Multi-Platform Universal Doorlock Bypass CANBUS Integration Module

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• Flashable All-In-One CANBUS Immobilizer Bypass
• Supports D2D communication
• Web Downloadable Software
• RS232 2-WAY Compatibility

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Product Highlights

• Flashable All-In-One CANBUS Immobilizer Bypass
• Supports D2D communication
• Web Downloadable Software
• RS232 2-WAY Compatibility


OL-MDB-ALL Features:

  • Flashable All-In-One Canbus Immobilizer Bypass
  • Covers almost all available vehicle applications
  • Interfaces with the vehicle's data networks
  • Bypasses the immobilizer during remote start
  • Provides doorlock control, door trigger, tach signal, etc
  • Supports D2D communication
  • Preloaded with CA firmware which provides CAN bus doorlock interface for many European cars
  • Weblink Mobile for Apple Devices and Android devices available
    • Flash and configure your OmegaLink module with any compatible iOS or Android device
    • Weblink Mobile app free download on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty
Also Found As: OLMDBALL

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Good product. Easy installation. Great customer support by Omega!

This bypass module is a good value with many extra functions that I didn't need for this basic installation.

I installed this bypass module on my 2010 Focus. This was a simple installation on my Focus (once I was able to locate the vehilce's wire locations). That part took me longer than expected since this was my 1st remote starter installation.

I paired this Omega OL-MDB-ALL bypass module with a Viper 4103XV remote starter. After installation, I was performing the 3rd remote start (so that I could verify all of the safety shutdown operations) the engine shut off and set off the car alarm. I noticed that the LED light on the Omega had gone off. With the help of the Omega customer support techs, it turned out that the Viper was no longer communicating with the Omega module through the data port connection. Why the data port worked 3 times then failed is still a mystery.

The customer support for Omega is terrific! They were able to help me determine that the data bus from the Viper remote start was not sending good data to the Omega bypass module. I had to remove the data mode cable and install the hardwire connector. This was a easy switch out and I have had no other issues with my remote starter or this bypass module.

The customer support for Viper (Directed Electronics) is horrible!
They informed me that I was not an authorized installer and that they would not give me any information or assistance with the troubleshooting of the data port communication issue.

FYI: If you ever need to know which wire from the Viper 4103XV remote starter is the "grounded while running" ouput: It is the BLUE wire (Pin #1) on the 4-pin satellite harness. It is labeled "(-) 200mA STATUS OUTPUT". You will need to connect this wire to the Omega's "grounded while running" input when using the hardwire mode.

By James on November 13, 2013


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Good Deal

This product works very well. It was programmed and makes installation a breeze.

By Mike on September 17, 2013


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I order this bypass based off of the fact that it was plug and play after you got it "flashed". I gave them all the information that was needed and after the install the remote start did not work and now I have to spend more money to take it in and get it flashed again to work with my car.

By Asukhram on January 12, 2014


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awesome product

Have used many of these and they never let me down.

By Josh on November 12, 2014


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good idea

I love the product nd I also like the fact they flashed it be4 I got it made it easier 2 install in my car

By Kai on December 7, 2014


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great unit

it is very easy to install and have good features for the price

By mario on January 26, 2015


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Faulty or not Flashed

This ignition bypass was a promotion included w a remote start i ordered. It would not program to my PATS security system. It was supposed to arrive FLASHED for my 2000 F150 and would not program as required. It was returned to provider for a refund.


By David on January 4, 2014


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Excellent Product

I am very happy with the bypass. Works exactly as it's suppose to. I have to advise you though that if you are not familiar with installing alarms and things like this in newer vehicles that you take it to a professional to install for you. It took me about 4 or 5 hours of tedious work to install. You must ensure that all connections you make are rock solid (soldering is best). And you must ensure to connect everything correctly as to not cause permanent damage to you vehicle as you will be making connections to you cars ECU.

By Mike on January 21, 2015


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Unit works great, be sure to doublecheck Sonic Electronix

I installed a Excalibur RS-251-EDP remote start with this security bypass because I wanted everything from one manufacturer (Excalibur and Omega are one in the same). I purchased from Sonic because they offered free programming and they are listed as an authorized retailer who if I purchase through Omega will honor my warranty.

My remote start works, but the journey to get here was somewhat screwed up in no small part thanks to Sonic Electronix. First when everything arrived the MDB-ALL was not programmed. You can tell if it was programmed or not by looking through your paperwork. If you don't have a sheet that lists the firmware installed to the unit it was not programmed. As such I had to mail it back to Sonic (At their expense) to get it reprogrammed. After a couple weeks I got it back.

While installing the unit I ran into an issue. I couldn't get the unit to work or power up, and I called Sonic Electronix for assistance. This was a sunday and I was expecting "Call back tomorrow morning" but instead I was given a number for Metra technical support. Metra makes stereo equipment, not remote starters.

I should mention that come monday I was able to call Omega support. They nailed my issue in under 5 minutes. I had missed a ground wire that the MDB-ALL diagram inferred was not necessary for my install. I pointed this out and Omega acknowledged this. After correcting the issue I've got a nice remote start.

If you're considering this product and you're thinking of doing your own install I would recommend paying the extra for the device programmer. While sonic electronix claims to program these devices as you read through the reviews you will see they miss a few. Also the programmers (especially the weblink module) will allow you to configure your devices without having to do the "flip ignition on then off, then press the system button, then press the brake" style programming.

By Aaron on October 31, 2014


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Great customer service, great product, great price and fast delivery. I would recommend them to friends

By Don on July 14, 2014


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