Cobra 29WXNWST

40 Channel CB Radio with NightWatch Illuminated Front and SoundTracker System


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The Classic CB Radio

If it ain't broke then don't fix it. The classic CB radio has been around for decades and even though its popularity might have dropped, that doesn't mean it isn't still useful. CB radios are your best friend during emergencies and natural disasters because you can connect instantly to emergency personnel rather than having to call on your phone, go through the menu options and hold. And nothing beats a radio on long road trips, tailgate parties or caravanning. Just press a button and talk to the people in the other vehicles instead of having to call, waiting for them to pick up... And talking on the phone while you're driving is illegal anyways! I thought cell phones were supposed to make our lives simpler and faster? Turns out, that isn't the case. The Cobra 29 WX NW ST is the faster, simpler choice. Has been for years, still is today.

General Features:

  • Classic 40 Channel CB Radio
  • Features Cobra developed SoundTracker system noise reduction
  • NightWatch illuminated panel with dimmer control for personalized illumination adjustment for night or day settings
  • 7 NOAA weather channels and weather alerts for constant updates of weather hazards or forecasts
  • DeltaTune prevents unwanted interference from adjacent frequencies
  • SWR calibration allows users to achieve the best set-up for maximum performance
  • Switchable Automatic Noise Limiter (ANL) and Noise Blanker (NB) for a clear signal
  • Instant channel 9 and 19 for immediate access to emergency and highway frequencies
  • Illuminated analog signal strength and power meter
  • Front panel 4-pin screw-on microphone connector for convenient installation in-dash or under-dash
  • Compatible with Cobra CA-M29-BT-EXT for hands free operation
  • Durable dynamic microphone with 9ft cord
  • Tactile controls allow users to adjust settings safely without taking their eyes off the road
  • RX/TX indicators
  • Also found as: Cobra 29 WX NW ST, Cobra 29WXNWST, Cobra 29 WXNWST, 29WXNWST
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

Cobra CB-Radio Model Comparison

Model Bluetooth Built-in NOAA Radio Instant Channel 9/19 Caller ID Text To Speech Display Type Programmable Memory Built-in Clock
29 LX BT Yes with 3rd Party App 4-Color LCD
29 WX NW ST LED with NightWatch
29 NW LED with NightWatch
29 LX CHR LE 4-Color LCD
29 LX 4-Color LCD
25 WX NW ST LED with NightWatch
25 NW LED with NightWatch
25 LX 4-Color LCD

Radio Specifications

Radio Type
Determines the frequency ranges that the radio operates on. Different spectrum ranges are allotted for each type and each type has its own rules and regulations regarding transmissions.
Intended Radio Use

This is the intended use of the radio.

Car: This means that the radio is for use in a vehicle. These radios usually come with mounting and installation accessories for vehicles. Please verify with the product's description for more detailed information.

Marine: This means that the radio is intended for use on the boat or for marine applications. This means that he radio itself is typically treated for marine environments and includes marine accessories. Please see the product description for more information.

Portable: These radios are intended for use on the go and can be carried in your hand. Some portable radios can be used in other applications, such as on a boat or in a car.

Car / Mobile
Some radios are waterproof and can withstand being submerged in water to certain depths.
Primary Color
This is the main color of the item.

Handheld Radio Specifications

This is the number of total channels that the radio is able to access and operate on.
Built-In NOAA Receiver
CB radios with this feature have the ability to access local NOAA radio stations for real-time weather reports and updates. CB radios equipped with multiple NOAA channels allow users to select the clearest channel to monitor weather conditions.
Illuminated / Backlit Display
Some models include a backlit radio display for convenient operation at night. This is an invaluable feature if a radio will be used extensively at night or in dark conditions.
AM/FM Tuner
Adjustable Output Power
Allows users to increase or decrease the transmit power of the CB radio. At a higher transmit power the signal will travel farther. In battery powered radios, users may want to lower the transmit power in order to increase battery life.
Squelch Control
Changes the sensitivity of your CB radio to adjust for whatever signal strength you may be receiving. Lower squelch levels will allow you to receive transmissions from a greater distance, but these transmissions will contain more background noise. Higher squelch levels reduce the background noise, but will eliminate some weaker transmissionsl. In effect, it keeps the receiver from constantly having to listen to static and only activates the speaker when a transmission is received.
Voice Activation
Call Alert (2-Way Radios and CB Radios)
Signal Strength Meter
This feature displays the strength of the received or transmitted signal.
Selectable Call Tones
Lock Mode
Channel Scanning
primarily for recreational purposes, allows you to automatically scan all available CB channels for activity, ensuring you'll know of anything happening on the airwaves.
Dual Watch
Allows you to monitor two channels at once.
Privacy Codes
Emergency Crank

