(Factory Refurbished) Portable GPS Navigation Unit with 3.5" Touchscreen LCD, MP3/Video Playback


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The JVC KV-PX9B (Silver) eAViNU boasts over 13 Million searchable Points of Interest and a beautiful, 2D or 3D navigational view. The JVC eAvinu makes navigation easier and faster and makes portable media a reality with a built-in 20GB hard-drive. The unit includes a 3.5" full color touch screen monitor and compact design that allows for easy portable use and viewing of your favorite digital movie, music and other multimedia files.

Product Features:
  • Portable GPS Navigation Unit with touchscreen LCD display and MP3/Video playback
  • Factory refurbished unit with all new parts and a 90 days warranty included
  • Backlit 3.5 Inch touch screen monitor
  • Low reflection full color display
  • 320 x 240 Pixel Resolution
  • 4:3 Aspect Ratio
  • Brightness Control
  • Built-in 20GB hard drive
  • Hard drive protection (floating suspension system)
  • 312MHz, 32-Bit Central Processing Unit
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack
  • Does not include home charging kit
  • Built-in speakers
  • Power Output:
    • RMS: 1.2W Per Speaker
    • 30mW + 30 mW Max. (Phones)
  • Silver finish
  • Also available with a Black finish
  • Do you need the home charging kit? You can buy the Black or Silver model with the home kit!
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs
  • Dimensions: 3-3/4"W X 3-3/8"H X 2"D
  • 90 Day Manufacturer warranty
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
Playback Features:
  • Supported file types (MP3, WMA, WAV, WMV, ASF, AVI, JPEG, and MPEG-4)
  • Build-in 3.5mm (headphone) jack
  • SD Memory card slot supports up to 2GB SD cards
  • 5 GB free storage for movie and music on the hard drive
  • Built-in USB 2.0 input for copying files to the built-in hard drive
  • MP3 and WMA features with ID3/WMA Tag
  • Store and view pictures in JPEG format on an SD card or the built-in hard drive
  • Repeat/Play and Skip/Search features
  • Compression Compensative Converter (CC) (restores lost signals based on the recorded digital signals of audible frequencies creating a quality close to that of the original master music copy)
Navigation Specifications:
  • Over 13 million built-in points of interest
  • 3-Language voice guidance with male or female voice
  • 15 GB of pre-loaded map navigation data
  • Multiple destination search functions
  • 300 Favorite destinations in eight groups with icons (last 50 stored to memory)
  • Multiple route calculation options (avoid ferries, highways, toll roads, and fast/short route)
  • Two viewing angles (2D/3D)
  • NAVTEQ on board map database software
  • Build-in GPS antenna
  • 8-Channel GPS receiver
  • 1 second update rate
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Portable GPS Features

Screen Size
The screen size dimension is measured diagonally in inches.
If a unit is touchscreen capable, you can control a majority of it's functions by touching the screen.
Resolution (pixels)
A display's pixel resolution defines its ability to resolve fine details. Digital TVs and projectors measure screen resolution in pixels. The higher the resolution, the more detailed the picture will be.
320 x 240 
Does not allow water to pass through the device keeping it dry.
Built-In Antenna
Provides superior reception and can provide position accuracy.
MP3 Playback
If "Yes", MP3 files can be played back on the car stereo either on a memory card or loaded directly from your computer using a USB cable. We recommend reading the item description to see how MP3 files are loaded to the unit.
WMA Playback
If "Yes", WMA files can be played back on the navigation unit either on a memory card or loaded directly from your computer using a USB cable. We recommend reading the item description to see how WMA files are loaded to the unit.
A/V Input
A/V (Audio/Video) inputs allow the unit to playback external audio and/or video sources typically using common, composite RCA connections. For example, you could connect an external DVD player, XBox360 or other audio or video device if the unit has an audio and video input. 1 A/V Input refers to 1 set of audio and video inputs. Other inputs may be included on the unit and we recommend you read the product description to find what type the unit has.
Bluetooth Connectivity
Bluetooth® technology allows two or more electronic devices to communicate with each other wirelessly, such as using your cell phones "hands-free" or transmitting music to Bluetooth enabled receiver. If a unit is Bluetooth capable, it typically can allow you to connect to your Bluetooth cell phone to make and receive calls. Others can access your phone and address book too via Bluetooth. Other Bluetooth capable units offer even more services, such as live traffic information and map upgrades.

More uses of Bluetooth technology include transmitting music to a compatible receiver, printing wirelessly from a computer, and many other wireless uses. Please see the item description for more specific information regarding what features the unit includes.

These are the different options for language. If you are looking for a specific language, please verify that the unit will be compatible with that language.
Battery Life
The average capacity of the battery when fully charged. This value is provided by the manufacturer and is an average, not a guarantee.
4 hours

Navigation Features

These are the maps that come with the navigation unit.
Complete 50 USA
Puerto Rico
Map Database
This is the map database that the system uses. The map database provider supplies the digital map, as well as the Points-of-Interests, map updates, fastest routes, and many other features.
Map Source
Maps are typically built into the navigation unit or they can be uploaded from a disc or memory card. They usually cover the United States and all or parts of Canada. Built-in flash memory maps typically respond faster than disc loaded maps.
HDD (Hard Drive)
Customizable POI
Customizable Points Of Interest (POI) allow the user to customize, select favorites, and add their own points of interest. This enabled the driver to get directions quickly to previously visited destination.
Points of Interest
The number of points of interest included on the maps. Points of interest may include gas stations, restaurants, city centers, hotels, airports, and tourist attractions.
13 Million
Search Options
Search options are the many different ways that the navigation unit is able to find your destination. Below are the definitions of what these mean.

