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How It Works

Welcome to the Sonic Electronix Team. Consider yourself a brand ambassador. You will be provided with a sponsorship code. The customer gets a 5% discount and you are rewarded 5% store credit whenever a new customer uses your code.

  1. Once you have a sponsorship code, share it with whoever you'd like. However, do not just send them the code, talk through their audio needs, so you can make suggestions and up sell. The more they spend, the more you earn.
  2. On the first business day of each month a Sonic Electronix employee will send you a sales report tracking your sales and credit thus far.
  3. Lastly, you are a salesman. You must treat those you interact with professionally. You are a representative of Sonic Electronix and it is your duty to best fulfill their car audio needs. We are not encouraging unethical treatment of our customers and anyone doing so will be terminated from the program without pay. As long as you are knowledgeable and passionate, customers will respond positively. Have fun with the program and be creative!

New Customers

Sonic Electronix has been in business for over 17 years and we have satisfied millions of customers. That being said this Sponsorship opportunity is focused on acquiring new customers. In order to earn a 5% credit, a new customer must use your code. NO EXCEPTIONS

Returning Customers

We value your efforts and appreciate you leading a returning customer to our site to make a purchase. You wll be rewarded a 2.5% store credit whenever a returning customers uses your code.

No Couponing Sites

Again this program is focused on acquiring new customers. Simply putting your code on RetailMeNot or any site like it is an automatic disqualification from the program. Rather, engage within forums, YT comments, FB, word of mouth, and other legitimate methods you can think of.

Terms of use

  • Sonic Electronix, Inc. is offering you the opportunity to get sponsored. By becoming a brand advocate/affiliate you are bound to these terms and conditions. You can be terminated from the program at anytime without pay, for any reason. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions you cannot be apart of the Sonic Electronix Street Team Sponsorship Program.
  • All members must adhere to the policy set forth at all times. You may not participate in this Program if your actions are prohibited by any laws or regulations. In addition we reserve the authority to amend at any time the Terms and Conditions set forth and/or the method at which your rewards are earned. We also reserve the right to disqualify any participant from the program for failing to comply to these specifications set forth.
  • Self referrals receive no commission and by definition are orders you place using your coupon code. You are allowed to use your code, but no credit will be rewarded for the self referral.

Commission Details

  • The commission structure is as followed. Members earn a 5% commission on sales when a new customer uses their coupon code. Members can choose between cash or store credit.
  • A new member is by definition a person purchasing from Sonic Electronix for the first time.
  • If a returning customer uses your code you will be granted a 2.5% store credit. This program is focused on obtaining new customers not retaining old ones.
  • After a purchase is made, there is a 60 day processing period before you are credited for the sale. This is to ensure the customer does not return the product. Once the 60 days has passed and you have accumulated at least $25.00 in credit, you can cash out via PayPal or gain access to your store credit.
  • Please note, we only use alternative methods for payment when adequate notice is given; at least two weeks. Not all alternative methods are accepted. The minimum value to cash out is $25.00. Any denomination below this will not be accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. "How do I track my sales"

On the first of each month you will receive a report with your orders and credit balance.

1. "Are there any product exclusions for my coupon code?"

Absolutely not, any product listed on our website can be sold for you to earn store credit. Assuming your customer uses your Member Code to make the purchase.

2. "Am I allowed to use Sonic Electronix's copyrighted resources to help drive sales?"

Yes it is encouraged. A big responsibility you have is to answer all questions a customer has. This can be highly technical so feel free to use our Youtube videos, Facebook posts, blogs and whatever other resources you find available.

3. "Who should I email with questions?"

Mike at [email protected]

4. What is a new customer?

A new customer is a person who has never shopped at Sonic Electronix before. For this purchase we will credit you 5% when they use your coupon. However, returning customers will grant you a 2.5% store credit.

5. "What are self referrals?"

When you use your own code to make a purchase. This does not earn you store credit.

6. "What happens if they return the product?"

If the product is returned within our 60 day return policy, no credit will be rewarded.

7. "Is there a ceiling on the amount of store credit I can earn?"

Absolutely not, we want all of our members to earn a significant sum but it is up to you to decipher how successful you will be.

8. "How do I earn a higher commission?"

A 10% store credit is reserved for only our top sellers. It's very competitive getting to this point but not impossible.