NVX NSW102 Version 2 (NSW102v2)

700 Watt (350W RMS) 10" N-Series V2 Dual 2-Ohm Car Subwoofer

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• 350 Watts RMS / 700 Watts RMS
• Impedance: Dual 2-Ohm
• Ultra-Light Non Pressed Paper Cone
• Custom Blended Foam Surround
• 2” High Temperature Aluminum Voice Coil

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(BOGO 25% OFF) NVX NSW102v2 10" Dual 2-Ohm Car Subwoofers (2-Pack)

(2) NVX NSW102v2 10" Subwoofers 700W RMS (Regularly $139.98)



NVX NSW102v2 10" 700W Car Subwoofer + Belva MDFS10 Enclosure

350W RMS 700W Peak 10" N-Series V2 Dual 2-Ohm Car Subwoofer + 10" Sealed MDF Enclosure



(2) NVX NSW102v2 Subwoofers + Atrend 10DQV

700 Watt (350W RMS) 10" N-Series V2 Dual 2-Ohm Car Subwoofer (NSW102 v2) + 10" Dual Vented Sealed Enclosure



NVX NSW102v2 + NVX XMDFP101 Ported Single 10" Subwoofer Enclosure

700 Watt (350W RMS) 10" N-Series V2 Dual 2-Ohm Car Subwoofer (NSW102 v2)



NVX NSW102v2 + NVX XMDFS102 Sealed Dual 10" Subwoofer Enclosure

700 Watt (350W RMS) 10" N-Series V2 Dual 2-Ohm Car Subwoofer (NSW102 v2)



NVX NSW102v2 with Belva BXA15001 and Amp Kit

700 Watt (350W RMS) 10" N-Series V2 Dual 2-Ohm Car Subwoofer Package



Product Highlights

• 350 Watts RMS / 700 Watts RMS
• Impedance: Dual 2-Ohm
• Ultra-Light Non Pressed Paper Cone
• Custom Blended Foam Surround
• 2” High Temperature Aluminum Voice Coil



Authorized dealer

Wallet Friendly N-Series Power

The NVX N-Series subwoofers offer top-notch sound quality at an entry-level price. The NSW102V2 is a great multi-purpose sub that has been engineered to meet the highest audio standards. The stiff, ultra-light non-pressed paper cone allows the N-Series subs to give you accurate and responsive low-end even when you have your system blasting. The custom-blended high roll foam surround allows for a greatly improved excursion for further improved sound quality. The 2" dual 4-ohm high-temperature aluminum voice coil gives you a wide array of Ohm load wiring options for different applications. With an RMS Power Range of 200-350 watts, the NSW102V2 requires less power to operate efficiently without losing bass quality.

Continuing with the excellent engineering is a stamped steel basket that provides exceptional rigidity while minimizing any unwanted distortion. The N-Series subwoofers also include spring-loaded, chrome-plated push terminals that provide an easy and secure speaker wire connection. NVX's mission was to create an exceptional subwoofer at an entry-level price without sacrificing the quality and sound that the consumer deserves. They have succeeded!

1. Rubber Subwoofer Trim Ring Gasket

We’re all about the details here at NVX. That's why we include a rubber trim ring gasket with our N-Series subwoofers. The trim ring provides a tight seal against the sub and the box it is being mounted to, in order to prevent air pressure from passing between the two.

2. Surround & Suspension Technology

We’re all about getting the most bang for our buck, a key reason why we chose to include high-roll foam surround technology in the N-Series woofers. The surround itself is constructed with high excursion foam, which keeps the inward movement of the surround perfectly symmetrical with the outward movement.

3. Custom Stamped Steel Basket

Our custom basket offers several distinct advantages over traditional designs. We purposefully chose an especially open basket to improve airflow to reduce compression of the motor structure for both improved cone control as well as reduced back-wave interference.

4. 2” High-Temperature Aluminum Voice Coil

The stout 2" high-temperature voice coil is constructed from a copper wire wrapped around an aluminum former. This industry-standard design is powerful enough to readily drive the cone with strict linear control, yet at the same time remains efficient enough for the compact, space-saving magnet structure.

5. High-Energy Ferrite Magnet Motor Structure

We chose a highly magnetized single stacked Ferrite magnet for the motor structure in the new N-Series. This magnet allows for greater power handling and voice-coil control during high excursion limits.

