Radar & Laser Detector w/ Audible Voice Alerts 360-degree Protection and Signal Strength Meter w/ DSP

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Beltronics PRO200

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    • The Goods In a Nutshell

      Let's get to the point, the PRO 200 has plenty of great things to talk about but here are the quick facts in a nutshell:
      • 360° protection from all radar bands and laser
      • 280 LED Alphanumeric Display
      • Bar Graph displays detected band and signal strength
      • New technology to reduce false alerts
        • Digital Signal Processing
        • AutoScan™ intelligently reduces false alerts by analyzing signals from a distance and filtering out false alerts
        • Traffic Signal Rejection (TSR) filters out erroneous X-band and K-band signals caused by traffic flow monitoring systems
      • Voice alerts keep you focused on the road
      • Adjustable brightness levels
      • POP detection
      • Complete VG-2 immunity
      • 8 times more sensitive than imported radar detectors
      • Lots to customize, read below!

    PRO200 Features

    Bursting With Features to Reduce False Alerts

    False alerts are so overrated... That's why Beltronics packed the goods in on the PRO 200. Whether it's the patented AutoScan® technology, the Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) or the adjustable City and Highway modes, Beltronics is going to be giving you the perfect balance of protection and selectivity to keep you covered while reducing annoying false alarms.

    • All new AutoScan™ technology provides long range warning and intelligently reduces false alerts
    • Traffic Signal Rejection (TSR) eliminates alerts from X-band and K-band traffic flow sensors
    • 3 Filter Modes to eliminate false alerts
    • Selectable Bands allow you to shut off specific bands
      • Some bands like the X-band aren't used in certain areas for radar enforcement - Turn off the band if it's not needed so you don't get alerted

    PRO200 LED Display

    Crystal Clear Display

    The PRO 200 has a ultra bright high definition display that can be easily read at any angle. The bar graph will display the detected band and relative signal strength so you have an idea of where the radar is coming from. And for nighttime driving, you have multiple brightness levels to adjust including a full dark mode for a more discreet driving experience.

    • 280 LED alphanumeric display
    • Bar graph displays detected band and signal strength
    • 3 adjustable brightness levels plus Dark mode

    PRO Voice Alerts

    Friendly Voice Alerts Keeps Your Eyes On The Road

    Who doesn't like to have a friendly person to chat with on the road? Well, the PRO200 can't have an actual conversation with you but it'll talk at you and provide you with crisp voice alerts so you can keep your eyes on what matters, which of course would be the road. And in case the PRO 200 is getting a little too chatty, Beltronics patented AutoMute circuitry will reduce the volume level on long encounters.

    • Keep your eyes on the road
    • AutoMute reduces volume level on long encounters

    PRO200 Programmable Features

    Lots To Play Around With

    The PRO200 knows you might want to be a little more hands on and escape beyond the factory settings so Beltronics decided to give you plenty of customizable settings. You can have voice alerts or tone alerts, adjust what bands are detected, Highway and City Mode, the Signal Strength Meter, the power on sequence and more. Set it up just right for you! A perfect customization will save you from an expensive ticket so you can spend that money on something more fun.

    Programmable Features
    • Power-on indication
    • Voice alerts
    • Power-on sequence
    • Signal Strength Meter
    • AutoMute
    • City/Highway Mode
    • Detected bands

    Beltronics PRO200 Specifications:

    • Display Type:
      • 280 LED Alphanumeric
      • Bar Graph
    • Number of Brightness Levels: 3 plus Dark Mode
    • Radar Detector Type:
      • Superheterodyne, VCO
      • Scanning Frequency Discriminator
      • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
    • Operating frequencies:
      • X band (10.525 GHz - 25 MHz )
      • K band (24.150 GHz - 100 MHz)
      • Ka band (34 GHz - 1300 MHz)
      • Laser 904nm , 33 MHz bandwidth
    • Laser Detection:
      • Quantum Limited Video Receiver
      • Multiple laser Sensor Diodes
    • Power Requirements:
      • 12 Volts DC negative ground
      • SmartCord™ (included)
    • VG-2 Immune: Yes
    • Mounts to the windshield with included suction cups
    • Dimensions: 2.75"W x 4.75"D x 1.1"H
    • Authorized Internet Dealer
    • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

    Due to state laws, Sonic Electronix, Inc can not ship radar detectors to Virginia or the District of Columbia.

    Sonic Electronix does not endorse or condone speeding or any kind of reckless driving. Please drive responsibly and obey the law.

    Product Features

    Dark Mode
    Dark mode is a brightness option. Unless there is an alert, the unit will be completely dark.
    Voice Alerts
    The feature designates if the unit uses voice alerts. Voice alerts will audibly alert the driver of various warnings.
    Auto Mute
    The auto mute function will conveniently mute the alert tone when the alert lasts for an extended period of time. This is for the drivers convenience during extended encounters.

    Product Specifications

    Radar Display
    The type of display that the radar detector has.

    LED Displays: Tells the driver what he or she needs to know through a bright LED display.

    LED Icon Indicators: Tells the driver what he or she needs to know by illuminating icons and symbols.

    Text Display: Tells the driver what he or she needs to know by illuminating text on the display.

    LED Display
    Signal Strength Meter
    This feature means that the unit displays that strength of the received signal.
    Brightness Control
    If the brightness of the unit can be conveniently adjusted and controlled, it will be listed here.
    Turn-on/off Select Bands
    Many radar detectors can detect many different bands of signal. This feature designates if the user can select what bands he or she has on or off.
    Unit Mounting
    Different radar detector are attached to the vehicle in different ways. The most common is for it to be suction-cupped to the windshield. This allows the unit to be moved from one vehicle to another with ease. Another mounting option is called remote-mounting. A remote mount unit is directly installed into your vehicle.

    Other ways to mount your radar detector include Velcro and adhesive.

    Suction cups
    Power Source
    The power source is the method in which the unit receives power. Some units will be powered by batteries, while others will need to be plugged in to an AC or DC power source.
    12V DC Car Adapter
    Travel Case Included
    If a protective travel case is included, it will be listed here.


    Number of Detected Bands
    This number indicates the number of bands the radar/laser detector protects against. The term band includes different radars, lasers, and safety signals, among others. The higher the number, the greater the protection.
    X Band
    X Band is a frequency used for detecting speed from a police radar.
    K Band
    K Band is the most popular radar frequency band that is used today. It is able to detect speeds from a stand still location, or from a moving vehicle
    Ka Band
    Ka Band operates within the frequencies 26.5-40 GHz. This is the newest introduced radar band and it is becoming more and more popular. It rarely has a false alert.
    This feature specifies if the unit will detect lasers.
    VG-2 Immunity
    The VG-2 detects radar detectors. Radar detectors with VG-2 immunity will be immune to the VG-2 radar and alert the driver when they are under such surveillance.
    Pop Alert
    Some radar guns operate in a POP mode so they can get a speed reading of a target vehicle extremely fast, resulting in most radar detectors not being able to consistently signal an alert. There are very few radar guns in service in the U.S. capable of POP mode operation. If your radar detector is Pop Alert capable, you may notice an increase in Ka-band false alerts when POP mode radar detection is switched on.

    Warranty and Return Policy

    Parts Warranty Duration
    1 year
    Labor Warranty Duration
    1 year
    Warranty Provider

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