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AutoTek ATS65C

product works great, and I got a good price too.

By Randy on February 16, 2015


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ok for the money

If your going for budget minded build this is ok , but you would be better off with higher end items as tweeters and crossover leave alot to be desired

By Michael on June 21, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great sound for the price

I bought these because they are owned by the company that owns Hifonics and I love there products. These are no different they have a good clean sound and are a great value

By Douglas on March 26, 2015


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They look good they sound good and the price is right

By Red on May 17, 2016


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Great sound. Very easy to use and hook up. Better than factory

By Charles on June 7, 2016


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Very nice sound

I bought these for my son's first stereo install. Price versus performance is top notch. Would highly recommend these for the budget minded beginner.

By CoachDad on September 15, 2016


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Great value for the money

I didn't have much to loose, my old speakers were blown out and these were cheap. These are really nice quality speakers, I don't have them running from an amplifier so the power they see is limited to what my head unit can put out, but they perform well enough for day to day driving. I would recommend these if you are on a budget and not going wild with your sound system. I always prefer the sound of component speakers over 2-way/3-way speakers anyway.

By David on August 1, 2015 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Not bad

They do get loud have them in an 03 envoy sounds good

By john on October 11, 2017


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So so

It sounds okaii not as great as i thought it would be

By Ed on March 22, 2018


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Excellent product

When product arrived was packaged excellent, items were clean, instructions were vague, overall great product

By D.g on March 5, 2016


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Sound great and comes with lots of mounting hardware

Bought these to replace the factory speakers in my 2000 Beetle. Factory wiring was garbage so i had to chase quite a bit of wire, but well worth it. i used the splitter provided and the sound is great. Now that they are in and sound good for the price i will be ordering some for my Highlander as well. Thanks Sonic!

By Manbearpig on November 7, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great speaker

I install them an my wife likes how they sound. The price was excellent for a first world buy.

By Deano on May 5, 2016


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I needed to upgrade the JBL Front Mid-Woofers and Tweeters in the vehicle that my family purchased back in 2000, brand new off the showroom. These definitely did the trick! I purchased them off of Sonic Electronix's eBay store.
I opted to not use the included crossovers, I instead cut the connectors from the dead factory woofers and tweeters, and did some wire-twisting, inserting (via the affordable extra stuff I bought at W****** on the day of installation, the day that H*****, L*****, and A** were closed - I did the installation on Turkey Day 2016), and taping into the ATS65C speakers.
Another reason I did the upgrade was because I just also purchased a new aftermarket audio system (with Bluetooth so I didn't have to plug my phone into the audio system at all), knowing that the worn-out current front speakers could no longer handle even the tiniest about of Bass Boost that I use. Since upgrading though, I decided to turn up the Bass Boost :D

1- (as a result of my own lack of realization): The mid-woofers weren't exactly stock because I temporarily replaced them with junkyard mid-woofers, seemed like a great idea at least 4 years ago. The factory mid-woofers, I know for a fact, allows me to detach them from the brackets (the ones I got at the junkyard did NOT let me do that). So, I improvised by using the extra metal pieces to directly place the mid-woofers onto the door frame.
2- Despite little difficulty, I had to improvise the tweeters' physical location into the tweeter holes meant for the stock JBL tweeters - the screws meant to hold the JBL tweeters into the holes are slightly tilted as a result, but they still do the job (I did not use the metal brackets to hold down the tweeters - they made the fit look very bad).

By "Chad" on December 18, 2016


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May as well cough up another 10 bucks and get something better.

Don't get me wrong theyre not terrible speakers... The tweets seem to hurt my ears at higher volumes and I don't mean max wattage. Overall theyre not too bad but I would think there are much better at the next price point. If you are trying to save every penny, go for em.

By Troy on February 4, 2017


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Nice set of components for the $$$

Great sound for the $$$ and built well, fit was great too and multiple options to mount the tweeter was nice. I would to see more variables on the crossover but cant complain for the price.

By John on March 25, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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