Premium Upgraded Aftermarket Blind Spot Detection System w/ Front and Rear Sensors

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The GOSHERS BSDS-003016P blind spot detection system is an improved version of the previous model which was already an awesome unit. This improved version uses a brand new, complex algorithm based detection system to help better determine if a vehicle is actually in your blind spot, or just to the side of your vehicle. The previous BSDS-003016 simply notifies you when a vehicle is on the side your vehicle so the new algorithm will greatly reduce false readings, allowing you to drive in confidence. To even reduce false readings you get two additional sensors over the previous model to use on the front of your vehicle AND the BSDS-003016P can detect stationary objects like those poles at the gas station or parked vehicles. How's that for awesomeness? The folks over at GOSHERS took an already great idea and made it even better which means that YOU get to reap all the benefits. Drive with confidence with the new and improved BSDS-03016P.


Why You Need This

  • Keep your vehicle and your passengers safe on the road
  • According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) there are approximately 840,000 side-to-side blind spot collisions in the United States annually
    • Out of these 840,000 collisions there are 300 fatalities
  • Why risk messing up the paint job on your shiny sports car?
  • Why risk messing up ANY kind of vehicle you drive?

GOSHERS BSDS-003016P Features:

  • Premium Upgraded Aftermarket Blind Spot Detection System
  • Uses new algorithm for increased performance and fewer false alerts
    • Unlike the previous model, the new algorithm determines whether a vehicle is in an actual blind spot rather than alerting you when a vehicle is to the side of you
    • Can now identify non moving objects like stationary vehicles, curbs or poles
    • Uses Sonar technology to detect threats in less than 120 ms
  • Installs in virtually any modern vehicle using a 12V electrical system
  • Four wire system hookup for easy installation
  • Two rear bumper sensors (paintable)
  • Two front sensors for fewer false alarms (paintable)
  • Two in-car LED indicators for visual alerts
  • Alarm unit for audible warnings when turn signal is activated
  • 10' alert range covers most blind spots
    • Adjustable to a lower sensitivity
  • Custom Hole-saw for sensor installation
  • Includes 3M industrial strength double-sided tape
  • Wire harness included for a quick plug and play install
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty


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Why did you choose this?
Sonic Electronix Store
Increase safety features to my car based on recommendation from Consumer Reports
David A on Dec 2, 2016
Consumer reports recommended
Neil H on May 28, 2016
I read about it in Consumer Reports. They say it really works.
Raymond F on Dec 1, 2016
william p on Oct 5, 2015
Has anyone added the 'GPS module' thats found on eBay, that deactivates the Goshers at slowing speeds (under 20MPH)?
A shopper on Mar 7, 2015
Best Answer: No, and I can NOT understand why you would want this. I have had the Gosher's BSDS on our Honda Accord for more than 6 months. It alerts us whenever a vehicle turns in front of us. BUT, it alerts us when we wish to move to the right lane (curb side) when planning a right turn at an intersection. Not inclined to be moving at more than 20mph then. So, if a vehicle is moving up on our passenger side, the rear sensor tells us NOT to change lanes. The two front sensors do respond with both an audible and light (on A pillar), and we do not consider this annoying because it is keeping us alert. BUT, sometimes, it has prevented pulling over into the curb lane. Additionally, if in the left turn lane, it prevents our turning into a vehicle that is running a light, and turning in front of us. We might be slowly beginning our turn left, and we are alerted to stop. Having used the system for a good while, I do not see how the GPS deactivation is good. Note: you can get the "angle adjuster" which goes into the drilled hole that turns the rear sensor 7 degrees back. This has been a help. They are $24 for two. They allow the rear sensors to react earlier to the vehicles approaching from the rear and provide a quicker notification that a vehicle is approaching from the rear. I see no point in using them on the front sensors. They are easy to install and do not show. Yes, my sensors are black, but blend in well with the other black areas --- our Accord has factory mud flaps.
Reply (1) · Report · John S on Mar 7, 2015
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Does this also do Rear Cross Traffic Alerting or does it only work as a Blind Spot Monitor? To clarify, if I am in a parking lot and put my car into reverse to back out of the spot and another vehicle is coming down the lane, will the system alert me so I do not continue to back out?
GMB1000 on Dec 14, 2014
Best Answer: The BSDS does not alert the driver should the driver be backing out of a parking place AND a vehicle drives behind the car. However, a system for this is available and most likely from Sonics. The company in Memphis does this all the time -- the system and installation is $345.00. I have the BSDS on my wife's 2011
Accord. I do have a couple of suggestions since I have had "the learning process" first hand.
1. Drill your holes on the back bumper has far back as is possible. This will enable the sensor to pick-up the vehicle coming up on either side, sooner. Since I had installed my system 4 months ago, I have had to add the angle brackets on each side (rear bumper). This turns the sensor 7 degrees more to the rear in order to
alert the driver sooner. I think the brackets are $24.00 for two. After installing this, one still has to consider the speed of the car coming up on the driver or passenger sides. If you are driving 65mph and the other vehicle is driving 75mph, the sensor can not compensate for this. However, the reaction time of the sensor is something like 1/1000 of a second. Hope this helps.
Reply · Report · John S on Dec 15, 2014
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A few questions really:

