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Visually appealing, simple to use. I believe it's the simplest model line output converter, as there are no gain settings. Used it to tap some speaker wires to provide a signal for a subwoofer amp. Quick-splice connectors are the simplest if crimping isn't an option.

By Dave on January 5, 2014


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Great Line Level Converter

I purchased this so I can install my new amp and sub on my 2010 Honda Pilot without replacing my factory head unit. It's easy to install and is inexpensive. I just installed this recently so I can't really say about it's durability.

By Slizen on November 9, 2013


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It's what I needed, and it works.

I needed an LOC in order to keep my stock HU. I didn't want to spend very much money at all on this build so I thought this one would work, and it does. The only thing (and it may not be related to this) is I get a hum through my subs. Not very loud, but without the LPF on, it's very annoying. Idk if it's a grounding issue or what, but other than that it works great.

By Bryce on February 26, 2014


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plug and play

I would recommend you do you research before you install this product. You might want to double check with the wiring diagram for your car because the instructions are not going to help. I did however get it installed in my girlfriend's 08 Nissan Versa, which I had a 3 channel amp, with a sub and 2 2-way speaker without upgrading her OEM stereo. The cons would be that it's bulky so it might be a bit hard to put the old wires and stereo back in.

By Pheng on September 17, 2013


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Great value

It was very easy to is also very compact and light,I mounted it tucked away with double backed adhesive.

By robert on September 4, 2012


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To the person who said it was bulky i have to diasgree! IT is about an inch thick and 1.5 inches long 1.5 inches wide. It works amazingly! I have it Velcro-ed behind the radio in my 2003 Jetta with the factory Monsoon sound system. ANyone who knows this system knows it already kicks butt but i wanted to add more lows without adding an aftermarket radio. Hooked up very easily and works amazingly! I have it hooked up to 2 cerwin vega V-maxx subs and a 2000 watt amp and it sounds amazing! Wasnt expecting such a cheap line in converter to sound so well! I have purchased a few different ones for my other vehicles, even spent close to $100 for one, and it doesnt sound as good as this one does. Although i must say dont connect to a system that pushes over the 30 watts, i hoooked it up to my ranger which has a 1000 watt amp pushing my 6 component speakes and it sounded like CRAP, but for a factory system it is amazing! I just cant recommend it enough! Once again SonixElectronix has came through for me with an amazing product!!!

By Josh on October 22, 2013


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I'm a car audio enthusiast, and install systems for a living, I use this product to wire in subwoofers to a stock deck on all stock systems I install. Really easy to use, clarity is good, and it looks good. I recomend this if your installing an entry level system. Anything big tho, put a new deck in.

By TE on January 14, 2013


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Cheap and good.

Does everything it needs to do, mounted it behind the stereo in a 2011 jetta. Works as it should and has no issues.

By Jamey on January 4, 2013


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Easy installation and fit. I am running a 1200 amp with no issues to a factory radio.

By Anonymous on March 7, 2019 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Works Great in my 2013 F150

This product works great in my 2013 F150. I didn't want to change out the radio so I got this LOC. I connected both sets of channels to the rear right speakers and it sounds great. I didn't even need to ground it out. No noise interference.

By Armando on February 20, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Still using this LOC to this day

I have been using this LOC for over a year in a 2014 Cruze. It was very easy to install and I have had zero issues with it. It is not possible to add an aftermarket stereo to this car due to my link setup. This works great highly recommend.

By Josh on February 17, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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