Customize your Kicker products

Kickers got you covered. Literally. They have teamed up with to bring you adhesive skins for your Kicker products. Being unique has never been easier. For the first time in Kicker history they have 5 lines of amplifiers that have been rolled out for 2010. The Warhorse remains unchanged while the ZX series amplifiers have been redone and brought back with slimmer chassis and a decal ready design. The new IX and DX series amplifiers boast extremely energy efficient class D designs and flat grey chassis also ready for decal application. These decals are not limited to just Kicker amplifiers, they stretch to their home audio section and can be affixed to their K500, K350, and K150 series home iPod/Zune docks.

DecalGirl skin kits for the K500, K350 and K150 give you the option of over 50 decals to choose from. Because of the state-of-the-art adhesive, you can reposition the decal if needed or even peel it off for another one. You can choose to cover the front, the back, or both front and back of the dock. These kits also include a matching skin for the IR remote. Also available are the same skins for the Kicker HP541 headphones that adhere to the outside of the ear cups. You can get matching skins for your iPod or Zune, Kicker dock, Kicker headphones and Kicker amplifiers.

DecalGirl's skin kits use high-resolution, art-quality designs printed on cast vinyl. This vinyl is sealed with glossy enamel for long-lasting protection of your device and the design from minor scratches, dirt and abuse. The state-of-the-art adhesive allows for easy application and removal of any decal so you can change them whenever the mood strikes you. The best part is that the adhesive does not leave a sticky residue, so you can rest assured that your Kicker product will look like new underneath. DecalGirl skins offer basic protection while remaining thin enough to work with most add-on cases and accessories. These skins add an individualized appearance to the already individual sound of Kicker products.