JBL MS-A5001

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General Features

  • MS Series Monoblock Class D Car Amplifier
  • RMS Power Rating:
    • 4 ohms: 500 watts x 1 chan.
    • 2 ohms: 500 watts x 1 chan.
  • Sonic Electronix Certified Power Rating*:
    • 4 ohms: 468 watts x 1 chan.
    • 2 ohms: 692 watts x 1 chan.
  • CEA-2006 compliant amplifier
  • Digital signal processing amplifier
  • Pulse Width Modulated MOSFET power supply
  • Wireless Remote bass level input (JBL MS-WBC remote level control sold separately)
  • Built-in display shows tone and gain settings
  • Soft Start Turn-on
  • Mono channel operation
  • "Hi2" input setting provides factory system amps with output loads, eliminating "speaker disconnected" error messages
  • Speaker-level inputs with signal sensing for automatic turn-on
  • Preamp RCA outputs to daisy chain multiple amps
  • 3-Way System Protection circuitry (thermal, overload, and speaker short protection)
  • Digital input-mixer control eliminates the need for Y adapters
  • Heavy duty aluminum alloy heatsink for extreme heat dissipation
  • CD for system setup included
  • Gold-plated RCA level inputs
  • Gold-plated screw terminals
  • Input sensitivity: 100mV - 20V
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 80 dB
  • Frequency Response: 20 - 270 Hz
  • Selectable crossover slopes: 6 dB/oct, 12 dB/oct, 24 dB/oct
  • Variable low-pass filter: 97 points from 20 - 140 Hz
  • Variable high-pass filter: 97 points from 20 - 140 Hz
  • Dimensions: 8-13/16"L x 7-1/4"W x 2-13/16"H
  • 4 - 8 gauge power and ground wiring is recommended for installation. Contact us for information regarding a discount on select amplifier kits when purchased together with this amplifier.
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's warranty

Recommended Configurations:

  • Two JBL GTO1214 12" Subwoofers wired to a 2ohm load for 692W @ 13.42v - 826W @ 13.28v RMS
  • One JBL W12GTi-MkII 12" Subwoofer wired to a 3ohm load for 500W - 725W RMS
  • One JBL GT5-2402BR Dual 12" Subwoofer/Enclosure wired to a 2ohm load for 692W @ 13.42v - 826W @ 13.28v RMS
  • Two Infinity Kappa 120.9W 12" Subwoofers wired to a 2ohm load for 692W @ 13.42v - 826W @ 13.28v RMS

*The Sonic Electronix Certified Power Ratings listed are based on a test of a specific sample amplifier. Actual power ratings may slightly vary between amps.


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Warranty and Return Policy

Parts Warranty Duration
90 days
Labor Warranty Duration
90 days
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Why did you choose this?
Sonic Electronix Store
Great reviews
R. W on Nov 19, 2016
I had one in my other car and it was awesome
Jim on Jul 12, 2016
Accurate control of crossover inputs.
nestor a on Jul 17, 2016
best in class, features, no need for additional parts for factory stereo integration
creeper77 on Jun 30, 2016
will this be a good amp for 1 rockford p3 12? and if so which will be the better fit? the 2ohm or 4ohm sub?
A shopper on Apr 8, 2015
JBL MS-A5001
JBL MS-A5001
Rockford Fosgate P3D2-12
Rockford Fosgate P3D2-12
Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12
Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12
Best Answer: Hello,

Your answer is in the specs. =]

Two Rockford Fosgate P3D2/D4-12 will be asking for 1200w RMS. The MS-A5001 is only able to produce ~500~750w RMS @ 2ohms. So, although the MS-A5001 is a Fantastic amplifier, it is only able to put out enough power to drive One sub at its full potential. The best match for two drivers will be the Rockford Fosgate R1200 or NVX JAD120.1; of which, will need the Dual-4ohm version wired down to a 1ohm load. If you wish to go with the JBL amp, you will need Two amps and the Dual-4ohm drivers wired to 2ohms respectively.
Reply · Report · Rick MStaff on Apr 8, 2015
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Does this include remote control for bass and volume?
Mnnmat on Feb 11, 2015
Best Answer: Hi,

