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Tight Bass

So glad I bought this, I have an old school 1990 Nissan hard Body no room for woofers so i mounted this 6 inch Bazooka under the dash and I'm running a Fosgate p650 with the intent to install another one now that I know they sound as punchy as they do I'm really happy with them and the service is always great and fast from sonic making all My car Stereo purchases from them from now on.


By Daniel on January 19, 2014


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For the cost it is literally the most bang for the buck. With a decent amp the sub kicks really hard, and its super easy to install. I've installed many subs (well full audio systems) and this one I kept for myself. Great buy for the money, I suggest buying a non-amplified bazooka tube over one that comes with an amp. I like an amp where I have a little more control over the subs.

By Carps on May 29, 2013


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Big Sound small speaker!

I would buy this sub if you are low on space and money. I bought this sub partly because I wanted something small and light, but also because it is inexpensive. The sub is installed in a hatchback I use in the winter so I didn't want to spend a lot, as it is not my daily driven car. I use the car to go skiing so I didn't want to take up the hatch space with a big sub box. Last I just wondered how such a small sub would sound, so I ordered it. I am impressed by how full the bass is from this sub, it sounds pretty controlled and not boomy. The only con is the connecters where the speaker wires mount, they are difficult to turn as space is tight around them. Just remembered another somewhat minor issue. The straps that come with the speaker are not very good, they come loose easily, and would work better if they were rubber coated ( the speaker tube is slippery).

By Steve on September 17, 2013


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It is a good product It has good sound I'm satisfied

By Rocrober on January 19, 2015


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I bought this and installed it in my truck, just love it! Sound is amazing and far exceeds my expectations, for the price 100% satisfied! Thanks!!!!!!

By Gilly on March 20, 2014


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Really good subwoofer

The speaker's design is very practical. It is easy to find a suitable place for it and it sounds great. I would recommend a bazooka model that has the amp contained within the subwoofer housing, but the one I bought (which doesn't have the amp included) still works great with a cheap amp I purchased off e-bay.

By Batman on January 10, 2012


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compact with great impact

if youve got 6 1/4 width space to work with they are a deffinetly a purchase worth it all you need is a good inexpensive sub amp thats capable at 1 ohm that 350 watts RMS and you wil be very happy keep in mind theyre dual 4 ohm each

By oscar on November 25, 2013


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My Bazookas

I've owned them before and now own a new pair. They are perfect for my (2 seater car) and perform exactly as I expected them to.

By Dave on August 10, 2012


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Great sound. Easy installation. Fast shipping.

I got this to replace my 15+ year old one that was recently stolen. It packs a really big kick in its small package. Very happy with it. Also happy with the price and speedy shipping from Sonic Electronix.

By Sera on December 8, 2014


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Bazooka Best BOOM For The Buck

I bought this product 6 months ago for my Chevy 1500 truck with a standard cab. Installation was quick and painless, and it gives me the extra bass I wanted. In an application like mine where space and budget were both tight, it was really the only sensible option out there for me.

The unit is well made, reasonably priced, and this vendor had the Bazooka to me in just a few day. A 5 star transaction all the way. No regrets.

By Larry on August 21, 2011


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good speaker

I put 1 in my trail blazer. it wont bust any windows, but it gives it enough bass to make it sound great! I recommend purchasing two or a bigger speaker if you want it to thump.

By Ronald on February 26, 2007


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Big sound small price

This bass tube is a great buy for the money. I was limited in space, and my wife didn't want the droning of a big sub in her ears and the kids ears. Nice tight punchy bass that fits under the seat of the minivan! Affordable and good looking, I have it powered by a Sony Xplod 500w amp and a Kenwood deck. Sounds good.

By Christopher on July 1, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Small price- Big sound

I love this bass tube! It is so compact it fits under the seat of my wife's minivan (sideways). The sound surprised me. I power it with a 500w Sony Xplod and a Kenwood deck. It sounds great and is affordable too. The only thing I would improve is the speaker connections. I have large fingers and it was difficult to turn the screws to secure the wires. Possibly a tool included to fit the lugs, or just spring loaded terminals?

By Tony on June 25, 2017


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Priced right

The bazooka tube I ordered sounds great and gives great bass levels!! I would suggest 100 plus watts to get the best bass. Bazookas are always reliable!!

By Gregory on May 15, 2017


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This base cannon added a notable dimension to the sound quality of my Jeep Sahara while taking up very little space, tucked neatly under the rear seat. If you have a need for a richer sound and very little space to spare, try this one. You won't be disappointed, I promise!

By Tony on December 4, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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