6. Ultra-Light Non-Pressed Paper Cone

After testing scores of different cone materials, we decided on a custom blend of fine Ultra-Light Non-Pressed Paper fibers. This stiff yet lightweight material produces spectacularly accurate bass with a rich, natural tonal quality prized by audiophiles. The smooth matte finish of the cone offers a sleek, modern accent to the interior of any car.

7. High-Excursion Strain-Relieved Tinsel Leads

At NVX we understand that the components of a subwoofer must work in harmony to achieve sonic excellence and that a subwoofer is only as reliable as its weakest link. There is perhaps a no better example of our relentless attention to detail than the unique attachment method of our tinsel leads. Whereas the leads of most subwoofers are simply glued atop the spider, ours are glued at the basin of each fold in the spider with enough slack on top for an unrestricted excursion.

8. NVX Embossed Rubber Magnet Boot

We didn't even skimp on the magnet boot for our N-Series subwoofer. Besides looking better than a bare magnet the rubber boot protects the magnet from chipping and possible corrosion that can affect magnets exposed to the elements.

Product Details:

  • 10" Dual 2 ohms ohm N Series Series Subwoofer
  • Power Handling:
    • RMS: 350 watts Watts
    • Peak: 700 Watts
  • Ultra-Light Non Pressed Paper Cone ensures accurate, responsive performance even at high volume levels
  • Custom Blended High-Roll Foam Surround for extended excursion
  • Specially designed high excursion strain-relieved tinsel leads
  • 2” High Temperature Aluminum Voice Coil
  • Top-mount depth: 4.20""
  • Cutout diameter: 9.06""
  • Frequency Response: 20-200 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 84.8 dBdB
  • High strength steel basket retains exceptional rigidity to minimize distortion
  • Chrome plated, spring loaded push terminals for easy, secure installations
  • High energy ferrite magnet motor structure allows for greater power handling and voice coil control during high excursions
  • Subwoofer grille sold separately - NV10GR
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

Enclosure Recommendations:

  • Ported Enclosure:
    • Recommended Volume: 1.25 ft3
    • Tuning Frequency: 34 Hz
    • Ideal Power RMS: 300W
    • F3 (Hz): 31
  • Sealed Enclosure:
    • Recommended Volume: .75 ft3
    • Ideal Power RMS: 350W
    • F3 (Hz): 43
    • FC (Hz): 49
    • QTC: 0.862

Product history:

NVX NSW102V2 thumbnail
(newest, current model)
NVX NSW102 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by NVX NSW102 Version 2 (NSW102v2))

Subwoofer Wiring Guide

Wiring Guide to Wire 1 NVX NSW102 Version 2 (NSW102v2) Subwoofer

Mono Amp

Mono Amp - Option 1

2 Channel Amp - Bridged

Wiring Guide to Wire 2 NVX NSW102 Version 2 (NSW102v2) Subwoofers

Mono Amp

2 Channel Amp

4 Channel Amp - Bridged

Wiring Guide to Wire 3 NVX NSW102 Version 2 (NSW102v2) Subwoofers

Mono Amp

Mono Amp - Option 1

4 Channel Amp

Wiring Guide to Wire 4 NVX NSW102 Version 2 (NSW102v2) Subwoofers

2 Channel Amp

4 Channel Amp

Specifications & Details

Subwoofer Specifications
N Series
Subwoofer Size
Peak Power Handling
700 watts
RMS Power Handling
350 watts
Voice Coil(s)
Impedance (Per Voice Coil)
2 ohms
Voice Coil Diameter
Frequency Response
20 - 200 Hz
84.8 dB
Xmax (millimeters)
8.1 mm
Subwoofer Design
Round / Circle
Main Cone Color
Woofer Composition
Non-Pressed Paper
Woofer Surround
Subwoofer Grille
Optional (Accessory required and sold separately)
Re-Cone Kit Available
CTA-2031 Compliant
Recommended Enclosure Specifications
Recommended Enclosure Type
Ported / Vented
Minimum Sealed Box Volume
0.5 cubic feet
Optimum Sealed Box Volume
0.75 cubic feet
Maximum Sealed Box Volume
1.25 cubic feet
Minimum Ported Box Volume
1.0 cubic feet
Optimum Ported Box Volume
1.25 cubic feet
Maximum Ported Box Volume
1.5 cubic feet
Top-Mount Depth (Mounting Depth)
Cutout Diameter
Shallow Mount Installation
Electromechanical Parameters
Free-Air Resonance (Fs)
36.40 Hz
Equivalent Compliance (Vas)
17.32 liters
Total Speaker Q Value (Qts)
Electrical Q Value (Qes)
Electrical Resistance of Voice Coil (Re)
3.46 ohms
Mechanical Q Value (Qms)
What is in the box?
User manual
User manual
WITB: Subwoofers
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider

