Rockford Fosgate Prime R500X1D

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D 1-Channel Car Prime 500 Watt RMS Amplifier Car Mono Amp

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• RMS: 300W x 1 @ 4 ohms, 500W x 1 @ 2 ohms
• Total RMS Power: 500W
• CEA-2006 Compliant
• Remote PLC (Punch Level Control) Included
• Efficient Class-D circuit topology
• Dimensions: 8-1/2"L x 6-3/4"W x 2"H

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Rockford Fosgate Prime R500X1D

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Product Highlights

• RMS: 300W x 1 @ 4 ohms, 500W x 1 @ 2 ohms
• Total RMS Power: 500W
• CEA-2006 Compliant
• Remote PLC (Punch Level Control) Included
• Efficient Class-D circuit topology
• Dimensions: 8-1/2"L x 6-3/4"W x 2"H


Rockford Fosgate

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Rockford Fosgate Prime R500X1D

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D - Prime Series Class D Monoblock Amplifier

The R500X1D is a 500 watt mono amplifier using efficient Class-D circuit topology. This amplifier is capable of running a 2-Ohm load and includes on-board Punch Bass and remote Punch Level Control. Like all Rockford Fosgate amplifiers, the R500X1D's power ratings conform to CEA-2006 industry standards. These guidelines mean your amplifier's output power ratings are REAL POWER numbers, not inflated marketing ratings.

Product Details:


  • Prime Series Class D Monoblock Car Amplifier
  • RMS Power Rating:
    • 4 ohms: 300 watts x 1 chan.
    • 2 ohms: 500 watts x 1 chan.
  • CEA-2006 compliant amplifier
  • Efficient Class-D circuit topology
  • 12dB/octave Butterworth crossover
  • RCA pass-thru outputs
  • On-board Punch EQ with +18dB boost @ 45Hz.
  • High level inputs
  • Remote PLC (Punch Level Control)
  • 0°/180° Phase Switch
  • Real time output and power supply thermal sensing

  • Cast aluminum heatsink
  • 4 Gauge power/ground connectors
  • MOSFET power supply
  • Over current protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Muted turn on
  • Frequency Response: 20 - 250 Hz +/- 1 dB
  • Efficiency: 89% @ 4-ohm
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: <1.0%
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: >100 dB
  • Damping Factor: >200 dB
  • Input Sensitivity: 150 mV - 4V
  • Recommended Fuse: 50A x 1 (not included)
  • 8-gauge speaker wire terminals
  • 4-gauge power and ground wiring is recommended for installation. Contact us for information regarding a discount on select amplifier kits when purchased together with this amplifier.
  • Dimensions: 8.50"L x 6.80"W x 2.00"H
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

Check out the Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Owner's Manual

Product history:

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D thumbnail
(newest, current model)
Rockford Fosgate R500-1D thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Rockford Fosgate Prime R500X1D)
Rockford Fosgate R500-1 thumbnail
(previous model, replaced by Rockford Fosgate R500-1D)

Specifications & Details

Power Specifications - Subwoofer Channel
RMS Power @ 4 ohms
300 watts x 1 channel
RMS Power @ 2 ohms
500 watts x 1 channel
RMS Power @ .5 ohm
Power Specifications - Subwoofer Channel
Peak Power @ .5 ohm
Amplifier Specifications
Prime Series
Marine Certified
Amplifier Class
Number of Channels
1 - Mono
Total Peak Power Output
1000 watts
Total RMS Power Output
500 watts
Maximum Input Gauge Size
Minimum Impedance Unbridged
2 ohms
Minimum Impedance Bridged
Not Bridgeable
Frequency Response
THD at Rated RMS Power
Speaker Level Inputs
Preamp Outputs
1 pair
Built-in Crossover
Low-Pass (LP)
Low-Pass Crossover Frequency
50 - 250 Hz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
>100 dB
Bass Boost
0 - 18 dB
Remote bass/level controller
Fan Cooled
Fuse Rating
50A X 1 In-Line Fuse Recommended
CEA-2031 Compliant
Sonic Certified Amplifier
Not Tested
Amp Bluetooth Connectivity
Hi-Res Certified
Low-Level Input Sensitivity
High-Level Input Sensitivity
What is in the box?
User manual
WITB: Amplifiers
Wired gain knob (wire attached)
Washers (4)
Four spare fuses
High-level input wiring harness w/ molex connector
Allen wrench
Other Accessory #6
Warranty and Return Policy
Parts Warranty Duration
1 year
Labor Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Provider

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Happy and impressed.

An absolute steal for the price. I have this amp wired to 2 ohms at 500rms on a fosgate punch p2d4 10" and it punches alright. I only have the gain set at half way. At first I had it installed to a stock stereo, what a waste. Now I'm running a pioneer 3500bhs and it has phenomenal sound, punch, clarity and rumble. It has more than enough power. Very happy and Sonic matches prices for less.
Will always shop here in the future.

By Ryan on December 27, 2013


found this helpful.

