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Awesome Little Subs That Need Break In Time To Shine

I have the 6250 slaved to another 6014. So, I have two 6 inch drivers sharing 275rms with a 1 farad capacitor in a completely Dynamated single cab pickup truck. 8 gauge high end wire with high end RCA's. These two subs fit perfectly with the seats all the way back. They are mounted 3 inches from the wall and face outwards (back to back) My old system was a 1000W RMS dual Aluminum DVC setup, so I do know bass. These Bazooka subs are actually dowright awesome. They do require break in time and are not too impressive right away. Your pre-outs and power source will be the key to success with these self amped subs. They like a hot signal and Bazooka even recommends using speaker level inputs over RCA's due to some Head Units with faulty claims of preout power. My head unit has a legit 4volt preout but I did have to turn the sub channel up all the way to get satisfactory power. After some break in time and time alignment tuning from the deck, I'm telling you, these two 6inch drivers can pound for their size and sound very, very professional. They are truly awesome. I'm sure you will only see great results if you set them up the way Bazooka recommends and do not skimp on connections. Get a capacitor-For Christ Sakes they cost 40 dollars and literally 5 extra minutes of your time. I'm so tired of arguing with know it alls on the internet that say they dont work and you dont need them.. They DO work and you DO need one.... Yes, the "big three" helps too but do you really wanna tear apart your factory wiring to access that? Take a look under your hood and get back to me... Anyway, sorry but thats an annoying argument. For two six inch subs to be sharing 275rms... They sound powerful and quite impressive. I'm thoroughly impressed and happy... (after break in period) These will not earth shatter boom and make your eyes cross... but they more than impressed me in both their acoustic ability up and down the ranges and..... They are surprisingly powerful, tuned, tight and full.... 5 stars for sure.

By Derek on April 13, 2011


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Bazooka BTA6250D Review

Great product, Fitment was a problem with recomended application. Had to use the 6" tube not the 8" that the fitment chart said would work. GMC clasic style 4 door pickup behind seat. Sounds good, a little muddy at times, most likley because it is only a 6" woofer. One problem that developed was the ignition switch after a few months did not turn off the power to the amp (INTERNAL RELAY MUST HAVE GON BAD) and thus drained the bateries on the truck when truck sat for a few days. Had to install a relay on the main power feed to compensate for this problem. Wife and I are not the hard core bass thumping crowd, but the bass adds a lot to the dynamics.

By Dan on February 20, 2012


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Great Product!

I would definitely recommend this sub to anyone with a car or boat in need of better sound quality. The size makes it easy to mount under a seat or dash of a boat. Excellent bass, you feel it all over the vehicle. Love this sub!

By Regal Captain on January 8, 2012


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Great value

This unit fit perfect in my ford focus svt.
Bass travels throughout car and hits really nice and smooth.
Great features and I love that I could upgrade it with another bazooka speaker.

By Jesus on December 8, 2009


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great little sub

I have had this in the rear of my 2014 Pathfinder now for three years. I bought this since it fits in the storage compartment and the 8" did not. WOW, this sub-woofer performs so well and I love my rock and dub-step. I had the 10" in my old Jeep, Bazooka makes an AWESOME product.

By john on April 3, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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