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Great Camera for the money

I've been looking for a good camera for a while. I've tried a few, with disappointing results. This camera was eay to install and works great.
I think it's the best for the money!

By Pip on November 17, 2010


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The color is very nice. Can be used in dark light. I can't think of any cons.

By ~J on May 31, 2012


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Worked good

Nothing fancy but worked just fine for a back up camera. Very sturdy built

By Don on March 13, 2014


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Back-up camera 2007 Sierra/ Silverado

I mounted this in a tailgate handle bezel I bought from the Chevy dealer and pluged it in to a monitor I had is stock back in November. It has held up great! I live in Michigan so the road salt was a factor so I thought. I wiped the lense off with my thumb when it was dirty quite a few times but the salt and sub zero temps dident hurt it a bit.
I give this camera 2 thumbs up!!! Great deal for twice the money!!

By Mark W. on June 9, 2011


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Works great every time

I purchased this as a backup camera for my truck. It has great clarity in daylight and suprisingly good picture at night.

By Vincent on March 9, 2011


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Works Well

Nice little camera. But, the provided bracket is very flimsy, so I made my own.

By JJ on September 17, 2013


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Great Untill gets wet!

Hooked unit up. Great pix. Went through wet roads and now insides wet. Unit is unusable.

By Mitch on October 23, 2011


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1 out of two failed!

I'm not saying that this is a bad product but i bought 2 and one stop working within 2 weeks.

The view angle is less than specified.

The sensitivity is fair at most.

By Gaetan on November 2, 2010


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Easy to install, works night and day. It's holding up to a lot of car wash. I use my camera for hooking up Tony boat hitch.

By DB on October 31, 2010


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Great Value

very good product at a good price and easy installation. vison night that the offer is very good even in low light conditions.

By Manuel Fernando on June 29, 2009


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I would recomend this product because i have looked online and havnt found a better deal then this one!!

By jeremy on September 4, 2011


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Works great

I hooked this up myself in my M3. Install was easy, Clean picture good night vision. only downside is the black ring around the lens faded to a bronzeish colour.

By bosse on July 17, 2009


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Good Camera for the money

This a good camera. It is very easy to install the only down side is that it's not counseled from elements. It has been rained on and been thru several cars washes and it working fine.

By James on February 15, 2013


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Decent reverse camera

This camera does not come with wires to connect it to a monitor. Also doesn't have grid lines that show up on the screen to help with distance. Works no problems with water since I sealed the outside with silicone

By David on October 8, 2013


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priced right

This is a very excellent prodouct easy to install easy set up works great.

By chris on October 2, 2011


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Veery easy to use fast shipping

Easy to hook up good product too. Sometimes it get Blu Ray and mines stays on constant. I have it hooked up to the AV in

By Devin on April 29, 2011


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good backup cam

This cam works great for a back up cam, but what I didnt expect is that it has such good depth of field that I can see a blind spot with it when I use it. I have it hooked to a rear veiw mirror monitor and I tend to use it all the time now that I have figured out about the blind spot. Definitely a good buy!

By sunshine on August 30, 2011


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Good value for a great add-on

Great entry level backup camera. I added to to my Pioneer D3 setup on my Avalanche and am extremely pleased with the result. A great value.

By Steven on June 23, 2011


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Good Little Camera

The camera is good for the price. Shows clearly on my head unit. Wide viewing angle for my Chevy Tahoe (almost seeing bumper to bumper). Only knock, maybe, is that the colors arent always 100% on point but I think that has to do with how mine was installed not the camera

By Victor on December 3, 2010


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Great value

Very serviceable and cheap camera. Good color during the day and good night vision. I have owned similar cameras in this form factor and this is as good or better. This camera has no grid lines, which is exactly what i was looking for. Can't beat the price and value.

By Cem on April 9, 2015


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sony dbl. din xav-602bt /boyo bk.up camera

i order a sony xav-602bt ,its a ok unit .but i also order a boyo vision vtk 350 camera .not a bad price for the camera ,works great no fogging of lens .but make sure your installer places it above the hitch ball to get a correct line of site.

By Anonymous on August 29, 2018


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Good budget back up camera

This is my second one of these, the first one lasted almost 5 years, which is notable since it lives in the back bumper of my 1/2 ton pickup.

By tom406 on October 11, 2016


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