Amplifier Installation Wiring Kits

When installing car amplifiers, the cables and wiring are very important. Having the appropriate wire gauge ensures that the amplifier is capable of receiving the amount of power it is designed for. Many of the amplifiers will specify what gauge of wire is recommended for the installation. You also need to take into account the material that the wire is made from. Copper & Aluminium are the most commonly used materials in these kits

OFC - Oxygen Free Copper (a.k.a. 100% OFC) is the preferred material you want your car or marine audio amplifier wiring to be made from. Solid Copper, second only to silver, is a superior electrical conductor as it does not expand or contract with heat and has an increased conductivity over CCA. Some manufactures use Silver-Tinned 100% OFC which is better than just OFC because pure silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals.

CCA - Copper-Clad Aluminum(a.k.a. Copper-Clad Aluminium) is an aluminum core that has been clad or dipped in copper. It is a suitable choice for lower powered systems or budget applications. The power transfer is not on the same level as OFC, but this material offers significant cost savings.

There are two types of amp wiring kits that are available: Complete Kits and Power Kits. Complete amplifier kits include everything that is need for the installation of the amplifier. These kits typically include RCA interconnect cables, speaker wire, and other accessories. Power kits will typically only include the power cable, ground cable, and the accessories required to provide the amplifier with sufficient power.

Wire Gauge SizeTotal Amplifier RMS Wattage
0/1 AWG1000+ Watts
2 AWG1000-1500 Watts
4 AWG400-1000 Watts
6 AWG600-800 Watts
8 AWG200-400 Watts
10 AWG100-200 Watts

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