RE Audio SXX12D4

12" Dual 4 ohm SXX Series Car Subwoofer

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• RMS Power: 1000W
• Rubatek Foam Surround
• Dual Composite 2-Piece Cone
• Tork-Tite Terminals
• Progressive Spiders
• Triple Stacked Magnets

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RE Audio SXXv2-12D4 (SXX v2 12D4)

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Product Highlights

• RMS Power: 1000W
• Rubatek Foam Surround
• Dual Composite 2-Piece Cone
• Tork-Tite Terminals
• Progressive Spiders
• Triple Stacked Magnets


RE Audio

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RE Audio SXX Subwoofers

RE Audio raises the bar for high output with the SXX line of their competition grade, high excursion subwoofers. With an impressive power handling rating of 1000 Watts RMS – this subwoofer shows you it’s meant for those serious about quality bass.

Every single component of this subwoofer has been crafted with precision in mind to obtain full, impactful bass. From its 3” eight layer aluminum flat voice coil, to its triple stacked magnets this high powered subwoofer will output with fine clarity.

The entire SXX line of subwoofers can handle an impressive 1000 watts of RMS continuous power, no matter the size! With its large Rubatek Foam surround and FEA optimized motor structure; this woofer can handle large amounts of power, while maintaining durability. The RE Audio SXX Subwoofers series is certainly one subwoofer manufactured with hi-fidelity audio in mind.

Subwoofer Features:
  • 12" Dual 4 ohm SXX Series Car Subwoofer
  • Power Handling:
    • RMS: 1000 watts
  • Impedance: Dual 4 ohm
  • Dual composite 2-piece cone
  • Rubatek foam surround
  • FEA Optimized motor structure
  • Progressive spiders
  • Wrap around rubber gasket
  • Tork-Tite terminals
  • 3" 8-Layer voice coil
  • Cast aluminum basket
  • Triple stacked magnets
  • Designed specifically for ported/vented enclosures
  • Also available in a Dual 2 ohm: RE Audio SXX12D2
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Also found as: sxx 12, sxx12, sxx 12d4, sxx-12, sxx-12d4
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's warranty
SXX 12" T/S Parameters:
  • Electrical Q Value (Qes): 0.32
  • Mechanical Q Value (Qms): 4.4
  • Total Speaker Q Value (Qts): 0.30
  • Free Air Resonance (Fs): 30.6 Hz
  • Equivalent Compliance (Vas): 47.6 liters
  • One-Way, Linear Excursion (Xmax): 22 mm
  • Efficiency (SPL 1W/1m): 88.1 dB SPL
  • Effective Piston Area (Sd): 480 cm2
  • DC Resistance (Re): 1.9 ohm
  • Nominal Impedance (Znom): Dual 4 ohm
  • Thermal Power Handling (Pe): 1000 W
  • Force Factor (Bl): 21

For more information on the Thiele and Small Parameters, visit our T/S Parameters Article

Product history:

RE Audio SXXv2-12D4 thumbnail
(newest, current model)
RE Audio SXX12D4 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by RE Audio SXXv2-12D4 (SXX v2 12D4))

Subwoofer Wiring Guide

Wiring Guide to Wire 1 RE Audio SXX12D4 Subwoofer

Mono Amp

2 Channel Amp - Bridged

Wiring Guide to Wire 2 RE Audio SXX12D4 Subwoofers

Mono Amp

Mono Amp - Option 1

2 Channel Amp

2 Channel Amp - Bridged

4 Channel Amp - Bridged

Wiring Guide to Wire 3 RE Audio SXX12D4 Subwoofers

Mono Amp

4 Channel Amp

Wiring Guide to Wire 4 RE Audio SXX12D4 Subwoofers

Mono Amp

2 Channel Amp

2 Channel Amp - Bridged

4 Channel Amp

Specifications & Details

Subwoofer Specifications
SXX Series
Subwoofer Size
RMS Power Handling
1000 watts
Voice Coil(s)
Impedance (Per Voice Coil)
4 ohms
Voice Coil Diameter
88.1 dB
Xmax (millimeters)
22 mm
Subwoofer Design
Round / Circle
Main Cone Color
Woofer Composition
Dual Composite 2-Piece Cone
Woofer Surround
Rubatek Foam
Magnet Structure
Triple Stacked
Subwoofer Grille
Re-Cone Kit Available
Recommended Enclosure Specifications
Recommended Enclosure Type
Ported / Vented
Minimum Ported Box Volume
1.5 cubic feet
Maximum Ported Box Volume
2.0 cubic feet
Top-Mount Depth (Mounting Depth)
Cutout Diameter
Shallow Mount Installation
Electromechanical Parameters
Free-Air Resonance (Fs)
30.6 Hz
Equivalent Compliance (Vas)
47.6 liters
Total Speaker Q Value (Qts)
Electrical Q Value (Qes)
Electrical Resistance of Voice Coil (Re)
1.9 ohms
Mechanical Q Value (Qms)
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider

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Product and How-to Videos

  • RE Audio New Product Line Overview | CES 2015
  • Car Subwoofer Size Buying Guide | What Size of Sub Should I Get?

