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SmartStart Vehicle Security Car Alarm with Remote Start

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• Control Multiple Vehicles
• SmartStart Motor Club
• 2-Way Confirmation
• Smart Alerts
• Dealer Locator
• Password Management
• Button Confirmation Sounds

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You Did What with Your Phone?

Yeah. That's what you'll be hearing when you install the Viper VSS5000 SmartStart security and remote start system in your ride. Imagine there's no remotes. It isn't hard to do. No need for fobs or keyrings, just integrate your phones. Imagine all the people, staring in disbelief as you turn off your alarm and start your engine from your phone... You may say we're all crazy, but we're not the only ones. We hope someday you'll join us, and alarms and phones will live as one. No really, you can completely integrate your Smartphone with your alarm and do everything a keychain remote could do but through your phone instead. So lose the remote and step into the 21st century with a Smartphone integration remote start car alarm!

Remote Start Car Alarm

Remote Start

Allows a vehicles engine to active without physical contact from the user. This feature is useful for warming up your vehicles engine and transmission to operational temperatures. In cold climates you can have your interior hot or in warm climates you can cool it down before use. All of this can be done while in the comfort of your home or office.

Keyless Entry

Keyless Entry

Performs lock and unlock tasks without physical contact with the vehicle. Power door locks can be controlled from several feet away or even within a building using a remote fob. The fob emits a radio frequency that is digitally encoded to prevent frequency stealing so no one can enter into your vehicle without your wireless transmitter.

Dual Zone Shock Sensor

Dual Zone Shock Sensor

This shock sensor utilizes warning chirps for minor disturbances and will trip the alarm if it detects more serious impacts or disruptions. Most dual zone shock sensors have adjustable sensitivity to reduce false alarms or warnings. These sensors let would-be thieves know that your vehicle is equipped with an advanced alarm system and to keep away.

Dedicated Trunk Release

Dedicated Trunk Release

This unit comes with trunk release capability and remote control integration for OEM alarm or add-on trunk release systems. Pop your trunk using your remote transmitter for convenience and ease of use. Carrying a handful of groceries? Arms tied up with luggage? Pop the trunk without using your key so it’s open and waiting for you when you arrive.

2-Way Paging

2-Way Paging

Send commands to your remote start or alarm system and receive confirmation that those commands were carried out. Obtain updates on your vehicles security status and get driver pages on the remote. If your vehicle is being tampered with, your remote transmitter will warn you and set off the vehicles alarm.

Viper SmartStart


Gives you complete control your vehicle's security and remote start system from your smartphone with the free downloadable SmartStart app. SmartStart eliminates the need of additional keychain remotes and as long as you in an area with cellphone reception, you don't have to worry about being in range of your vehicle.

Viper VSS5000 Features:

  • SmartStart Vehicle Security Car Alarm with Remote Start
  • Not sure which model is right for you? Click Here to compare different Viper models
  • Remote start or lock and unlock your car just by pushing a button on your Blackberry, Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • Use Siri to unlock, lock, or remote start!
  • Complete Viper SmartStart security and remote start system
  • Operational Features:
    • Lock/arm
    • Unlock/disarm
    • Remote car starter
    • Trunk release
    • Security system
    • Panic or car finder
  • Neo revenger 6-tone siren
  • Stinger DoubleGuard shock sensor detects blows and impacts to your car
  • Failsafe starter kill prevents hot-wiring
  • Control multiple vehicles and assign more than one user to control a vehicle
  • SmartStart Motor Club
    • Free 24/7/365 roadside assistance is included with all SmartStart Secure service plans
  • Smart Alerts
    • Sends a text message to your smartphone if your vehicle's alarm triggers
  • SmartPark
    • Notes your vehicle's location every time you press the door lock button or the Park My Car button
  • Parking meter timer so you don't forget to refill the parking meter
  • 2-Way confirmation of commands received at vehicle
  • Vehicle personalization allows you to add a picture or change the name
  • Dealer locator lets you find the nearest dealer quickly and easily
  • App passcode protection
  • Password management
  • Button confirmation sounds
  • Includes secondary 4-button 1-way remote
  • 1-year Sonic Electronix warranty

  • Replacement / Additional Remote Options:
  • Note: Must be installed by Viper/DEI Dealer. Requires subscription through the manufacturer. Subscription is available at additional cost. Available in US only.

    Viper Model Comparison

    Model Security Remote Start Keyless Entry 2-Way Main Remote Type Range Secondary Remote Trunk Pop SmartStart Compatible
    VSS5000 Phone USA 4-Button, 1-Way Included
    VSS3001 Phone USA None Included
    5906v/5904v LED Screen 1-Mile 5-Button, 1-Way
    5706v/5704v LCD Screen 1-Mile 5-Button, 1-Way
    5806v 5 Button LEDs 1-Mile 5-Button, 2-Way
    5606v/5104v 5-Button 2000 Feet 5-Button, 1-Way
    4706v/4704v LCD Screen 1-Mile 5-Button, 1-Way
    4806v 5-Button LEDs 1-Mile 5-Button
    4606v 5-Button 2000 Feet 5-Button
    4105v 4-Button 1500 Feet 4-Button
    4115v Unlock ONLY 1-Button 1/4 Mile 1-Button, 1-Way
    4205v Unlock While Running 1-Button LED 2000 Feet 1-Button LED
    3305v LCD Screen 1500 Feet 5-Button, 1-Way
    3606v 5-Button 1/4-Mile 5-Button
    3102v 4-Button, 1-Way 1/4-Mile 4-Button, 1-Way
    3105v 4-Button, 1-Way 1500 Feet 4-Button, 1-Way
    3203v 5-Button 2000 Feet 5-Button, 1-Way

    Specifications & Details

    General Features
    Security System Type
    Security with Remote Start
    Car Alarm
    Remote Start
    Keyless Entry
    2-way Paging
    with 2-way paging
    Smartphone Compatibility
    iPhone, Android, & Blackberry
    Convenient Features
    Panic Mode
    Trunk Release
    Valet Mode
    Warranty and Return Policy
    Parts Warranty Duration
    1 year
    Labor Warranty Duration
    1 year
    Warranty Provider
    Sonic Electronix

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    great product

    I was looking for a security system that was different from others and I definitely got that. It's a really cool system but one thing I wish I would have seen is to be able to use the system with your phone you must pay a yearly service fee of $70 other than that this product is perfect

    By angel on June 11, 2015


    found this helpful.


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