Sony DSX-S300BTX

In-Dash MP3, WMA, AAC Digital Media Receiver with Built-in Bluetooth, Integrated Tune Tray and USB

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In-Dash MP3, WMA, AAC Digital Media Receiver • Built-in Bluetooth • 52W x 4 Chan. Max • 17W x 4 Chan. RMS • 3 Sets of 4V Preamp Outputs • Internal Tune Tray • 4-Line OEL Display • SensMe Technology • Digital Music Plus

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Sony DSX-S310BTX

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Product Highlights

In-Dash MP3, WMA, AAC Digital Media Receiver • Built-in Bluetooth • 52W x 4 Chan. Max • 17W x 4 Chan. RMS • 3 Sets of 4V Preamp Outputs • Internal Tune Tray • 4-Line OEL Display • SensMe Technology • Digital Music Plus



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General Features:

  • In-dash AM/FM, MP3, WMA player with Remote
  • Built-in Bluetooth technology supports hands-free calling with a compatible Bluetooth phone
  • Motorized, detachable face
  • 4-line OEL White DOT Matrix Display
  • Wireless remote control included
  • Switchable blue and red button lighting
  • CEA-2006 compliant amplifier
  • Power Output:
    • Peak: 52 watts x 4 channels
    • RMS: 17 watts x 4 channels
  • MP3 ID3 Tag Display (Title/Artist/Album)
  • 1-year warranty

Playback and Audio Features:

  • Playback of MP3, AAC and WMA
  • Does not play CDs.
  • SSIR-EXA tuner with 18FM/12AM presets
  • Digital Music Plus allows files to be enhanced, increasing quality in compressed music
  • EQ7 7-band parametric equalizer with 7 selectable tone curves (6 Preset, 1 User)
  • Tune Tray neatly stores the iPod, iPhone, or music player inside the stereo
  • RDS Compatible tuner
  • Sony Quick-BrowZer allows you to access songs by a simple "rotate and push" operation
  • ZAPPIN lets you find the song you are looking for faster by playing music clips from your own mix
  • SensMe channels let you set the theme of your music to match your feeling
  • Advanced 12 Tone Analysis provides more advanced track capabilities for the SensMe feature
  • Listening Position(Time Alignment) allows user to change localization of sound for more accurate sound staging

Expandability Options:

  • 3 Sets of 4V preamp outputs (front, rear and subwoofer)
  • SIRIUS or XM Satellite Radio Ready: Sony XM Package or the Sony SIRIUS package required and sold separately
  • Integrated Bluetooth: Enables phones, headsets, and portable devices to be paired for audio streaming and hands free calling with included voice microphone
  • iPod/iPhone Ready:
    • Included XA-50IP Adapter connects iPod to USB when docked in the Tune Tray
    • Front USB allows connection to iPod via USB-to-iPod cable, however Sony recommends the Sony RC-100IP
  • Front-panel USB input: USB Port allows connection to portable USB-devices such as iPods, Sony Walkman, thumb drives, flash drives, etc
  • Rear auxiliary input: RCA Audio Input
  • Steering wheel remote ready: PAC SWI-PS or the Axxess ASWC required and sold separately

Bluetooth Features:

  • Built-in Bluetooth technology for hands-free talking and audio streaming
  • Bluetooth version 2.1 +EDR certified
  • Bluetooth range up to 32.8 ft.
  • Supports A2DP audio streaming
  • Bluetooth profiles supported:
    • HFP: Hands Free Profile allows a hands-free car kit to connect to a compatible mobile phone
    • PBAP: Phone Book Access Profile allows the car stereo to display the name of the incoming caller, as well as access the contact list of the mobile phone directly from the car stereo
    • A2DP: Advanced Audio Distribution Profile allows high quality audio to be streamed from an audio device to the car stereo
    • AVRCP: Audio/Video Remote Control Profile supports basic remote control functions (play, pause, etc) via Bluetooth
    • OPP: Object Push Profile for sending basic "objects" such as pictures and other virtual material
  • Works with most Bluetooth enabled cell phones
  • Includes a built-in microphone for convenient talking. A separate External Microphone jack allows a wired microphone to be mounted for clearer conversations

Product history:

Sony DSX-S310BTX thumbnail
(newest, current model)
Sony DSX-S300BTX thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Sony DSX-S310BTX)

Specifications & Details

Key Features
Key Features
In-Dash Receiver Specifications
Receiver Size
Single DIN
Bluetooth Features
Volume Control Type
Anti-Theft Security
Detachable Faceplate
Wireless Remote
Peak Power Output
52 watts x 4 channel
RMS Power Output
17 watts x 4 channel
Preamp RCA Outputs
3 Sets (6-channel)
Dedicated Subwoofer Preamp RCA Output
Preamp Voltage
4 volts
Built-In Equalizer
EQ7 7-Band parametric equalizer with 7 selectable tone curves
Display Type
OEL Motion Display (Organic Electroluminescent)
Touchscreen Size
Display Color
Smartphone Integration
Compatible Smartphones
iPhone Control
Android Control
Expandability Features
Steering Wheel Control Compatible
Yes (Accessory required and sold separately)
AM/FM Tuner
FM Presets
AM Presets
Radio Data System (RDS)
Music File Playback Type
Navigation Features
Navigation Features
What is in the box?
Product and accessories
Other Accessory #1
Other Accessory #2
Other Accessory #3
Other Accessory #4
Other Accessory #5
Other Accessory #6
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider

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Great HeadUnit!

Great features, good output level (4v) like the interface, bluetooth is painless to use. Only gripe is the search function.

