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Sony Over-Ear Headphones Information

No matter your taste, Sony has a pair of over-ear headphones to meet your listening needs. From noise cancelling headphones great for travelers to open-back headphones designed for audiophiles and even gaming headsets. Sony takes great pride in engineering their over ear headphones for maximum comfort for long, uninterrupted listening sessions.

Ideal for everything from enjoying some tunes to playing your favorite PS3 games to enjoying a movie, Sony's over-ear headphones come in both wired and wireless configurations to meet any preference. The wireless over-ear headphones utilize both digital wireless technology, like the Sony MDR-DS6500, and Bluetooth, like the Sony DR-BT50.

The Sony MDRs are one pair of the numerous Sony headphones to utilize 7.1 channel Dolby Digital surround sound which allows you to hear even the quietest whispers. The Sony exclusive Virtual Phones Technology provides superior sound imaging.

Sony also offers wired headsets that come both with inline remotes and without. The Sony MDR-1RNC offers a noise canceling design and inline volume controls great for traveling or just shutting out any unwanted noise. The open-back design of the Sony MDR-MA900s allows for sound waves to naturally dissipate. Acoustic bass lenses provide the MA900 an unprecedented level of bass for an open-back pair of headphones.

For those looking for a gaming headset to improve their PlayStation 3 experience, look no further than the Sony PULSE Elite Wireless PS3 Gaming Headset. The PULSE comes with 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround sound to ensure nobody sneaks up on you during your online battles. The headset comes with an integrated noise canceling microphone for crystal clear chat with your teammates.

Sony also carries inexpensive DJ and studio monitoring over-ear headphones for those with more specific needs. The V55 series DJ headphones resist high-power input up to 1000mW allowing them to be used with nearly any system. The Sony Studio Monitoring headphones deliver amazingly clear sound for your mixing sessions.

No matter your lifestyle or preference, Sony has a pair of over-ear headphones to match your needs, and we have them all at!