Phonics Digital PD-171

4 Gauge Amplifier Installation Kit


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Product Features:
  • 4 Gauge Amplifier Installation Power Kit
Package Includes:
  1. 20 ft. 4 Gauge Red Power cable
  2. 3 ft. 4 Gauge Black Ground Cable
  3. 18 ft. 18 Gauge Blue Remote Wire
  4. 15 ft. Blue Twisted Pair RCA Cable
  5. In-Line Clear Fuse Holder
  6. 6 ft. Split Loom Tubing
  7. 1 Piece AGU Fuse 80 AMP
  8. 1 Piece 4 Gauge Ring Terminal 5/16"
  9. 1 Piece 4 Gauge Spade Terminal # 8
  10. 2 Pieces 4 Gauge Spade Terminals #10
  11. 5 Pieces 16-14 Gauge Spade GA Terminals #8
  12. 2 Pieces 22-18 Gauge Red Butt Connectors
  13. 10 Pieces 6" Cable Ties
  14. 3 Pieces Self Tapping Screws #8 1/2"
  15. 2 Pieces Snap Bushing 1/2"
Note: The wire gauge is measured from the outer diameter of the cable.

Amplifier Kit Specifications

Amp Kit Type
Amplifier installation kit come in two different types: Power or Complete. Power Amp kits are designed to only provide power to the amplifier. Complete kits will provide power and signal to the amplifier. Many of the complete kits will also include speaker wire to connect the amplifier to the subwoofer.
Number of Amplifiers Supported
This is the number of amplifiers that the amplifier kit can support. If you are are going to be powering more than one amplifier, make sure that the installation kit will support them.
Power/Ground Wire Size
The power/ground gauge numbers represents the main wire size of the amplifier kit.

Definitions are as follows:

Gauge (wire) - The diameter of a wire. The higher the number, the thinner the wire. Example: 4 gauge wire has more strands than 10 gauge wire.

AWG (American Wire Gauge) - A standard of the dimensional characteristics of wire used to conduct electrical current or signals. AWG is identical to the Brown and Sharpe (B & S) wire gauge.
4 gauge
Power Wire Length
This is the length of the power wire in feet.
20 feet
Power Wire Color
Ground Wire Length
The length of the ground wire in feet.
3 feet
Ground Wire Color
Speaker Wire Included
If speaker wire is included, the value will be "Yes" and if no wire is included, it will read "No".
Interconnect (RCA) Signal Cables Included
Interconnect cables are required for amplifiers which are installed to the "RCA preamp low-level outputs" of a car stereo receiver. If your amplifier has high-level / speaker level inputs, then you do not need to purchase interconnects; however, interconnects offer a much higher quality sound when compared to speaker level inputs.
2 Channel
Fuse Holder
This is the type of fuse holder that is included in the item.
Fuse Size
This is the size of the fuse that is compatible with the fuse holder. If the fuse needs to be replaced, be sure to replace it with the same size.
Distribution Block Included
This means that the kit includes a distribution block in the package. This will assist in the installation of the amplifier kit or any situation where a distribution block is required.
Complies to AWG Standards
Since 1857, The AWG (American Wire Gauge) system has been the standard for measuring the diameter of wire. AWG standard is the measure of bare wire to find true gauge. Companies that do not follow AWG Standards include the thickness of the wire jacket which means the actual wire is not "True to Gauge". For the best performance from your amplifier wiring kit, make sure that the cable complies to the AWG standard.
Wire Material
The material that the wire is made of. Copper & aluminum are the most commonly used materials. OFC - Oxygen Free Copper is the ideal choice for wire material. Copper is a superior electrical conductor, & does not expand or contract with heat. CCA - Copper-Clad Aluminum is a suitable choice for lower powered or budget applications. The power transfer is not on par with OFC, but this material offers significant savings.

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Warranty and Return Policy

Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
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Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

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Birmingham, AL


September 28, 2009

It seems that there is a growing trend among mobile audio/video accessory makers to make their products as cheaply as possible, and not even conform to the standards anymore.

+ Actually includes the correct lengths of wire specified
+ Fuse holder is one of the best I've seen in a value kit such as this

- Cables are not even close to correct gauge
- Patch cables, although pretty, are extremely fragile
- 80-A fuse is probably a 60A that was stamped as 80
- Why even bother including 22-gauge (or smaller) speaker wire on a kit with an 80 amp fuse? Do they want to set people's cars on fire?

This is a prime example of car audio manufacturers getting lazy, greedy, and outright insulting to the intelligence of their customers (which, unfortunately, has been going downhill since the inception of rap music into the mainstream). Before joining the IT community, I was a car audio installer/custom fabricator for several years. I KNOW what wire gauges look like, and even if I didn't, I have crimpers and strippers that do. This kit includes 6-gauge power and ground wire at best, though it is probably a little closer to 8-gauge. The remote turn-on lead is about 20-gauge, and although this doesn't really matter all that much, 18-gauge is nice because you don't have to worry about breaking it during a pull. The patch cables are pretty, but absolutely pathetic in terms of durability. I broke the plug off one side of one cable during the pull. I wasn't pulling hard, and the plug wasn't even caught on anything. It just kind of pulled itself free, leaving the wires it housed frayed and exposed.

We ended up using this kit anyway, as the system it was going in wasn't really in need of a massive power conduit. It was disappointing to have to go to Radio Shack to replace the RCA cables that fell apart during the install. It all works fine, but the overall quality and lack of adherence to technical standards is laughable.

I am infuriated by companies such as this who, to their own benefit, knowingly make poor-quality, non-compliant equipment. This is the reason people's amps catch fire, why your $3000+ system sounds like garbage, and why professionals want to kick themselves and their customers almost every time they see an install nowadays. It is one thing to have poor quality parts or insulation. It is another thing altogether to COMPLETELY IGNORE THE ACCEPTED STANDARDS THAT ARE IN PLACE TO PROTECT THE EQUIPMENT BEING INSTALLED AS WELL AS THE CUSTOMER FROM BEING DEFRAUDED OR EVEN PHYSICALLY INJURED BY EQUIPMENT THAT MALFUNCTIONS DUE TO NONCOMPLIANCE. If you are looking for an install kit that is full of garbage, look no further. From now on though, I'm just going to have to tell my friends and customers to suck it up and buy a real quality kit. And that is NOT this one.

They may be overpriced, but for a standard-compliant kit that delivers exactly what it promises, look no further than another company that makes amp kits for things that drive on the STREET and have electronics powered by WIRES. You could also try another company, who seem to be inspired by LIGHTNING and the AUDIO presence that follows.

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Sonic Electronix Wiring Guide

Wiring Diagram Legend

Warning: The image depicted shows the resistance change when wiring multiple subwoofer terminals. Please refer to your subwoofer's owner's manual for the proper wiring of its terminals. Sonic Electronix, Inc. is not responsible for damage caused to your audio system or vehicle due to improper installation. Please call tech support at 1-877-289-7664 if you require additional assistance.

Product Name: Phonics Digital PD-171

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Phonics Digital PD-171

4 Gauge Amplifier Installation Kit


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