Highly recommended. I use a flash drive to store music on, and it works awesome. As well all tuning features are great, lots of option to get the perfect sound.

By Chris on August 5, 2011


found this helpful.

So Much Potential!

I was so excited to get rid of the useless CD player and go mechless. Good riddance CDs and the 20th century! Once installed, I connected my Galaxy S2 via bluetooth right away. Calls and music streaming worked great. I was thrilled! So I popped the thumb drive in that I had preloaded with music for my hour drive away. It was working great, flawlessly, until about 1/2 hour in, and the USB would stop playback and the display would read "no device". After about a second, playback would resume, like nothing had happened. This problem became progressively worse and by the 3rd hour of use, the deck would no longer even recognize that there was anything plugged into the USB, even after I disconnected and reconnected the drive many times and tried both the internal and external USB ports. Doing some research, I found that this deck is finicky with which thumb drives it will work with, so be aware. What may work at first, may not in an hour. I have tried 4 different thumb drives; most work at first, but only one I have in my arsenal that works consistently and it’s the cheapest one I have, and only 1GB. The nice SanDisk Cruzer Blade I have does not work. I’ve checked all of the drives using my laptop for errors and they are all AOK. The drives do get warm after a little while, which may be contributing to the problem? Still, as the MAIN method of accessing your music with this deck, every single FAT32 thumb drive on the planet should work flawlessly. That this isn’t the case is near fatal for this deck.
Next issue, SONG ORDER PLAYBACK. I dealt with this for years with my PSP, song and album playback could only be done in alphabetical order, not track number order. With a software update for the PSP, Sony finally accessed the metadata and allowed MP3 albums to be played back using the Track Numbers. This deck has not received such an update. This is the 21st century, metadata is nothing new. You need to release a firmware update so that owners of this deck can fix this very annoying issue. Song order is important; ever try to listen to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” or the Polyphonic Spree’s “Together We’re Heavy” out of order? Even Kind of Blue isn’t as good in alphabetical order.
Other than the above issues, which are HUGE in my opinion, the deck is fantastic. Decent power off the head, great EQ and time align features, Sub and Main crossover control including slope, nice. The control knob has a learning curve, but it’s not as bad as I thought. I wish I could replace the “zap” and “sensme” buttons with something useful; two features I will never ever use, ever. The display is great, but the “Spectrum Analyzer” modes analyze nothing as far as I can tell, they are merely motion graphics.
I’m still giving this 4 stars, but the two issues I have identified are nearly ruin it for me. When I found out about the song order issue, I nearly pulled out the deck then and there. This is a great deck and it works great maybe if you have an ipod to connect or only use Bluetooth to stream music with. But crashing thumb drives and out-of-order albums will leave a bad taste in my mouth every time I use this deck, which is every day.

By Bret on January 22, 2012


found this helpful.

Great Product

I am very happy to say this headunit has surpassed my expectations and is just an amazing unit, from the phone to the syncing to my music on my phone it is just an awesome stereo with amazing sound.

By Sean on March 1, 2012


found this helpful.

excellent audio features

I would like to say to Sonic Electronix, excellent service not the first time and nor will it be the last. I have been a big fan of Kenwood high range units but there was nothing i liked that they are making at the moment. I was going to get the Kenwood KIV-701. Took me 2 days to decide. This sony is really nice, great features, excellent sound features, if i could change anything i would like to see full color screen and maybe some more visual effects but still great and loveing the built in tray. Good value for money, I have seen some other reviews people saying it looses its memory when the car is started up again. This isn't true, you just need the power cables connected right. It plays songs in the right order. Guys grab it you wont look back. SONY IS BACK YEA BABY!

By sound-blaster on January 30, 2012


found this helpful.

Good product from SONY but the display is hard to see during the daytime

I love all the features on this unit. I think the price was ok too. I would have been happier if the screen was a little brighter or had options to change colors on the display itself. The buttons are small and the joystick knob is not friendly at all. I am able to accommodate a double din receiver into my vehicle, so I will be returning this item to SONIC for double din Clarion HU with larger displays. I will miss the fact that the iPod is hidden, but I think I can sacrifice using a front USB cable on the Clarion for a larger LCD display. Other than that, the unit is solid and has many features to adjust.

By DEVEN on June 4, 2011


found this helpful.

Sony Deck

I bought this product when it was pretty fresh and new. So far so good. I have and iphone 3rd gen and my phone works perfect w the deck. Connects to bluetooth without problem and I can put my phone inside the deck and works well with the calling features and music playback. Connected to my friends droid without a problem too through bluetooth. I like the custom setting you can choose for it as well. the only downfall is that it kinda acts weird when i choose to connect my phone to the USB external input. so maybe if thats the selling point for you, look around to see if you can get better reviews for that. other than that, works good.

By DK on February 7, 2011


found this helpful.


This is a good sounding receiver with plenty of options but will not buy another sony receiver again because the display want stay lit unless I push it in holding it in place

By Steven on August 2, 2012


found this helpful.


I Installed it into a 06' Sonata, It's SOOOO much better then the stock head unit. There are lots of settings so it took a while to get it to sound just right.

By Nando on February 22, 2011


found this helpful.

Nice unit!

The DSX-S300BTX is a great unit for my application. I was looking for a nice middle of the road setup to upgrade my stock components. This unit fit the bill. The sound quality is great and it is loaded with features. The tune tray feature is nice because it allows you to attach your external music source and have it concealed inside the head unit. This makes everything nice and clean in the cabin. Being able to change the lighting to red to match my cars interior lighting was important to me as well.

By Me on March 7, 2012


found this helpful.


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