Address: The user is able to enter a specific address and the unit will navigate there.

City: The unit is able to navigate to a city, without a specific address needed. A great feature when traveling across several states or provinces.

Coordinates: This is a convenient feature for when you have specific longitude and latitude values.

Favorites: These are shortcuts that you can set for easy access to commonly traveled locations. Examples could include your home, office, favorite restaurant, movie theater, or any other frequently traveled location.

Home: Program and save your home address for fast and simple navigation to your home.

Intersection: Searches for specific cross-streets rather than a specific address.

Map Browsing: This feature enables the user to point to a location on the navigation screen and choose to navigate there. A great feature for when you visually know where you want to go, but are not sure of the address or intersection.

Phone Number: Search for locations by their phone number. Perfect for when you know the phone number of a restaurant or similar locations, but do not have the address. Also convenient when a store has many locations and you need to go to the one that you have previously called.

Point-of-Interest (POI) Name: Search by name for Points-of-Interst such as restaurants, ATMS, banks, hotels, recreation, hospitals, shopping, and more!

Point-of-Interest (POI) Vicinity: Search for Points-of-Interst that are close by to your current location. Points-Of-Interests include restaurants, ATMS, banks, hotels, recreation, hospitals, shopping, and more!

Points-of-Interest (POI) Type: Search for Points-of-Interst by there category. These include restaurants, ATMS, banks, hotels, recreation, hospitals, shopping, and more!

Quick Search: Allows the user to search for specified POI's that are commonly used.

Recent (Previous) Searches: This feature will load the users recent searches for fast navigation back to them.

Route: This allows the user to select a route that has been previously established.

Phone Number
Point-of-Interest (POI) Name

Warranty and Return Policy

Parts Warranty Duration
90 days
Labor Warranty Duration
90 days
Warranty Provider

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

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5 Star
4 Star
3 Star
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Santa Clarita, CA

Sounds Like A Sweet Deal To Me!

April 24, 2009

I researched this unit for a long time and finally decided to purchase one. I still have not done the update yet, but my friend has one and he did and he said it was a nice improvement. The update takes 2 gigs, so your left with 3 gigs of file storage on the hard drive.

With that said lets get down to it then, for the price you can't beat this unit! I got it in the box and the thing looked brand new!! It says it is refurbished but I think someone messed up because it was flawless, everything in the box looked new and even smelled new. It gets me where I need to go, that is the first and most important thing. Now, because this unit is hard drive based, it does take a bit more time to calculate a route then a flash based navigation unit, but this really does not bother me. If you have a car made of metal, this unit will have problems finding a signal if its not at the window. If your car is plastic it seems to have no problem finding a signal anywhere in the car. This is my experience at least.

Now I took this thing down to LAX International Airport and it had no problems getting there. On the way back the ladies in my car had to use the restroom so I told it to find the closest Denny’s. It found it and so I went off the 405 freeway to this horribly designed city. This is where one complaint comes in, and it could just be the area. Where I was had so many streets crisscrossing and curving it was madness. I don’t blame any navigation unit that gets scared and doesn’t know what to do. This unit found Denny’s, but it did have to recalculate a few times because of all the streets running around. The people at Denny’s said the girls could not use the restroom unless they paid, but that is not the navigation's fault.

I also took it up north 200 miles to San Luis Obispo, it had no problems there. Whats kewl is the POI functions. I can search by zip code, phone number, and coordinates, type of food or recreation, and much more. I wanted Italian so it found me an Olive Garden 4 miles from my location. Because I dirt bike a lot, often times the places I go don’t have addresses so looking it up via the coordinates is awesome. Once there I can save my exact location and give it a name, so next time I can find it in my favorite list and click it and BAM! It will take me there. That’s what I call service.

Yeah, so I cant change my curser to a hippo or a police car like the Garmin nav units can, but I also don’t have to pay another 200 bucks to do it. I like the fact that I can store music or videos on an SD card or the built-in hard drive and play them back. It has a 3.5mm headphone jack so I can hook it up to earphones or my sound system. So as the music plays through my sound system, it still gives me directions and warnings which is awesome.

OH, and another kewl thing, when you search for, lets say your friends house, it will find it and pop up this screen with a red curser. Sometimes, the house number you put in displays your friends house being 4 houses away from the actual location. This is not the navigation's fault, it’s the map provider. My house is in this situation, google maps and map quest both list it as being 3 houses down from the actual location. So with this red arrow I can click the true location and save it or have it travel there. This is nice so if someone else uses my nav unit and try's to get to, lets say my house, which I have pre-programmed in it, it wont send them 3 houses down because I already corrected it. Now, if they were to type in my address manually and not use my pre-saved function, it would send them 3 houses down. For the most part, the map database is really good and it has not led me anywhere that did not exist.
I will stop talking now. So let me sum it up! For the price you just cannot beat this unit, I got it in the box and the thing looked brand new!! It is slow to calculate and find a signal sometimes but it depends where you are, and it is hard drive based which is why it can be slow. But again, price! I would recommend this to a friend, and I have. In this economy, not all of us have 300 bucks for the latest Nav system. So when you need to get from point A to point B, this does the job just fine. I like this unit!

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Product Name: JVC eAViNU KV-PX9SN (Silver KV-PX9) R/B

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(Factory Refurbished) Portable GPS Navigation Unit with 3.5" Touchscreen LCD, MP3/Video Playback


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