Car Safety Systems

Car safety technology makes driving more convenient and protects you, your vehicle, and insurance liabilities against dangerous drivers. Whether you just want to be able to record the road as you see it, have extra sensors and cameras for reversing, or a highly advanced system, Sonic Electronix has the right solution.

Backup Camera
By May 2018, this feature will come standard on all new vehicles. This technology literally gives you eyes in the back of your head. Never rely on just a back up camera, turn your head and use mirrors to maximize safety
Blind Spot Detection
While driving on the freeway, checking your blind spots can be dangerous at 65+ mph. A Blind Spot Detection System will give you both audible and visual warnings not to change lanes.
Dash Cam
A Dash Cam is more reliable than human testimony. If you are ever in an accident and have a disagreement over whose fault it is, your Dash Cam will provide indisputable evidence.
Parking Sensor
Even the most experienced driver needs parking sensors. My favorite benefit is that this technology will inform you of low curbs and walls that might not be visible.
Lane Departure Warning System
If you ever drift out of your lane this technology will notify you. Ideal for everyday drives and long commutes, we all get distracted. You will also be notified if another car merges into your lane.
Radar Detectors
Radar detectors look for signals that cops use to clock the speed you drive. Radar Detectors are especially useful for those that speed.