VIP Guaranteed Product at Sonic Electronix

We want you to be happy with your purchase. That's why select items have a VIP Guarantee, an exclusive program designed to make you comfortable with your purchase and confident that you are going to be getting a high-quality, great sounding product. We are so confident that you will like these items, we are going to offer a bundle of perks for the items that qualify.

10% Rewards

For every item you order that has a VIP Guarantee, we will give you 10% back in Sonicbux rewards as a thank you for buying that item. The credit is applied directly to your account at the end of the return period.

Free 2-day Shipping*

When you buy an item with a VIP Guarantee, you will get the item shipped in 2-days for free. No additional fees, no hidden charges, just 2-day delivery to your home for free.

*Applies to US 48

Extended Warranty

Each item with a VIP Guarantee has an extended 1 year warranty on top of the standard manufacturer warranty. Should you have any issue with the item up to 1 year after the Manufacturer's warranty expires, we will take care of you and your product.

Free 60-Day Returns*

Each item with a VIP Guarantee will ship for free. If you need to return your VIP item during our 60-day return/exchange period, you will get free return shipping. No hurdle. No minimum. No hassle. Free shipping everytime.

*Applies to US 48

All our other great support

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Return any complete, like-new item within 60-days of purchase.

No Restocking Fees

That's right, 100% refund on complete, like new returns.

365-Day Coverage

Let's face it, electronics break. We've got you covered for a full year.

Easy Return Shipping

Request a return, use our shipping label, and ship it back.

Have questions?

Look at our FAQ below or email our support team at

When do I get my 10% rewards?

The rewards are added to your account after the expiration of the items return policy and typically can be seen in your account 60-90 days after your initial purchase.

How do I use my rewards?

The rewards are added to your account as SonicBux to be used on any item on the site. For full details and restrictions on SonicBux, visit the How to use your SonicBux in our blog.

If I have a coupon for an item, do I receive rewards for the pre-sale value?

No you will be rewarded for the amount that you paid for the item, not the item's list price.

If I order an item with the VIP Guarantee, do I get 10% rewards on the entire order?

No, you only will get rewards for the items that qualify for the VIP Guarantee program.