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GPS Navigation

Never ask for directions again with a mobile navigation system. Using satellite antennas and large databases, these GPS navigation devices will display the map and give you directions to your destination.
In-Dash Car GPS Navigation
Add-on Car GPS Navigation
Portable GPS Cases
Portable GPS Mounts

Top 20 in GPS Navigation

Mounting Cradle for AVN4430 w/ North American Wall Adapter, UK, EU, and Australian Plugs

Travel Kit for AVN4430 Navigator • EU, UK, and AU Wall Adapters • Cigarette Lighter Adapter • Mounting Cradle with Suction Cup • Self-Adhesive Base



Add-On GPS Navigation For Use With Select Compatable Power Acoustik In-Dash DVD Players

Add-on GPS Navigation System for use with Select Compatible Power Acoustik In-Dash DVD Players • Compatible with all Inteq powered head units • Plug-n-play Installation and Easy Mounting • Text-to-Speech For Most Major Highways



Premium Dash Mat For Larger GPS and Tablets with Anti-Skid Bottom

• Securely Holds GPS Systems & Tablets 5" Or Larger To Vehicle's Dashboard
• Holds GPS Unit and Attaches to Windshield
• Anti-Skid Bottom
• Transferable From One Vehicle to Another



Add-on GPS Navigation System, Compatible with Select Jensen In-Dash DVD Receivers

GPS Navigation System for Select Jensen Units • USA Maps • 2GB SD Card • Simple Graphical Interface • 11 Million Points of interest • Male and Female Voice Text-to-Speech • Turn-by-Turn Guidance



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Tom Tom Navigation add-on Module for select Sony Car Stereo Receivers

• Advance Lane Guidance
• Eco Routes Allow you to Save Money & Time
• Multi-Stop Routes

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Add-On GPS Navigation System, Compatible With Select Jensen In-Dash DVD Receivers

dd-on GPS Navigation System compatible with select Jensen In-Dash DVD Receivers • Easy To Use Graphics Interface • 2D and 3D Map View Options • Night Mode And Day Mode For Optimal Viewing



Only 2 Left!

Add-On GPS Navigation System for Select Stereos

• Add-On Navigation System
• Built-In Traffic Tuner
• For Use with Navigation Ready DVD Receivers
• Compatible with 2010 or Newer AVH Models



Universal Mobile Device Vent Holder

Universal Mobile Electronics Holder • Connects to your vehicles air vents • Easy Access to your device and its controls • Non-Skid Padding will not scratch • 360-degree Rotating Vent Mount



Universal stowAWAY Travel Case for iPod, Portable GPS Navigation, PSP and other Small Gadgets

• Universal stowAWAY Travel Case
• For iPod, Portable GPS Navigation, PSP and Other Small Electronic Devices
• Slotted Compartments
• Elastic Mesh Storage Pockets
• Hook and Loop Patch
• Closed Cell Foam Padding



Dashboard and Windshield Mounting Kit for Portable GPS Navigation Systems

Dashboard/Windshield Mounting Kit for TomTom, Garmin and Magellan GPS Models • Quick Release Feature • Sturdy, Reliable Construction • Built-in Adjustment Tool • Two Types of Attaching Bases



GPS Navigation Information

Car GPS Navigation Information:

If you travel often or if you aren't one of the lucky ones who were born with a good sense of direction, putting a GPS Navigation unit into your vehicle would make your life so much easier. These convenient pieces come preloaded with maps and efficiently guide you to your destination, saving you time, stress and wasted gas mileage. You will enjoy the convenience of touchscreen controls and a friendly virtual voice that leads you to the right direction. Or better yet, use your car GPS to find an alternate route to avoid traffic along your commute to work. Since it saves you valuable gas dollars that you would normally spend driving around aimlessly, you can even think of the purchase as paying for itself.

Our In-Dash GPS Navigation systems are installed right into your vehicle's dash location, and include a built-in CD player, AM/FM tuner and most offer video (DVD) playback too. They also feature A/V inputs and outputs and an antenna for picking up the GPS signal. Your navigation system uses this antenna to pick up signals from Global Positioning Satellites. The monitors feature touchscreen controls which make it easy to type in your destinations by simply pressing on the digital keyboard display.

Our Remote Mount Navigation systems are mountable under the seat or in the trunk. These products typically offer "brand-specific" add-on navigation.

For those who need GPS for outdoor activities such as walking, boating, and hiking, our Portable GPS Navigation units are perfect for any excursion. Further, these plug-and-play units can serve you in the vehicle, as they can be easily mounted on either the dash or the windshield. To power these units you connect them to an adapter that plugs into your cigarette lighter. These units are easily removable and can be transferred between vehicles.

Most systems include points of interest preloaded on your system's memory. These points of interest are especially helpful when traveling in uncharted territory, giving you directions to gas stations, airports, restaurants, hotels, and other useful locations. Also, many GPS units allow you to use your memory space for loading music onto your unit. You can play your music even while you are using the navigation features. You can also use the memory space to save your favorite routes and destinations, and even your preloaded home address. Some GPS units offer live traffic data for an additional monthly fee. This data briefs you on the average speed of traffic in your selected areas and helps you avoid traffic jams. Some GPS car receivers are now fashioned with Bluetooth technology, which not only allows you to make and receive hands-free phone calls, but also facilitates touchless navigation through the use of voice-commands.

GPS Navigation units can be difficult to install, but we're just a phone call away, ready to answer any of your installation questions. Call our friendly Technical Support department at 1-877-289-7664.

Popular Car GPS Navigation Brands

Kenwood, Pioneer, JVC, Alpine

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