1- I have heard that the 2-sensor version creates a lot of "false" alarms from objects along road (e.g. trees, guard rails). Are the false detections really problematic? I mean, it is detecting something that is actually there. I would consider a detection when there is no object actually present to be problematic, but not these other detections.

2- Is the audible alert smart enough to only alert if it detects something on the side that I'm signalling. Will left turn signal + object detected on the right = audible? That would make the answer to question #1 more important and might make the 4-sensor version more necessary.

3- How does the 10'/3-meter range work out in real life? Is the distance sufficient? I've heard that the longer range on OEM systems can be problematic in heavy traffic, where sometimes you don't have the luxury of leaving a bunch of space.
D E on Jul 6, 2016
Best Answer: In my experience with two cars, a minivan with 4 sensors, and a Civic with 2 sensors, the device provides extra safety information. When turning, if there is a car or person on a bike on the turning side, a 'beep' (in addition to a blinking light) indicates their presence. Driving straight, a blinking light indicates objects/people/vehicles at the side of the car. The device is an aid to detection, but you need to be aware of your position and the likelihood of things around you. I also use 'spot' mirrors on both sides of the cars. Nothing can protect you from careless drivers or distracted driving! This just provides you with additional sources of information.
Reply · Report · Jordan M on Jul 7, 2016
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what is the cost of installation and where can it be done?
A shopper on Aug 8, 2014
Best Answer: We, Brian Massey- Dents Away has become a seller of the system. We made our first installation on my personal vehicle for my wife - a 2011 Accord EX-L. Any really good electronics shop or a shop that does aftermarket installations can do this. However, the shop really needs to read the instructions carefully and understand ALL the does and don'ts. Best to lay the system out - ensure that all parts are there. We went slowly on my vehicle. Think through the lenghts of cable and know that there is sufficient amount. We had no problem. However, when selecting the place to drill holes in the bumpers, make certain that the location is not hindered by the steel supports which are at the front and rear. We had to really measure on the rear bumper of the Accord. We probably should have been 1-2 inches farther back. The height was fine. After installation, we had to adjust the controller --- from "normal" to "low." Also, my system only works when the blinker is turned on for a left or right turn. You will possibly pick up some false signals when raining. This is because the sensors are really sensitive, and the rain drops hit them. I have put the car on one of the lifts and used outdoor caulk to seal the sensors on the inside of the bumpers. Since they are all sealed, it can not hurt and but might ensure no water has an effect from the inside. So far, no issue. We went to Little Rock this weekend, and the system worked, perfectly. The system will detect a car turning onto your street when at a stop or when crossing in front of you when at an intersection. It is telling the driver not to pull out into the oncoming traffic that is passing in front of you. This is not always the case, but does work most of the time. ( Remember, sensor works 10' away, so the passing car might not be in the outside lane. Hope this helped. We have 6 orders in house. Once we are totally confident, we are now going to start our installations for retail customers.
Reply · Report · John S on Aug 12, 2014
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Is this a microwave system? Is it suitable for RV installation?
richard r on Jun 12, 2017
Best Answer: No to both questions. It is ultrasonic and only meant for cars. Goshers has RV systems on their website.
Reply · Report · Steve K on Jun 12, 2017
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