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Great subs

These sube are great! I built a home made box for these and they out beat everybody in town.

By Bryan on October 10, 2012


found this helpful.

RE goes HAM

I have this beast in a 2.0cf ported box (which is what you need to take full advantage of this sub), wired at 2ohms to an RE xtx3000 (1000w rms). I have years of experience in car and marine audio. I have owned dozens of subs, and have installed hundreds. RE audio is top shelf, and this sub is no exception.

Hits LOW lows
Loud, powerful, undistorted bass response
High quality material and craftsmanship

Expensive (but worth it)

By DJ MC on January 3, 2012


found this helpful.

sold on re for life.

I bought the speaker to replace a JL w3. I wanted something louder. I definitely got it. For the money the speakers unbelievable. And it still has really good sound quality like the JL did. I am using an mrp1000 Alpine amp to push it. It takes everything i can throw at it. The only bad thing is i had to get a custom box made because the cut out diameter is oversized. But at the same time i have my box made to the specs of the company. I am now an RE fan for life.

By patrick on November 21, 2011


found this helpful.

gotbass21 youtube me this is a beast king kong ish

If you want gut wrenching heart throbing headache spliting earthquake shaking deeep low bass then this woofer is for you! I mean it i have 2 of these in 2 dual ported enclosure i hand built running off a hfi3000D and my god all hell was unleashed my ears are still wringing from last night and its 2 pm these subwoofers will for sure get the job done and done right. hits harder then crappy type r subs they make then look like pyles. or the ones from xs cargo. with one at half power so 750 rms at 2 ohms i hit 139.8 dbs i have a sound comp this sunday ill post another review once i get back i have both in and wired down to 1 ohm lets see what they can really do :D

By gotbass21 on August 27, 2011


found this helpful.

Great Sub!

amazing sub. wasnt cheap, but definitely worth it. nothing bad to say about it and definitely recommended if you wanna boom.

By Pedro on December 4, 2012


found this helpful.

RE Audio SXX 12 (SXX12D4)

Everything is good with this order other than one part of the speaker - the dust cover over the cone was not glued down completely, leaving the speaker to rattle.

By Hunter on May 10, 2011


found this helpful.


I purchased two of these and have them wire in at 1 ohm to a Hifonics BRZ2400.1D in ported box tuned to 33Hz.

I wanted to get louder than my single Pioneer 12" with 1000w to it and... man is it ever. I have the box facing towards the rear of my Infiniti M45. I have no doubts that I am hitting close to 140db. The subs handle the 2400w together like a champ with no distortion. The kick drum bass from Pearl jam is good and the lows from bass tracks are crazy.

The only cons are: my trunk shakes like it has epilepsy and I already received a "Dusturbing the Peace" ticket from one of my lovely local policemen. RE Audio is the way to go!!!

By Scott on October 22, 2012


found this helpful.

re sx 12 great sub great sound

do not listen to the pizza faced teenagers who couldnt find there azz with both hands bashing the new Re Audio. This sub competes with some of the best it is louder than my sundown sa 12 sounds better and is on par with my dc level 4s i cannot speak for the 2012 lvl 4s as i dont have them but the sxx 12 is a monster and if you know what your doing you can set up a system that dreams are made of. this sub is just as loud as my hdc3s (china made may i add) and theses sxs are made in usa) and then sx s drop lower and sound better . I love this sub it was a great design it was the same motor same coil same cone but different basket as the original sx. i have owned the old se 12 the new sex 12 and they are all quality made products they have great sound to them. so dont think any more about it if you want a sub that can handle real power win spl comps and play music beautifully then click and buy ( i am currently ruuning a pair of these on a sundown 3500 daily not turned down just regular. and with sonic you can trust that your product will be shipped safely and arrive in great condition. so dont listen to the idiots on the forum that wanna run stuff that nobdys heard of just to be different. just click and buy my friend and let the re sx 12s put a smile on your face. and treat them good boys give em love and they will perform ......

By Bobby on September 8, 2012


found this helpful.

RE SXX 12d4

1st let me say i was taking a risk by purchasing speakers ive never heard b4 but i did some research youtube,sonic,cartunes and these speakers hands down are beast...i have them in a box fiber glass resin insides...running of a brz 2400.1 an these speakers are superb, bass is deep as hell to the point that my trunk now has a dip in the middle from the wit that bein said ova the winter im thinking bout adding 1 or 2 more im killing most trucks in my city!

By jada on July 30, 2012


found this helpful.

RE sxx

I have the RE Audio SXX 12" and wow this sub is unbelievablely good. Im running the hifonics brutus 1700 amp with this sub and I havent heard any other sub or subs that are louder, have deeper or tighter bass than this one sub. I highly recomend this sub.

By Roy on January 5, 2012


found this helpful.


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