The MS-A5001 does NOT ship with a Remote. However, the JBL MS-WBC is the compatible remote for it. Unfortunately, we no longer carry, it is discontinued, and we aren't sure where you will be able to find one. However, we suggest taking the model number and doing a quick search. In the even you do not find one, we suggest going with a Universal Remote Level Control, which may very well be the best/practical option anyway. We us the NVX XBRC in our Install Bay when faced with such a scenario.
Reply · Report · Customer SStaff on Feb 11, 2015
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This amp does not turn off after the vehicle is off. All settings lost when the ignition is turned on. Please help.?
A shopper on May 4, 2015
Best Answer: Check your wiring. Use a multimeter to verify your positive reads 12v always, and that your remote only reads 12v when the car is on, or the key is turned to acc. If everything reads correct, then I would suspect that you may have a bad amp. However, it sounds like a wiring problem.
Reply · Report · Joseph C on May 4, 2015
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Does it matter if this amp is mounted in a flat position or a vertical position? Read the whole manual and it did not say. Thanks in advance
A shopper on Oct 23, 2015
Best Answer: Hello,

I have this AMP installed vertically but don't think it matters how you mount it. As long as you give it at least 1" for ventilation all the way around.....
Reply · Report · Tony N on Oct 23, 2015
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Would the amp pre out put a full range signal to daisy chain a two channel amp for component speakers?
A shopper on Jul 4, 2015
Best Answer: No cause the rca cables coming from the deck only hold a subwoofer signal. You'll have to run separate rca for hpf (high pitch frequency). Same with any and all amps.
Reply · Report · devin n on Jul 4, 2015
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Does this amp have enough power to push two 10'' gto1014d subs?
Andrew L on Apr 12, 2015
JBL MS-A5001
JBL MS-A5001
Best Answer: This amp will not work for those subs. Since they are dual voice coil, you need to find a sub that is 1ohm stable, and preferably bridge capable. Wiring the voice coils in parallel with each other in each sub brings each sub to 2ohms, then wiring the two subs in parallel it's the amp makes a stable 1ohm system. This is the best possible way to get these subs to hit hard and tight like a kick drum or an 808 bass drop. Don't put too much power into them though. I put 750watts through mine and they blew. Obviously. Keep it at 450-500watts at 1ohm. Hope this helped.
Reply · Report · Derrick C on Apr 13, 2015
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What's the best way to wire these subs? 4 ohm to 2 ohm or keep it at 4 ohm?
Logan H on Jun 25, 2015
Best Answer: It depends on the sub and the Amp you are using....If the Amp is stable at 2 ohms then you could wire it and see if it thumps...Otherwise, keep it at 4 ohms...
Read the manual on your Amp.....Always wire per manufacturer's recommendation!
Reply · Report · Tony N on Jun 25, 2015
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I'm looking to power the polk db1222 dual 12" 2ohm enclosure. Would this be a good amp?
Ruben G on May 20, 2015
Best Answer: I think you would be pleased with the amp performance, I'm pushing 2 10" JL's in a Stealth Box in my Camaro at 4 ohms, and don't have it tuned to its full power. The digital interface is really nice, and makes adjustment a snap. Hope this helps.
Reply · Report · James W on May 21, 2015
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Does this mean that it has a built-in line out converter?
Ryan D on Dec 22, 2014
Best Answer: Yes, There is a pair of RCA output from this amp and you could connect another mono amp from that output. So, for example, all you'll need is a pair of RCA from your head unit sub woofer output into one amp, then another RCA from that amp output RCA into the other amp input RCA. Hope that help and make sense.
Reply (1) · Report · naresh on Dec 22, 2014
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I just recently installed it for the first time. Everything is hooked up to my factory system. My issue is when I turn my car off the amp send a "test signal" every time to my subs, causing them to bottom out. According to the manual I should be able to adjust the level input to prevent this. However every time I try it still ends up doing it. Any suggestions?
Chad P on May 28, 2017
Best Answer: Toggle switch to power off the amp before turning off the car or radio. Cheap and easy solution.

Other than figuring out another way to get the amp to power down at the same exact time or before the OEM radio, as it sends a voltage spike upon powering down that your amp is amplifying for a split second before it loses power itself.
Reply · Report · Brandon W on May 30, 2017
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I know it's not optimal, but if I use my vehicle's head unit speaker leads running to the stock rear speakers to feed this amp, would I totally disconnect leads from stock speaker, or just tap into them, leaving the stock speaker hooked up?
CohoCarl on Aug 19, 2015
Best Answer: Hi

If you are using the rear speaker wires from a stock deck, you are tapping into the rear sound and you will still get the left/right sound out of your stock rear speakers. If you want to just use the rear wires for a subwoofer then you have to disconnect rear speakers.