Rockford Fosgate has great power!

I bought this amp to upgrade from a 300 watt RMS Kicker amp. I enjoyed the Kicker amp, it could shred, and reliably too. However, this review isn't about the Kicker amp, it's about the Rockford Fosgate R500X1D. I installed the Fosgate and powered a 12 inch Polk, which burned it up. Then powered a Alpine 12 inch, which it nearly burned it up. This amp can REALLY push power! When you pair it, DO NOT just wing it, do not just turn the volume up to 3/4 and turn the gain up to 1/2. Any distortion pushed from this amp will kill a subwoofer. Meter it and O'scope it (or DD1 it). But when you set this baby up right, this amp ROCKS! I have it set up with 2 Kicker 12 inch Subs in a premade Kicker enclosure, and it kicks! I would definitely recommend this amp.

By Jordan on January 9, 2014


found this helpful.

Rockford Fosgate is awsome

Just bought this amp for a p3d415 and it sounds great! wired sub at 2 ohms and im doing 14.8 v so amp is pushing at least the 500 watts rms. the birth sheet said 622. this little amp is way worth it! Rockford Fosgate is the s*** get up on it!

By jiggy fly on January 9, 2014


found this helpful.

amazing amp

I have this amp powering a Rockford fosgate P2D4 12, and its amazing. great power. I have it on 4.5 of 11, and im afraid to turn it up any more. this amp never gets hot, even after hours of driving. great amp. this is a must buy amp!

By Seth on December 21, 2013


found this helpful.

Great budget amp

I already own a 500.1bd and 700.1bd RF punch amps for my two cars. I wanted another for my wife's vehicle. Forgot to mention we had a RF 300.1 in hers. I recently bought a Alpine sws 12d4 for her to replace an old kicker first gen crv. This is a single sub in a prefab ported box. Just wasn't happy with the 300.1 anymore, not enough power.I read the reviews on the 500x1d and was hopeful that it would be a good fit for her alpine without spending 200+. Got the amp Saturday and installed it. I have to say that it looked even better than the pictures. Also that it is small but heavy. Cool. Plenty of power with the sub wired to 2ohms. I only have the gain set at half. I'm sure we will have this set up for a long time. It bumps now and sounds great. Since I have only had the amp a couple days I'm giving durability 4 stars.

By Michael on December 21, 2014


found this helpful.

Speechless Quality

Install went nice, when I first installed it it was on an old Sony Xplod 1200W sub, which at 4 ohms isn't bad, but when I put it on my twin Kenwood 3013PS 12" 400W RMS subs... it punches and punches and it's not even maxing out the subs themselves. I'm impressed on the power output, the birth sheet stated 664W RMS from the factory at 14.4V. Over all, well worth the purchase.

By Fred on September 18, 2014


found this helpful.


Decent amp for the price.I thought i enjoyed this amp,until i heard my sub through a different amp. I am changing out all my stuff for JBL (just because. no real first)when i hooked my 12 inch P3 to the JBL amp it was clearly a cleaner sounding bass note! For the money a good amp. If you have a little extra coin go for a different option.

By Charles on May 8, 2014


found this helpful.

Great amp, better price

I really like this amp. I bought it for a 2013 ford F-150 super crew with the upgraded Sony system because it was lacking bass. It is paired with 2 RF prime R 2's. Great output and sound quality.

Pros: runs cool, great power from small sized amp
Cons: none yet

By Alex on April 8, 2014


found this helpful.


This amp is straight up amazing. First off I would like to say that this amp came with a certificate of 641 rms!!!! This thing is sooooooooooo much better than my cxm1100 boss amp and drives my 15 cvr to unreal levels. I give a double thumbs up. Would and will buy again if needed.
Not to mention its size is incredible!(small but powerfull)
All metal!
I could go on!

By ry bread on May 16, 2014


found this helpful.

Solid amp for a great price

I have this running the newest P3 15 at 2 ohms and does it's power then some. Awesome budget pair up, the subs seeing 3 cu^ft at 35 hz in a L port design box. Loud and clean, this amp beats the crap out of that P3 15. The birthsheet said 637 rms. Originally I've always ran punch amps and honestly I thought that I downgraded because of budget purposes. But I sure was wrong. It sounds great, it gets lukewarm at the most after about an hour play time at full tilt. It was kinda difficult to get 4 gauge wire to fit but it fit barely on a Rockford 4 gauge kit. I guess that's the only complaint but besides that this amp is absolutely awesome. Especially for what you give for it. You'll notice when you open up the box, this amp is tiny! But made of a high quality construction, it's solid. Everything is oscoped, perfectly clean and dialed in. I highly recommend this amp for the value and performance. If your planning on having a 600 rms setup, go for this amp. It's cheap, reliable, and exceeds it's rating. I've had it for 1 1/2 months, and it's had a lot of play time full tilt for extended periods of time. Highly recommend it.

By Matt on May 11, 2014


found this helpful.


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