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Great buy

the Bazooka is such a great buy - I couldn't beat the price. Shipping was fast. It was easy to install and it is compact.

By Beth on May 31, 2009


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This sub hits really hard, my friend has 2 12s and this hits harder!

By Tyler on January 3, 2008


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Speakers/sub need some time to work as they will be doing on after some days.
They need about 72 hours before diaphragm letting it go on full volume, but don't have amplifier at full output, 3/4 if amplifier is strong enough, and speakers will live longer. :)

By T.B on July 1, 2011


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OK but Not as Good as the Old School Bazookas.

OK but not as good as the old school bazookas. The quality and sound has declined from the old school bazookas. Seems they have cut cost at the expense of sound and quality. I worked at a stereo shop in the early 90's and we used to do a ton of bazookas of all sizes and they sounded WAY better and were better built. When I received my bazookas the outer ring on one of them was broken so the packaging is not sufficient for our postal system. I have a hifonics Zues on 2 twelves in a Toyota 4 Runner and it sounds OK at best. The bass to me sounds muddy. I have done everything to make them sound better such as change the head unit, change amps, change frequencies, and build a box that fires them forward and forces the sound backwards towards the trunk lid. Helped but not to my expectations. I will probably change them in the near future and go with a set of 15's.

By Brad on September 6, 2013


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best for your money

i put this on my 1999 silverado, very clean bass good sound this was a the best choice

By mrelmo on January 22, 2010


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From Rockford Fosgate to Bazooka

I was a little leary going from dual 12" Rockford Fosgate P2's to this Bazooka 12" but I have to say that I am NOT disappointed at all. I do have to caution you about one thing if your going for the change and that is that your going to have to have an amplifier that comes with the bass boost line because without it, it is not as good. Now if your looking to save room in your trunk, which is why I got it, and not sacrifice sound, this is it. I was surprised as to how much bass this has compared to my two twelves and I can tell you from experience that you won't be disappointed. Your probably wondering how much ground shaking bass can this sub really have? Well, my trunk still rattles and my mirror still falls down. Another great thing about this product is that they may have a capacitor that doesn't allow you to fry it which can be good so your not having to buy another sub in a few weeks. What I mean is you can set it really high and hear very little distortion if any at all. Great Product!.

By brfirst on July 14, 2014


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never new these things pound hard

My friend at work has two of these and at first i just laughed cuz i didnt think people owned tubes but when he turned it up i shut up quick. it hits the lows pretty well

By julian on June 17, 2011


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Once you set your amps and crossovers they'll put out some real forceful, clean sounding bass!

By aj70805 on December 16, 2009


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Great Product

I'm installed on my Fj Cruiser and is the subwoofer for this vehicle, I do really recommend it, acoustic is perfect

By Carlos on June 3, 2013


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This was the worst thing ever

I got this a few days ago and it's not as good as it said it would be the sound was awful I just regret buying this.

By sergio on September 10, 2010


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Best bang for your buck

I bought my tube six months ago and have not had one complaint. I've had all types of boxes in the past and none come close to the raw bass the tube delivers for the size and space it takes up. You can still have the majority of your trunk space and have all the bass your heart desires.

By Mark on September 26, 2012


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Best bass

This is the best sub I ever own. Im running reggae music all the time and the bass has a tight clean hit to it.. I love it.

By Robert on August 10, 2010


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Awesome Awesome

I highly recommend the bazooka tubes. The thickness of the bass is unbelievable for such a light tube. Trust me! You'll love it.

By Mike on May 23, 2015


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Best bass for your bucks

These subs kick *ss, they sound awesome with rap, hip hop and reggai. But do not buy these if your listening to Classical, soft rock or contemporary rock. If you listen to a salesmen and he says to buy.
Then you decide you do not like the bass. Then the salesmen was wrong, not this subwoofer..Research, research, and research b4ubuy..

By DiscoDave on February 4, 2013


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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Haven't installed by product but it was received as stated in the time suggested & was a complete beauty of a component

By Linkn on April 1, 2016


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This product met my expectations wich were set fairly high seeing how as i spent 200 on it. Ideal for a trunk, not really the best idea for a truck, you really need to face it into a corner for it to work properly, also. At first i didnt realise it had dual voice coils and i have another sub, so i bought a 4 channel 1000 watt amp and ended up only having enough to power the bazooka, but i am still satisfied with the bass. You put a glass of water on my trunk and the water jumps out of the cup

By Nick on January 28, 2016


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