The other option is tapping in directly from the deck output wires and running a separate wire to the subwoofer. You would still have to connect rear subwoofer RCA's from pre-outs of the stock deck.
Reply · Report · Tony N on Aug 19, 2015
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What is the largest gauge input wire this unit will accept?
A shopper on Apr 11, 2015
Best Answer: You can use up 4 guage for power/ground....
Reply · Report · Tony N on Apr 11, 2015
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I have two planet audio dvc 12 in sub's both 1800 RMS will this amp power them or do I need the audio pipe 1500d mono block amp??
A shopper on May 8, 2015
JBL MS-A5001
JBL MS-A5001
Planet Audio AC12D
Planet Audio AC12D
Best Answer: Just depends on how you wire your subs. Dual voice coil subs particularly these can be dropped to 2 ohms. Pay attention to impedance matching.
Reply · Report · Juel J on May 8, 2015
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If I am using my factory amps sub channel as hi level inputs does the "auto sensing " feature mean I do not have to run a dedicated switched 12v wire as a remote turn on?
Dcfis F on Sep 19, 2016
Best Answer: Yes, it is supposed to be sound sensing, and you can adjust the sensitivity as well.
Reply · Report · Kevin T on Sep 19, 2016
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These amps have a set up CD included. I plan to run a tablet as a head unit and input to amps via jl Audio mbt-rx Bluetooth connection, do I need to see up the amps with the CD software in order to use them or do I have FULL functionality without said software?
Jeff S on Jan 17, 2016
Best Answer: Hi Jeff,

The Setup CD does not include software - it is basically test tones to setup the levels appropriately. To your point, you are not obligated to use it.
Reply · Report · Rick MStaff on Jan 17, 2016
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Is it compatible with 1x JBL GT-X1200T subwoofer tube ?
A shopper on Jul 12, 2015
Best Answer: Hello,

Yes, but it will have the ability to overpower the X1200T , so its important that the amplifier be tuned in properly, preferably by a professional .
Reply · Report · Rick MStaff on Jul 12, 2015
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is the jbl 5001 mono block power hungry or very efficient i want to put it in my 2011 dodge charger i currently have a ssl 1500 mono block it hits ok but not the way i want i no the power rating is low on this amp?
A shopper on May 8, 2015
Best Answer: Hello,

Compare to any SSL amplifier, literally Any, the JBL MS series is Very efficient. Coincidentally, it likely makes better power , being CEA Compliant, than that amplifier as well. Even if the latter isn't true, you will be able to keep your power for a longer period of time, which, in of itself, makes the MS a better option.
Reply · Report · Rick MStaff on May 8, 2015
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Do the audiopipe 1500d mono takes a lot of power I have a 1997 suburban I running 4 guage 3,000 watt amp wire and do I need a dry cell battery with this amp I have a 2 frag cap already?
A shopper on May 8, 2015
JBL MS-A5001
JBL MS-A5001
Audiopipe APMI-1500
Audiopipe APMI-1500
Best Answer: Hello,

The amplifiers are fairly power hungry, but not comically inefficient by any means. It really depends at what impedance you wish to run the setup at, but if we assume the lowest possible load, providing ~1400w, then you may require some upgrade in components. A proper battery will absolutely help, but you won't know until the amplifier is in the vehicle. A capacitor is not intended to help your vehicle, so if that is your main concern, don't bother with the cap.

Also, 4 Gauge is not intended for a "3,000 watt amp". Even very high strand OFC wiring in a VERY short length is only able to properly handle Half that. So please plan accordingly. Coincidentally, assuming OFC, 4 gauge is perfect for the APMI-1500.
Reply · Report · Rick MStaff on May 8, 2015
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Is there a way to set the gains withiout using the CD? My car does not have CD player
erik m on May 4, 2015
Best Answer: Hello,

Yes. Traditional means of doing so will work as usual.
Reply (1) · Report · Rick MStaff on May 4, 2015
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i have to planet audio 12 in dvc subs rated at 1800 rms the pair if i wire both at 2 ohm to one pair of speaker leads to the amp then will the jbl mono block 5001 w amp power them?
A shopper on May 8, 2015
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what would be the best single 10" and best single 12" sub for this amp under $300? Thank you very much
Justin V on Apr 19, 2015
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