Sony MHC-EC919iP R/B

700W Mini Hi-Fi System with Lightning Connector


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Sony MHC-EC919iP

Add music to your bedroom, office or living room with the MHC-EC919iP mini Hi-Fi system. Listen to CDs, dial in AM/FM programming, or use the built-in lightning dock to control and play your compatible iPod® or iPhone® while keeping it charged. You can also take advantage of the audio-in feature and connect other audio sources, such as your PC or MP3 player. Experience rich sound thanks to the bass reflex speakers and 7.9" dedicated subwoofer. In addition to 700 watts (RMS) of power, this music system also has an alarm clock so you can fall asleep or wake up to your music.

What's In The Box?
  1. Sony MHC-EC919iP CD/AM/FM Amplifier Console
  2. SS-EC719iP Two-Way Stereo Speaker Cabinet (x2)
  3. SS-WG919iP 7.9" Ported Subwoofer Cabinet
  4. Sony Commander Remote Control
  5. AM Radio Loop Antenna
  6. FM Radio Wire Antenna
  7. Owners Manual
  8. 6-Month Warranty

General Features:

  • Powerful 120 Watt RMS Hi-Fi Home Stereo Music System
  • Charge and Play your 8-Pin iPod or iPhone with the built-in Lightning Dock
  • Single disc MP3 CD Player with CD-R/RW, SA-CD, 8cm CD Playback and multiple playback modes
  • Enjoy easy, accurate, drift-free tuning of your favorite AM/FM radio with 30 Station Presets
  • Two-Way Ported Bass Reflex Speaker System with Dedicated Subwoofer
    • Powerful Cone Type Midrange Drivers for Full, Powerful Sound
    • Detailed Horn Tweeters for Accurate Sound Reproduction
    • 230 Watt Standalone 8" Passive Subwoofer
  • Class D Amplifier pumps out incredible clarity consistently with minimal distortion levels
  • 8 Equalizer Presets with Selectable Bass Boost for truly customizable sound
  • Large 14 Segment / 8 Digit White Backlight LCD clearly displays ID3Tag, MP3 or clock information
  • Clock, alarm and sleep timer; allows you to wake or fall asleep to your favorite music
  • Front USB Port for MP3/WMA Playback, Recording, or Connecting a Smartphone
  • Remote control (Included)
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer Part Number: Sony MHC-EC619iP
  • Also Found As: Sony MHCEC619iP, Sony MHC-EC619
  • 6-Month Warranty

Speaker Specifications:

  • Speakers SS-EC719iP:
    • Tweeter Design: Horn Type (x2)
    • Tweeter Size (Each): 1 1/2" (40mm)
    • Midrange Woofer Type: Cone Type (x2)
    • Midrange Woofer Size (Each): 6 1/2" (160mm)
    • Speaker Impedance: 3 Ohms
    • Speaker Cabinet Dimensions (Each): 11 3/4"H x 9"W x 8 1/8"D (300 mm x 230 mm x 205 mm)
    • Speaker Cabinet Weight (Each): 5 lbs 8 1/8 oz. (2.5 Kg.)
  • Subwoofer SS-WG919iP:
    • Subwoofer Design: Ported Bass Reflex Dynamic Driver
    • Midrange Woofer Size: 8" (200mm)
    • Subwoofer Impedance: 3 Ohms
    • Subwoofer Cabinet Dimensions (Each): 11 3/4"H x 11"W x 11 3/8"D (300 mm x 280 mm x 290 mm)
    • Subwoofer Cabinet Weight (Each): 11 lbs 3/4 oz. (5.0 Kg.)
  • Sound Output:
    • Speaker Output: 235 Watts RMS (Each)
    • Subwoofer Output: 230 Watts RMS
    • Total RMS Output: 700 Watts
    • Frequency Response: 120 Hz - 10,000 Hz

Amplifier/CD Console Specifications:

  • CD Player:
    • Number of Trays: Single Disc
    • Laser Diode Emission Duration: Continuous
    • Laser Diode Output: Less Than 44.6 µW
    • Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz
  • Radio:
    • AM Radio:
      • Antenna Type: Loop Antenna
      • Channel Presets: 10 AM Presets
      • Tuning Range: 530 kHz - 1710 kHz (10 kHz Step)
      • Tuning Range: 531 kHz - 1710 kHz (9 kHz Step)
    • FM Radio
      • Antenna Type: Wire Antenna
      • Channel Presets: 20 FM Presets
      • Tuning Range: 87.5 MHz - 108.0 MHz (100 kHz Step)
  • Connectivity:
    • Audio Line IN: 3.5mm (Front)
    • USB Play/Rec (Front)
    • iPod/iPhone Input: 8-Pin Lightning Dock (Front)
  • Amplifier Console Dimensions: 11 3/4"H x 7 5/8"W x 10 1/4"D (300 mm x 193 mm x 260 mm)
  • Amplifier Console Weight: 5 lb. 4 5/8 oz. (2.4 Kg.)

