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Des Moines, IA

Alpine SPS-517

January 9, 2014

These are good speakers for the money. They are a little above entry level, but regardless sound good. I don't know if they can take 75 watts RMS though. I have them hooked to my Alpine KTP-445U, which is 45 watts RMS to four channels, and I can't turn the gain up past about half without hearing distortion. But with a small amp, these speakers sound good. I would recommend them.

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two harbors mn

alpine speakers

February 15, 2013

decent speaker for the money should have a amp to fully appreciate the sound quality

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Lisbon Falls, ME

Great product for the money

January 28, 2013

These speakers are priced well and are worth the money. Great quality speaker and I would recommend them to anyone.

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Rolla, MO

Awesome speakers

October 2, 2011

These speakers went in to my 2001 Ranger. I previously had the SPS 507's for 6 years of abuse and they held up beautifully. I expect these speakers will hold up just as well.

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Sanford, NC

Good factory replacement to cover mids and highs.

February 1, 2014

I bought these for the rear of my '02 F-250 (Crew Cab) and have had them for a few months. These fit the factory location, but I did have to drill a few holes, the mounting holes did not line-up perfectly with the factory holes. My rear seats partially block the speakers, but the sound is still acceptable. The highs are great, but these don't get quite as low as I expected. I thought that they would cover the low end a bit more than they do. Without adding a subwoofer, I would be somewhat disappointed in the overall performance. They work well covering the mid and high frequencies.
The speakers look good, but I do not like the new plastic frame.
I have these connected directly to an Alpine CDE-147BT head unit.

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Lansing, MI

2002 lincoln ls

September 16, 2012

Got 4 of them on an alpine 4ch amp. Sounds amazing, getting 80w rms. Alpine headunit, Knukoncepts wiring.No distortion, not the BEST bass, but the mids.Vocals are absolutly beautiful

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Midwest Convertible


Great Value Upgrade with Alpine Quality

August 28, 2011

I just finished installing a set of Alpine SPS-517 speakers in a 1995 Mustang convertible as replacements to the stock 5x7/6x8 “premium sound” Ford speakers. They are driven by a 16 watt per channel Alpine iDA-x303 head unit without an external amplifier.

The SPS-517s were mounted vertically in the stock rear speaker locations. After getting the top 2 screw holes to line up with this speaker, the bottom screw holes were off just enough to not fit nor allow for new holes. Thankfully, these speakers have extra tabs on each end which I was able to use after drilling a new hole through the stock bracket. The three screw mount is very solid. Alpine DOES include the pigtails to connect the SPS-517 speakers to the stock wiring or you can buy one of the various stock speaker connector wires specific to your vehicle and avoid splicing completely.

The stock front speakers were also replaced with Alpine SPS-610C Component speakers.

The sound created by the SPS-517 speakers is a tremendous upgrade over stock even with the internal 16 watt per channel head unit. The performance of these speakers is excellent for the cost. Paired up with the SPS-610C’s in the front there is ample sound to enjoy music on the highway with the top down. For a bit more oomph, an Alpine KTP-445 head unit amp would provide a clean 45 watts per channel. However, if you are considering a high power external amplifier for your car you should probably spring for a Type-R or Type-X speaker set instead of the Type-S.

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Warrensburg, MO

2 hr commuter

January 20, 2014

Speakers cover a broad range. It is a great speaker for the price. I have four of them in a focus as a gift for my wife. I would definitely recommend adding a sub though! I'm using two polk dbl 10s with an older 6 channel soundstream amp. Just make sure you have a good deck! I have a Sony GT620IP (I think) that makes the highs almost too much with the DSPs and different music makes adjustments necessary. My wife said she gets headaches with certain music, like Rhianna, but this is due to the deck and her not wanting to mess with the settings. Sony decks typically seem to push higher sounds that a comparable Pioneer decks in my opinion. There are other decks with deeper sounds too. I wouldn't use these speakers with decks that tip heavy toward high sounds... my opinion.

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Orlando, FL

best price on the Internet

July 8, 2011

I have always trusted the Alpine name and they did not disappoint on these new SPS517 Speakers. Ordered four speakers w/ vehicle specific adaptors and arrived as promised from SE. They were no delivery issues.

The speaker adaptors for my 2008 F150 SC, made installation a snap (45 min), including removing and re-installing the rear door panels. They sound awesome w/ factory head unit.

Better all around sound quality than the stock paper speakers. The SPS 517 are tight on the lows and I am very pleased. I would recommend Sonic Electronix and these speakers, hands down!

Next upgrade planned: In-dash GPS, DVD Head unit, and a small sub.

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good leans towards great speaker!

August 25, 2011

Great High's! My treble is set a lot lower than with factory speakers. Could use some more low's/bass but for the price I can't complain. These replaced the front door speakers in my 2012 Mustang with the base stereo. Before, if I turned the stereo power up more than 1/3 of the way, I would get fuzz and bad distortion. Not anymore! I'm going to buy a second set for the rears very soon and maybe add a small sub to compliment the great high range these put out.

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Great speakers at low price

March 4, 2012

I have four of these hooked up to a Clarion amp running 90 rms and these speakers sound great. They don't distort at all even at max volume which with my setup is quite loud. They also sound very good when just powered by the deck.

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Verified Purchase

June 9, 2020

These things paired with ILX-W650 and KTA-450 is a clean clear solution to factory Fords radio downfalls. Alpine is an absolute beast in audio without breaking the bank.

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Corona, CA


May 9, 2020

Have 2 sets in a 06 fold freestyle, finally got the ktp-445u running each speaker on it before everything was decently balanced, now I have the gains on the ktp at less than a 1/4 my sub turned up to 4 on the head unit and it is crisp, clean, and really loud for an in-line amp! Love alpine!!!!

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alpine sps_517

November 16, 2015

They sound really good and crystal. Clear along with my 2 jl audio subs night and day from my other door speaker's worth ever penny.

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Verified Purchase
Great neutral speakers

August 4, 2019

The following review is for S-S57, which is a part of the bundle you are viewing.

I love how neutral these speakers sound. I would say these are my number two entry level speaker behind the focal auditor series.

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Mulberr, Florida

Alpine speakers

September 1, 2017

These are great speakers. I love the excellent quality. I would defiantly recommend them.

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