurate measurements as I had difficulty getting into my trunk. But once it was in I was thoroughly impressed. At 2.25 cu ft per chamber, it can hit the deep notes with authority. I also like that it is tuned to 38 Hz. Most prefab boxes this size are tuned in the low 40s. 38 Hz seems to give you the perfect sound for those that listen to both rock and rap. The bass notes will rattle your teeth and the kick drum will stop your heart. Overall I am very thrilled with this box. I was unsure at first because of the price. But you get what you pay for. Very high quality box. Also, Sonic Electronix had the best customer service and fast shipping.

By Jon on December 25, 2017


found this helpful.

Awesome sub box!

This is a great box for subs. Sturdy, strongly built, and long lasting. I installed one in my Suburban four years ago and it's still brand new and in great condition. I like it so much, I'm putting one in my 2002 Cadillac DeVille and will soon order another for my 2010 DTS. They are heavy and need lots of room but well worth it. Unfortunately, the specs for box volume are not accurate. The inside air volume is closer to 1.5 cubic feet - not the 2.25 listed in the description. Still a great product!

By Edward on March 7, 2023 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Atrend 12SVR (Black)

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• Carbon Fiber Painted Finish
• Silver Spring Loaded Terminal Cups
• Completely Miter and Dado Panels
• Embroidery Finish • Color: Carbon Fiber Black


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