Item Details



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Product and How-to Videos

  • NVX NSW v2 Series Subwoofers
  • Farm Truck debut at Slamology 2015
  • Severed Ties Toyota Showing At Slamology 2015
  • Car Subwoofer Size Buying Guide | What Size of Sub Should I Get?
  • How to Install a Car Subwoofer in a Box
  • NVX N-Series Subwoofers

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NVX NSW102v2

Very happy with the bass for the price. Installed two in a Crew Cab Sierra.

By Anonymous on May 28, 2018


found this helpful.

Awesome value

This speaker is badass my husband and I have bought many of them and we love them they are amazing...

By Shaila on April 18, 2018


found this helpful.

Nice sub and FAST shipping

I have only had this sub hooked up for 2 days.So far so good. This is a good sounding sub for the price.I messed up and ordered a 2 ohm, and needed a 4 ohm to get the most out of my Alpine mono amp, but it still sounds really good.very fast shipping. will definitely order from Sonic again

By Anonymous on July 2, 2019 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


found this helpful.

Good buy

This sub is very decent for the price. Bought it for a fourth order build. Sounds great nice tight bass and still able to hit the lows. Have it running on a sundown 600d gets pretty warm but handles it well. Not as beefy as my skar ix 10 but still a great sub.

By aaron on May 8, 2018 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


found this helpful.

Great value

Used to be big into car audio in my late teen's early twenties have had many great companies mats, re audio, sundown, kicker to name a few. As I got older still kept a system but much smaller, a few weeks ago my kicker compare 10 (about 10 years old) finally gave out. I decided to pick up two of these to run off my kicker 600.1 in the back on Jeep Wrangler and they sound amazing! Very impressed and didn’t break the bank, would recommend!

By Adam on April 28, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


found this helpful.

Very impressive subwoofers.

I have owned many, many brands of subs... mtx, jl, kicker, cerwin vega.... these are every bit as good as anything I've used from the others, if not better. They sound great at all frequencies, and the bottom end is... wow. They really just shake and come to life in the lowest frequencies. I have them in a small sealed box, and they are under the back seat of my crew cab. They sound excellent. Rap? Rock? Pop? Yes, yes, and yes! They are really an amazing sub for 99. They are stout, heavy, and well built. If you're considering nvx vs subs, get them. I won't doubt them again.

By Anthony on May 8, 2018 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


found this helpful.

Great value

Great speaker we love the nvx speakers we have ought a few of them and will keep buying them we are happy with the speakers...

By Shaila on April 18, 2018


found this helpful.

Another fine NVX sub!

This is my second NVX sub, so impressed with the build quality and sound. Had a need for a 10” in a Tiny Home. Why compromise on quality when these are so affordably priced!

By Anonymous on August 11, 2019 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


found this helpful.

NVX NSW102v2 (NSW102 V2)

I order this 10" for my home built sub box, deliver was quick. No dissapointment with this sub, I only got the one and wow does it pump! It gives me everything I need and wanted from my music, highly recommended, works great for the price, I will order again when I want another, make sure the sub box and amp are the right match for your speaker and u wont be dissapointed but don't forget to tune your sterio so all sounds proper,

By Matthew on February 10, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


found this helpful.

Not bad for the price

I replaced 2 NVX VS 8’s in the Attrend ported Box Sonic sells with 2 of these and a Sound Ordnance Box. These hit pretty hard I have only had them a few weeks and am still adjusting the amp (JAD 900.5) I miss my 8’s not sure if it’s the box or difference in the VS series and the N series but I expected them to hit a little bit more. I guess I might need to try the VS 10’s to see. I love Sonic very satisfied customer

By Anonymous on August 9, 2019 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


found this helpful.


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