80W 2-Channel Line Output Converter with Digital Noise Filter + Line Driver

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Add An Amplifier To Your Stereo System!

The NVX XFLOC2 Premium line-out converter is the perfect solution for adding an aftermarket amplifier to your stock or aftermarket stereo system. The XFLOC2 uses the signal from your stock stereo or amplifier by tapping into the stock speaker wire and converting it to a 2-channel RCA signal output. This allows you to add an amp simply and effectively. It features a 6:1 Step down with an adjustable gain output, DC amplifier turn-on trigger and a 80 watt total maximum input (40 watts per channel). The XFLOC2 uses a digital noise filter to reduce static and other noises that sometimes occur when adding a line out converter. The end result is a high quality line out converter with super low distortion, and as with all NVX products the engineering and build quality is second-to-none.

Product Features:

  • 2-channel Premium adjustable line output converter
  • Digital Noise Filter + Line Driver
  • 6:1 Step Down With Adjustable Output
  • 80w Maximum Input Total (40w Per Channel)
  • DC Amplifier Turn On Trigger
  • Super Low Distortion
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

Line-Out Converter Specifications

Number of Channels
Each channel on an amplifier will power one speaker using a positive and negative cable. There are various types of amplifiers, each designed to power a certain number of speakers. Monoblock amplifiers, also known as single channel, are designed to power one or more subwoofers. These amplifiers often have very high power ratings. On the other hand, multi-channel amplifiers power multiple speakers, usually at lower power ratings. 2-Channel and 4-Channel amplifiers can power car speakers or low powered subwoofers. Occasionally you might see a 5 or 6-channel amplifier that can power speakers and subwoofers at the same time. The most common setup is a monoblock amp to run subwoofers and a 4-channel amp to run door speakers. Check out our Knowledge Base for more information.
Maximum Power Input
This is the maximum amount of power (measured in watts) that the unit is designed to handle. Exceeding this amount can void warranties and damage the unit.
80 watts

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Warranty and Return Policy

Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
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Why did you choose this?
Sonic Electronix Store
Want to try it
Jeff W on Dec 23, 2017
I thought for some strange reason I was going to need this but I didn't
Jason U on Sep 2, 2017
I was missing this piece for the team
German P on Sep 25, 2017
need it to wire to amp on my car factory radio
santos a on Aug 2, 2016
I don't want to use the trigger feature. Can I just leave the trigger input disconnected?
A shopper on Aug 4, 2015
Best Answer: Yes, you can leave the remote wire disconnected and it will work just fine.
Reply · Report · Chris S on Aug 4, 2015
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Does this product come with installation Instructions?
A shopper on Mar 20, 2015
Best Answer: It did come with instructions and if you have any 12v electrical experience it will be a quick easy install. Still working perfectly in my sentra.
Reply · Report · JoAnn C on Mar 21, 2015
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for wiring an loc do i just use t-taps or do i have to cut into the wiring harness and use butt connectors on one end and cap off the others?
ossiel m on Oct 12, 2016
Best Answer: I usually use t-taps. It's better so you won't have to cut wires in case you sell your car and put everything back to stock
Reply · Report · alejandro d on Oct 12, 2016
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How would I wire this into a car that has a factory amplifier. I have a 2007 Explorer Eddie Bauer. I would like to be able to add a mono amp and some 12''s?
therealest on Mar 20, 2016
Best Answer: If you have a factory amplifier you can still use this. All you need to do is tap into a set of speakers like your rear door speakers. Match the +'s and the -'s. The other wires aren't really necessary. If the factory speakers aren't marked take a 9 volt battery and hook a wire to the + and a wire to the -. Now touch the wires to the speaker terminals. If the speaker cone moves in you are backwards. If the cone moves out then whichever wire is + on the battery is touching the + of the speaker. Now one last thing. If your factory amp is more powerful than 40w per channel then this is not a good solution because the maximum input power is 40w per channel on this. You would need a converter capable of more power input.
Reply · Report · Craig H on Mar 21, 2016
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What does 6:1 or 3:1 step down mean on this product?
conway h on Aug 25, 2016
Best Answer: Most Amplifiers don't accept inputs directly from existing car stereo wire coming from the head unit [unless it has RCA outputs] and accepts only through RCA inputs. This product just does that, converts stereo signals from regular wire to RCA level output which in turn can be used for amplifiers. Note RCA signals are very weak, while signal from regular stereo wire are much higher. So coming to your question, 6:1 mean its steps down or reduces the output level by 6 times from the stereo wire to RCA cable so that it can be safely input to an amplifier.
Reply · Report · vijay prakash guna s on Aug 25, 2016
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Can you run both inputs on a mono 60watt RMS factory amp channel? As if the mono channel operated as (stereo) both rear speaker channel inputs. Or would I have to use only 1 set of input wires with such configuration?
Billy on Apr 7, 2016
Best Answer: To be safe, I would run one input from the LOC to a mono amp which means you would get one output(red or black RCA) active. If your goal is to have two active RCA's out, put a Y splitter on the one active RCA making it two. That way, the LOC is being used per designed and you should not have any problems with it.
Reply · Report · Kelvin W on Apr 7, 2016
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Does this have the soft turn on feature ,where it eliminates turn-on pop in aftermarket amplifiers or incorporates a 2-3 seconds delay before triggering the output to prevent turn-on noise like the NVX XTRI1?
A shopper on Sep 14, 2015
Best Answer: I dont have noise in mine when it turns on . But to answer your question , the amplifier is where the soft turn on is located . This wire just powers up with radio like a remote on and and triggers the amp to turn on . Once the amp is triggered if the amp has soft turn on it will do so . But if amp doesnt have soft turn on it might pop . I dont know of any amps without soft turn on .
Reply · Report · Chris A on Sep 14, 2015
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How do I install this?
A shopper on Mar 20, 2015
Best Answer: You need to connect the gray wire + to the rear right + output of your head unit or the right rear speaker +. then connect the gray/black wire - to the right rear - output of your head unit or right rear speaker -. wire the left side the same way white is + and white/black is -. the yellow is constant +12v you connect it to yellow constant of your head unit or if you have an amplifier connect it to the + wire of the amp. the black wire is ground just simply ground it. the blue wire needs to be connected to the remote wire on the head unit or amplifier. the brown wires are only used if you have no sound. if you have no sound on both channels ground the brown wires. I hope this helps.
Reply · Report · conway h on Mar 22, 2015
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How do I tune the gain on a line output converter without clipping the signal?
Jovanny R on Aug 10, 2014
Best Answer: No problem . I just leave them alone because at the factory where they are made they match them at 2.0v per channel and it takes a high dollar tool like i posted to get them perfectly matched . Also you may check with some local installation shops and see if they have the equipment to do it and it may save you some money , but if not i would buy steve meades tool and do it myself .
Reply · Report · Jovanny R on Aug 11, 2014
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I purchased this item for my 2012 mazdaspeed 3 with Bose system. Everything is installed, Amp is powering up, speaker is playing but it is really light. Can't really hear it through my factory speakers. Double checked install, red power connected correctly, connected both grounds thinking it was maybe that, but still no luck? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've installed these LOC's on 3 of my 4 vehicles and have never had any issues.
Fernando D on Jun 30, 2016
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what is the spec for the output line (ohms/volts) ?
R S on Sep 14, 2014
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Warning: The image depicted shows the resistance change when wiring multiple subwoofer terminals. Please refer to your subwoofer's owner's manual for the proper wiring of its terminals. Sonic Electronix, Inc. is not responsible for damage caused to your audio system or vehicle due to improper installation. Please call tech support at 1-877-289-7664 if you require additional assistance.