In-Home Wireless Headphones Information

Wireless home stereo headphones are the ideal solution if you want to enjoy immersive sound in noise sensitive home environments. Whether it’s viewing a late-night movie without disturbing the neighbors or listening to your favorite music, wireless headphones allow you total mobility and sound quality all while keeping your neighbors and loved ones happy and at peace.

Wireless home headphones require at least three major components to function: a stereo system, a base transmitter, and the headphones. The base transmitter can be connected to the stereo system in various ways but most commonly through a 3.5mm line out or by RCA. The stereo system sends the signal to the transmitter base which then emits the signal through either infrared (IR) or radio frequencies that can be wirelessly reproduced into sound by the headphones. The two most common ways of transmitting a signal are through IR or radio transmission each with its own benefits.

Because IR headphones communicate through light pulses, the transmitter and headphones must be within direct line of sight. In other words, the range of IR headphones is determined by the distance that can be achieved without obstructions. Moreover, because IR headphones communicate with light signals, there is not possibility for interference caused by nearby electronics.

On the other hand, radio frequency (RF) headphones communicate through available FM bands. RF headphones are capable of delivering higher fidelity signals than most other wireless technologies and allow users considerable mobility. Because RF can penetrate walls, user can move to surrounding rooms without losing the transmission although there may be a significant loss in quality as the strength of the RF signal is diminished by distance and obstructions. While the sound quality of RF headphones is arguably the best available, it is prone to interference from other nearby RF signals. Though not common, in areas with heavy RF signal transmissions, interference may become problematic.

Whatever your situation or listening demands, our extensive catalog of wireless headphones has a unit ideally suited to maximize your listening experience. With selection from trusted brands, you can rely on our over ear and on ear headphones selection to offer your exactly what you need.