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This speaker has exceeded my expectations! The amp is super powerful. Sometimes it's hard to believe its only a 8 in! I highly recommend !

By Real Man on June 4, 2013


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Good relatively small device with excellent frequency range


1. The only device that you can buy and install right away in almost any car. The amplifier is built-in and that's really good for cars with limited space like mine. I'm using it in Honda Odyssey EXL 2002, the sub is installed between driver seat and right front passenger seat. The space under table is more than enough to get it installed.
2. Excellent frequency range. I use it for classical, new age, country, rock and some other styles. Sounds very solid if you don't want it to sound extra loudly, which is not required.
3. Having a remote is a must since the frequency range values from album to album and, instead of changing the player settings or even worse, using the back screws on the sub, the remote gives a very simple and convenient way to change two most valuable parameters of the sub on the fly.

1. The installation in Honda Odyssey required a few pieces of velcro. I fixed the sub to the driver seat. The straps were worthless since there is no way to screw them down the floor or to attach to the seat.
2. The promised frequency range - 30+ Hz is probably incorrect. I suspect this device is able to reproduce much lower frequencies, and I personally don't like that. You can use the fingers to feel how it works with different frequences even if you don't hear the sound. I'd honestly prefer this sub has a low frequency filter to kill the very low frequences, dangerous for the health. The range of frequences to be filtered out should be 0-20 Hz and it should be permanent. Right now this device is more than enough to get a strong headache after a 15-20 minutes usage at medium volumes. I got a 100% correlation after couple weeks of listening, so there is no mistake, I'm positive. I'm happy that I didn't buy the dual device because I could not install it in my Honda and it would be even more dangerous for the health for sure.

I'm honestly not sure if it makes sense to buy this device since it has no low frequency filter. Maybe my sub is defective, but it's rather by design. So if you don't care of headache, maybe it's only my personal issue, then you're ok to go. My Kenwood HD545U has a very good frequency range and maybe I'm facing this problem having this combination of devices with almost unlimited range.

By Dimi on October 31, 2010


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Quality !!

its amazing how much bass comes from a small tube. when i have the volume up half way, my trunk rattles (99' Altima) so it gets the job done. But you cant take this to a bass competition, you will lose.

By Shawn on September 4, 2010


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Bazooka Fan

Bought an 8" for my van - sounds great. This is my third one. Had a 6" and a 12" in different vehicles - all sounded great. Will always buy Bazooka.

By Hawkeye on May 19, 2013


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Exactly what I was looking for!

I wasn't looking to impress the neighbors by rattling their windows. I was simply wanting something to fill in the low end that my stock speaker system lacked. It also needed to fit under the back seat of my GMC Sierra extended cab pickup. The Bazooka 8" tube was just the right size at the right price so I ordered the 100 watt version. However, after notifying me that they were back ordered, Sonic offered me a significant discount on this 200 watt version. I'm so glad I got the 200 watt tube! It has the perfect punch and a very defined bass response...not muddy at all. The controls are simple. I cross mine over as high as it will cross and turn the adjustable volume all the way up. Then I control the amount of bass with my aftermarket JVC receiver. Even the installation was easy. I would highly recommend the BTA8250D. Some of the best money I've ever spent!

By Jim on March 23, 2010


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Still booming along...

I received the bazooka 8" 250w D amplified woofer tube in exchange for the infinity basslink that had failed.

Customer service at Sonic Electronix was very helpful with the return and was great with helping me choose a replacement product.

Very happy with the Bazooka tube, just as much bass as the 10" Infinity I replaced but seems more durable and seems to take less space. I had the bazooka in a small hatchback sports car and had to keep the level low. Now in the back of an crossover size SUV and at 3/4 volume but complements the factory setup perfectly.

I wired into the low output of the car so I have fade and bass control on the factory head unit. The vehicle has 8" woofers under the seats from the factory so there was some bass, but adding this bazooka with the built in crossover adds the extra low end I was lacking. Can also set the factory speakers with less bass so I can get more volume with full range sound.

Would absolutely recommend Sonic Electronix for their customer service and Bazooka for a quality product.

By Ed on March 18, 2013


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great price, great product

Simple design, easy to install

By Ish on April 14, 2011


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Getting the job done!

For me, the Bazooka 8250 was the perfect choice. I drive a Subaru Outback, and as an entertainer, the back of my car is always loaded with equipment. So I needed something powerful but with a small footprint. The 8250 delivers in a big way!

Even with only an 8 inch speaker, it fills out the bottom of my music nicely. My teenage boys like to listen to a 'rap' station on the XM radio. And while I don't enjoy that type of music, it is cool to see my rear view mirror quiver about everytime the Bazooka hits the lows.

I am very pleased with my BTA8250D so far. Sonic Electronix had one of the best prices on the web and they delivered the product quickly. If you are an audiophile or drive around with tinted windows looking to rattle the rear view mirror in other people's cars, this may not be for you. But if you are a regular guy looking for a nice, deep, punchy sub at a reasonable price, this may definitely be what you're looking for.

By Steve on October 17, 2011


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Bazooka Boom

After years of big amps and sealed enclosures taking up trunk space I have really come to appreciate Bazooka products and the BTA8250D is a great fit for my old Honda Accord. Provides a really good balance of low-end sound with the aftermarket speakers in factory locations being powered by a 50wX4ch amp. This is my fourth Bazooka product and all have been great.

By jjolar on July 18, 2016


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Bazooka BTA825D

Fast shipping, sounds good it’s not trunk-rattling but it sounds clean some songs it seems like the speaker is missing some bass.

By jason on March 27, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Loving this

I've used Bazooka powered subs in the last 6 cars I've owned, maybe more. They pound. I just threw one in the trunk of my Mercedes SLK55 and it fit where the spare tire would have been, totally out of site. The hi-level inputs means it works well with factory stereos that are good, but not yet great. Sonic had the best price by far, very satisfied.

By Sociamonials on November 1, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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No punch what so ever and when you increase the gain it’s noise that comes out, very disappointed I will return to get my money back

Did not connect it yet, hope to make a video once installation is completed

By Joseph on August 6, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Terrible quality

Don’t expect this to last long. I’ve had 2 fail in 2 years. Both times time amp has failed. First was under warranty and after the 2nd died I won’t waste anymore money on a replacement.

By BlakeK on January 21, 2023


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