General Specifications:

  • Power:
    • Requirements: 120 V, 60 Hz
    • Consumption:
      • Standby Mode: 0.5 W
      • Operating: 90 W
  • Approximate Product Dimensions (Including Speakers & Subwoofer): 11 3/4"H x 36 3/4"W x 11 3/8"D
  • Approximate Product Weight: 27 1/3 Pounds (12.4 Kg)

*Please Note: Some Factory Refurbished Models Will Not Ship In the Original Packaging. If the original packaging was damaged in any way, product would have been analyzed, and re-packaged safely in new boxing.

General Features

Audio Options
These are the different audio options available in the shelf system.
CD Player
Apple iPod
AM Radio
FM Radio
Auxiliary Input
USB Audio
This will designate if the unit is capable of having an alarm set.
Primary Power Source
How the unit is powered.
120V AC Power Cable
Secondary Power Source
Additional options for the power source.
The width of the item from left to right (side-to-side) measured in inches.
36 3/4"
The height of the item, measured from top to bottom, in inches.
11 3/4"
The front-to-rear depth of the item, in inches. If the item is angled or slanted, this value is the bottom measurement.
10 1/4"
Primary Color
This is the main color of the item.
Secondary Color
A color that compliments the main color of the product.
Remote Control
Allows control of specific features and functions from a remote control. Typically they are used to prevent button wear on your radio, or to allow easier navigation of menus.

Speaker Specifications

Speaker Configuration
This is the configuration of the speakers in the home theater system. The more speakers, the more realistic the surround sound is.
2.1 (2 Front Speakers and 1 Subwoofer)
Speaker Size
Refers to the size of the speaker measured in inches. Every vehicle has standard application sizes. Please use our vehicle fitment guide for your vehicle's specific speaker sizes if you do not know them.
Peak Power Handling
Peak power handling refers to the amount of power a speaker can handle during a brief musical burst. The RMS power range figure is a much more reliable rating for determining the speaker's power requirements. The Peak power handling specification is typically rated per speaker unless otherwise noted.
700 watts
RMS Power Handling
The RMS power is the amount of power the speaker requires to operate safely and properly. RMS Power Handling refers to the amount of power a speaker can handle on a continuous basis. We recommend powering your speakers or subwoofer with 80%-120% of its recommended RMS rating. The RMS power handling specification is typically rated per speaker unless otherwise noted.
90 watts
Frequency Response
The range of frequencies the speaker will reproduce (lowest frequency to the highest). Bigger is better, meaning the wider the range, the better. The optimal range is 20 - 20,000 Hz (which is the range of human hearing).
120 - 10,000 Hz

CD Specifications

Number of Discs
The number of discs that the unit can store internally. The discs can be accessed quickly and sometimes from a remote source.
Tray Type
This is how the CD is loaded into the player. Some units will accept the CDs from the top, while others take them in on the front.
Front Loading
The unit will play CDs, also known as Compact Discs. This is the standard format for audio optical discs.
The unit offers playback of CD-R discs. These are compact disc that have had audio burned on to them.
The unit will play CD-RW discs. CD-RW are also know as CD-ReWriteable and they can be used more than once.

Playback Features

The unit offers MP3 playback.

MP3 should not be confused with MPEG-3. MP3 files are the third audio layer of a MPEG-1 file. The compression algorithm of a MP3 file reduces the file size while keeping the audio quality.

The unit offers the playback of WMA files.

WMA stands for Windows Media Audio and was developed by Microsoft. It is a file used specifically for audio.

The unit will play AAC files.

The audio compression AAC stands for Advanced Audio Coding. They generally tend to have better sound quality than most MP3 files.

AM/FM Tuner
Most in-dash CD players have AM/FM playback allowing you listen to your favorite local radio stations.
Cassette Playback
If the unit offers audio playback from cassette, it will be designated here.
Cassette Recorder
Cassette recorder means that the unit is able to record on to a audio cassette.
Vinyl Turntable
This means that the unit is capable of playing vinyl records on a built-in turntable.
Bluetooth Connectivity
Bluetooth® technology allows two or more electronic devices to communicate with each other wirelessly, such as using your cell phones "hands-free" or transmitting music to Bluetooth enabled receiver. If a unit is Bluetooth capable, it typically can allow you to connect to your Bluetooth cell phone to make and receive calls. Others can access your phone and address book too via Bluetooth. Other Bluetooth capable units offer even more services, such as live traffic information and map upgrades.