Warranty and Return Policy

Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Rating Distribution

5 Star
4 Star
3 Star
2 Star
1 Star

Average Attribution Rating


Houston, Texas

Cobra 29 WX NW ST Classic 40 Channel CB Radio

April 24, 2014

I have owned the original Cobra 29 Classic 23 & 40 Channel CB Radios and many other Cobra products and have enjoyed them all. This is a great buy and fast shipping. Thanks :)

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Colorado Springs, Colorado

Love my new CB radio

October 24, 2014

I bought the night watch model because I drive a semi-truck mostly at night and wanted the totally lit up and dimmable front face. I also like the top of the line reputation of the 29 series. I've been using it for about a month now and enjoy it completely. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a high quality CB that you can count on. I run it with twin antennas so It has clear reception and emits a strong signal.

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Jim fawkes


Cobra 29

September 17, 2013

My general lee wont be complete with out it, thanks

20 of 24 found this helpful

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Chicago, IL

Very Pleased!!!!

February 5, 2015

My husband is an OTR truck driver and has always loved the Cobra CBs. He is very happy with his new Cobra!!!

17 of 21 found this helpful

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Russell Springs, KY


November 15, 2012

Over the years, I have owned several Cobra 29s of various models. This particular model is thus far my favorite.
We currently have two Cobra 29WXNWST; one in my truck and the other in the wife's truck.
I particularly like the NOAA weather channel capability.
I live way out in the boonies and am easily able to receive the weather with the two different antennae that I have tried; no special antenna has been required.
I also really appreciate the NIGHTWATCH illumination.
I drive long distances at night and appreciate how well each switch and knob is lit up and easy to see.
I have never noticed any problem with glare reflection in the windshield that I have read some complain about in other reviews I have read; I believe those having glare issues have vehicles with very sloping windshields (aerodynamic) that are very dangerous for night driving at the best of times.
There is a very fine-tunable dimmer knob that will take the NIGHTWATCH illumination level from completely OFF to very brightly lit; thus there should be a happy medium for anyone's preferences; myself, I keep the knob set at the brightest.
With the SOUNDTRACKER ON, these are the quietest, most static-free, radios I have yet used; with the RF gain knob set at the 3/4 position, ANL/NB switch set at ANL, I can turn the SQUELCH knob all the way counter-clock-wise and hear no static.
Reception is as good as anything I have used.
Output range is also as good or better that any stock radio I have used.
As with any radio, quality co-ax, antenna, and proper installation and adjustment for lowest SWR is the key to good performance; one's antenna, mount, and co-ax should cost more than the radio; don't expect stellar performance with an improperly tuned antenna.
I am running a WILSON 500 TRUCKER with a stainless HD Barrel-Spring on a WILSON HD dome stud and HD mirror-mount, connected with FireStik FIREFLEX RG-58 co-ax, cut and spliced to the length required to reach between radio and antenna (the "18-foot" co-ax myth, all wadded up above a visor or crammed under the dash, is just that --- a myth. The best length for the co-ax cable is that minimum length necessary to easily attach at both ends with just enough slack for easy installation).
Like all out-of-the-box made-in-CHINA radios, as delivered out-put wattage is rather skimpy at between 2- and 2-1/2-watts; this is just a fact of current-day mass-production and no fault of the radio's design capabilities.
Although I have not yet done so, one would be best advised to have the radio "peaked and tuned" by a qualified technician who will up the wattage to the FCC-allowable maximum 4-watts; there are radio shops that offer this service on there new radios at minimal extra cost.
I really like the instant-channel-19 switch; I can have a conversation on an open channel and quickly flip back and forth to monitor channel-19.
One detail that is either an asset or an annoyance, depending on one's preferences or the situation at hand, is the fact that, when PA-speaker is selected, whatever channel the radio is on plays over the PA-speaker, whether it be standard CB or NOAA weather.
Although, considering the previous statement, when PA is selected, what one says through the mic is ONLY heard through the PA and is not broadcast over the CB channel; I have tested this and know it as fact.
Until something better comes along, if anything were to happen to either of our Cobra 29WXNWST radios, I would instantly buy another without hesitation.
We are well pleased.

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It has NW and weather features Purchased for RV
Jessica A on Dec 1, 2014

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40 Channel CB Radio with NightWatch Illuminated Front and SoundTracker System


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