Cerwin-Vega VMAX124

12" Dual 4 ohm VMAX Series Car Subwoofer

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12" Dual 4 Ohm VMAX Series Subwoofer • 1000W Max • 500W RMS • Composite Polypropylene Woofer Cone • Wide Rubber Surround • Window Framed Venting Cooling • Dual Linear Rolled Spiders • 2.5" Dual 4 ohm Voice Coils

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Cerwin-Vega VPRO124D

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12" Dual 4 Ohm VMAX Series Subwoofer • 1000W Max • 500W RMS • Composite Polypropylene Woofer Cone • Wide Rubber Surround • Window Framed Venting Cooling • Dual Linear Rolled Spiders • 2.5" Dual 4 ohm Voice Coils



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Award Winning Cerwin-Vega VMAX Subwoofers

VMAX series subwoofers, like the VMAX124, has been the most popular, award-winning, series of Cerwin-Vega subwoofers for the last 10 years for many reasons. The series of subwoofers are offered in a 10", 12", and 15" size with each respective size having the option of a Dual 2 ohm or Dual 4 ohm voice coil. They offer a power rating of 1000 watts peak and 500 watts of continuous RMS power making them your daily "ground-pounders". With these many different sizes and impedance options, these woofers offer versatility and a significant amount of bass that is sure to fit anyone's bass needs. The woofers feature a composite polypropylene cone and a wider larger than normal rubber surround for increased excursion level, performance, quality, and strength. The use of O2 Cast technology increases basket strength and lowers basket resonance, which also increases the quality and performance of the subwoofers. The woofers also feature cross-flow window venting that reduces voice coil temperatures and radial contact convex domes that reduce cone flex and minimize distortion. If you want to achieve exceptional low-frequency reproduction that is accompanied by quality manufacturing and amazing value, look no further than the Cerwin-Vega VMAX series subwoofers.

  • 12" Dual 4 Ohm VMAX Series Subwoofer
  • Power Handling:
    • Peak: 1000 watts
    • RMS: 500 watts
  • Impedance: Dual 4 ohm
  • Polypropylene composite cone woofer for the perfect weight to strength ratio
  • Wide rubber surround
  • Radial contact convex domes design minimizes cone flex and reduces distortion
  • Window framed venting draws cool air directly to the voice coil for increased power handling
  • Dual linear rolled spiders for unmatched assembly cone control at all volumes
  • 2.5" Dual 4 ohm high-grade voice coils
  • O2 Cast technology increases basket strength while lowering basket resonance for increased performance and quality
  • Sensitivity: 85.6 dB
  • Cutout Dimensions: 11-1/4"
  • Mounting Depth: 6-3/4"
  • 1-year Manufacture's warranty

Product history:

Cerwin-Vega VPRO124D thumbnail
(newest, current model)
Cerwin-Vega VMAX3124 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Cerwin-Vega VPRO124D)
Cerwin-Vega VMAX124.2 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Cerwin-Vega VMAX3124)
Cerwin-Vega VMAX124 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Cerwin-Vega VMAX124.2)
Cerwin-Vega VMX-12.4 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Cerwin-Vega VMAX124)
Cerwin-Vega VMX12DVC thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Cerwin-Vega VMX-12.4)

