Complete 8 Gauge Amplifier Wiring Kit with 2-Channel RCA Interconnects (CCA Wiring)

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The Belva 8 Gauge Kit for Monoblock Amps!

If you need an amp kit at a great price then the Belva BAK82 Complete 8 Gauge 2-Channel Amp Wiring Kit is for you. Belva uses Premium Powerflex power and ground wire that provides optimal power transfer and is made from Copper-Clad Aluminum (CCA). Belva CCA wire regularly outperforms other Copper Clad Aluminum kits as a result of its higher quality composition. The CCA wire used by Belva consists of 30% copper and 70% aluminum whereas other CCA kits wire is just 10% copper to 90% aluminum. To provide signal from your head unit to your amp is the 2-Channel Helical Twist Construction Audio Interconnect RCA cables that minimizes noise and interference. The last key component is an In-line Mini-ANL Fuse holder with a 60 amp Mini-ANL fuse that offers ideal protection. The BAK82 is designed specifically for car audio systems up to 500 watts RMS.

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  • Amplifier Kit Specifications

    Amp Kit Type
    Amplifier installation kit come in two different types: Power or Complete. Power Amp kits are designed to only provide power to the amplifier. Complete kits will provide power and signal to the amplifier. Many of the complete kits will also include speaker wire to connect the amplifier to the subwoofer.
    Number of Amplifiers Supported
    This is the number of amplifiers that the amplifier kit can support. If you are are going to be powering more than one amplifier, make sure that the installation kit will support them.
    Power/Ground Wire Size
    The power/ground gauge numbers represents the main wire size of the amplifier kit.

    Definitions are as follows:

    Gauge (wire) - The diameter of a wire. The higher the number, the thinner the wire. Example: 4 gauge wire has more strands than 10 gauge wire.

    AWG (American Wire Gauge) - A standard of the dimensional characteristics of wire used to conduct electrical current or signals. AWG is identical to the Brown and Sharpe (B & S) wire gauge.
    8 gauge
    Power Wire Length
    This is the length of the power wire in feet.
    17 feet
    Power Wire Color
    Ground Wire Length
    The length of the ground wire in feet.
    3 feet
    Ground Wire Color
    Speaker Wire Included
    If speaker wire is included, the value will be "Yes" and if no wire is included, it will read "No".
    Speaker Wire Length
    This is the length of speaker wire that is included with the item.
    20 feet
    Remote Wire Length
    This is the length of the remote wire that is included with the item.
    17 feet
    Interconnect (RCA) Signal Cables Included
    Interconnect cables are required for amplifiers which are installed to the "RCA preamp low-level outputs" of a car stereo receiver. If your amplifier has high-level / speaker level inputs, then you do not need to purchase interconnects; however, interconnects offer a much higher quality sound when compared to speaker level inputs.
    2 Channel
    Fuse Holder
    This is the type of fuse holder that is included in the item.
    Mini ANL
    Fuse Size
    This is the size of the fuse that is compatible with the fuse holder. If the fuse needs to be replaced, be sure to replace it with the same size.
    Distribution Block Included
    This means that the kit includes a distribution block in the package. This will assist in the installation of the amplifier kit or any situation where a distribution block is required.
    Complies to AWG Standards
    Since 1857, The AWG (American Wire Gauge) system has been the standard for measuring the diameter of wire. AWG standard is the measure of bare wire to find true gauge. Companies that do not follow AWG Standards include the thickness of the wire jacket which means the actual wire is not "True to Gauge". For the best performance from your amplifier wiring kit, make sure that the cable complies to the AWG standard.
    Wire Material
    The material that the wire is made of. Copper & aluminum are the most commonly used materials. OFC - Oxygen Free Copper is the ideal choice for wire material. Copper is a superior electrical conductor, & does not expand or contract with heat. CCA - Copper-Clad Aluminum is a suitable choice for lower powered or budget applications. The power transfer is not on par with OFC, but this material offers significant savings.
    CCA (Copper-Clad Aluminum)

    Warranty and Return Policy

    Parts Warranty Duration
    1 year
    Labor Warranty Duration
    1 year
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    Complete 8 Gauge Amplifier Wiring Kit with 2-Channel RCA Interconnects (CCA Wiring)


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