More uses of Bluetooth technology include transmitting music to a compatible receiver, printing wirelessly from a computer, and many other wireless uses. Please see the item description for more specific information regarding what features the unit includes.

Built-In Microphone
This will designate if thedevice has a built-in microphone for the recording or transmitting of audio.

iPod Compatibility

Compatible Apple Devices
This list refers to the Apple devices that the product is compatible with.

Some Car stereos are compatible with iPods and/or iPhones. If the headunit can connect to an iPod or iPhone via USB or iPod connection cable, these listed iPods are compatible. This list does not apply if the iPod is being connected through the 3.5mm mini-jack plug. Newer iPods are usually compatible if the appropriate adapters are purchased and used.

Any iPods/iPhones released after the release date of this product have not been checked by the manufacturer and/or Sonic Electronix for compatibility. We therefore cannot guarantee their compatibilities or incompatibilities, including, but not limited to: playback, video, charging, and response time.

iPod Nano 6th Generation (8 & 16GB)
iPod Nano 7th Generation (16GB)
iPod Touch 3nd Generation (8, 32 & 64GB)
iPod Touch 4th Generation (8, 32 & 64GB)
iPod Touch 5th Generation (16, 32 & 64GB)
iPhone 5
iPhone 5C
iPhone 5S
Charges the iPod
This means that the device provides a charge to the iPod or iPhone.
Mounts the iPod
This means that the device will mount the iPod or iPhone and hold it secure. This is a common feature for some iPod car devices that will mount the iPod on the dash of the car.
iPod Dockable
This designates if an iPod can be docked the particular device. This feature applies it to home DVD/Blu-ay players, iPod accessories, alarm clocks, and more. When an iPod is docked, it will charge the iPod. Some devices will support the playback of video off of a docked compatible iPod. Some players include a dock or have one built-in, while others require you to purchase it separately.
Yes (Dock Built-In)
This will tell you if the unit features Apple AirPlay technology for playing music wirelessly from your device. AirPlay lets you wirelessly stream what’s on your iOS device and Mac to your speakers. Guests can even easily share their content with peer-to-peer AirPlay.


Additional Audio/Video Inputs
These inputs enable the unit to receive an audio or video signal from a separate source. There are many different types of connections and ways to accomplish this. Most common are RCA Composite cables and 3.5mm mini-jack plugs.

RCA Composite Inputs
These are your typical red, white, and yellow RCA composite cables that are common among devices with audio and video inputs. The red and white cables are dedicated for audio. The red cable is for the right channel and the white is for the left channel. The yellow cable is specifically for the video signal. Because this type of auxiliary cable contains 2 channels of audio, it will support stereo sound.

This is commonly referred to as a mini-jack or a headphone jack. It is a 3.5mm plug that transfers audio only. There is a right and left audio channel on the plug which allows for stereo sound playback.

3.5mm AV Input
These plugs look similar to the common 3.5mm mini-jack, however they carry a third channel dedicated for video.

This means that an auxiliary input is possible, but only with the use of an optional accessory. These optional adapters will sometimes use the CD Changer port or other port on the back of a unit that might restrict the use of other expandability features. These accessories are typically sold separately.

Front 3.5mm Audio Input
Headphone Output
If the unit is capable of outputting audio to a pair of headphones, this is the type of jack that makes the connection.
3.5mm (1/8") Stereo Jack
Wi-Fi Antenna
This will allow you to connect to your home network or the internet without having to plug-in an Ethernet cable. The built-in Wi-Fi antenna will connect to the internet without having the computer on.

Warranty and Return Policy

Parts Warranty Duration
6 months
Labor Warranty Duration
6 months
Warranty Provider
Sonic Electronix

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Rating Distribution

5 Star
4 Star
3 Star
2 Star
1 Star

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Tampa fl

Not the best but it's what you pay for

August 26, 2014

Speakers and unit itself are as light as can be due to made of plastic,expected a bit more quality but it was cheap. 700 watts says Lets Rock!! Sound is heavy on bass even when you change preset equalizers. Besides that I would say its not bad. It will go pretty loud but distorts at around 40/50. Would really rock out a garage,perfect for there.

2 of 3 found this helpful

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Sonic Electronix Wiring Guide

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Warning: The image depicted shows the resistance change when wiring multiple subwoofer terminals. Please refer to your subwoofer's owner's manual for the proper wiring of its terminals. Sonic Electronix, Inc. is not responsible for damage caused to your audio system or vehicle due to improper installation. Please call tech support at 1-877-289-7664 if you require additional assistance.

Product Name: Sony MHC-EC919iP R/B

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Sony MHC-EC919iP R/B

700W Mini Hi-Fi System with Lightning Connector


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