Subwoofer Wiring Guide

Wiring Guide to Wire 1 Cerwin-Vega VMAX124 Subwoofer

Mono Amp

2 Channel Amp - Bridged

Wiring Guide to Wire 2 Cerwin-Vega VMAX124 Subwoofers

Mono Amp

Mono Amp - Option 1

2 Channel Amp

2 Channel Amp - Bridged

4 Channel Amp - Bridged

Wiring Guide to Wire 3 Cerwin-Vega VMAX124 Subwoofers

Mono Amp

4 Channel Amp

Wiring Guide to Wire 4 Cerwin-Vega VMAX124 Subwoofers

Mono Amp

2 Channel Amp

2 Channel Amp - Bridged

4 Channel Amp

Specifications & Details

Subwoofer Specifications
VMAX Series
Subwoofer Size
Peak Power Handling
1000 watts
RMS Power Handling
500 watts
Voice Coil(s)
Impedance (Per Voice Coil)
4 ohms
Voice Coil Material
Voice Coil Diameter
85.6 dB
Subwoofer Design
Round / Circle
Main Cone Color
Woofer Composition
Composite Polypropylene Cone - CPPC
Woofer Surround
Magnet Structure
Magnet weight
Magnet Type
Subwoofer Grille
Re-Cone Kit Available
CTA-2031 Compliant
Recommended Enclosure Specifications
Recommended Enclosure Type
Ported / Vented
Minimum Sealed Box Volume
1.0 cubic feet
Optimum Sealed Box Volume
Maximum Sealed Box Volume
1.0 cubic feet
Minimum Ported Box Volume
1.75 cubic feet
Optimum Ported Box Volume
Maximum Ported Box Volume
1.75 cubic feet
Top-Mount Depth (Mounting Depth)
Cutout Diameter
Shallow Mount Installation
Electromechanical Parameters
Free-Air Resonance (Fs)
Equivalent Compliance (Vas)
Total Speaker Q Value (Qts)
Electrical Q Value (Qes)
Electrical Resistance of Voice Coil (Re)
Mechanical Q Value (Qms)
Efficiency Bandwidth Product (EBP)
What is in the box?
WITB: Subwoofers
Other Accessory #1
Other Accessory #2
Other Accessory #3
Other Accessory #4
Other Accessory #5
Other Accessory #6
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider

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vega for life

These subs are great. Hit hard sound clean and will put all other subs to shame I'm pushing them with an audiobahn 300rms class d with those vmax I have put other people's cars to shame. They push over 1000 watts with cvr and mostly Kicker subs they hate me now lol I have older vegas from early 90's(r.i.p) and even those knocked people's socks off. lets just say amp was 40watts rms and subs were 100tops rms so you see vega stand high on quality

By raul on August 26, 2010


found this helpful.


i got 2 12 in a ported box with a 400.2 t R/F at 2 ohms each and these sub hit extremely hard very good sound quality and very durable

By victor on October 24, 2013


found this helpful.

Absolute Fantastic Subwoofers

These subs are so well built. Huge magnets and solid construction. I have my 2 12's in a sealed enclosure running at 1 ohm off a Hifonics Brutus Mono amp. My amp is giving them 1600 watts rms power and my subs handle the power great. I could not be happier with my purchase so far. These subs while not known for the "big company" name are seriously your best buy on the market. A great price and super performance.

By Zeus on May 21, 2009


found this helpful.


These puppies are loud as hell. I have 2 of these hooked up to a 1500 watt amp and they bang really loud.

By JUSTIN on July 20, 2012


found this helpful.

great value

Not comparable to the stroker series subs but definitley a high quality sub.

By Rouven on January 29, 2012


found this helpful.


I had the old 124 vega vegas from back in the day so i thought these would be the same. The thing i like about these new subs is that they take a way smaller box. Other than that they sound good but not like they used to :( I recomend them though. Oh yeah there a little bit bigger then normal 12s.

By merk on November 8, 2011


found this helpful.

Very solid sound at a good price

I have 2 of these speakers in a sealed fiberglass box. They replaced 2 12" L5 Kickers and were almost just as loud. I have been rocking these guys for about 5 months and have had no problems.

By Vls3rd on April 3, 2010


found this helpful.

Great Subs

Currently i have two running at 900 rms, in a ported box and then my entire car. However, i want more power so i am buying two more. Don't get me wrong these things put out more bass than most people will ever have in their car, I just want more. In my new set up they will be in sealed boxes getting 1850 rms. Amazing product you wont regret buying it.

By Mike Bach on October 28, 2009


found this helpful.

great sub

right off the back i have to say this is a great sub-i only have one for the time being-but this sub really gives so much bass-i have it hooked up to an alpine m-650 wired down to 2ohms-n this thing handles the power with ease-and i did find out that it doesnt fit in a pre cut 12" box-but not a big problem at all-cant wait till i get my 2nd one and a mb quart onyx 1500.1 amp

By trip on February 21, 2011


found this helpful.

never disappointed

I have installed two of these bad boys in a 2000 ford focus ZX3 on a Powerbass 1500.1 amp and i have more bass that i asked for... Now Im building a box for three and my mind just boggles at what am going to get... i think when they sell these woofers it should come with ear muffs....

By Baldhead on July 25, 2010


found this helpful.


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