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Perfect box!

Shipped on time, fit my 12" bass line so well I used it without screwing the sub in and didn't even budge. Very well built just wish it hard push terminals on the back instead of screw ons

By bryan on May 1, 2014


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Nice box

This is a nice 12" box. Sounds great with Kicker Comp sub and matching amp in my VW Passat. Looks great too.

By William on January 23, 2014


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well made

this product is very structurally sound makes the subwoofer sound great

By Jg on June 16, 2014


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Great box for any 12" sub

Would recommend to anyone that likes SPL in their bass I currently have my 12" alpine bass line subwoofer in it on a 1000.2 autotek amp and it hits perfectly with my two 9" in a 4th order landmass box on my dual 580.2 amp

By bryan on May 1, 2014


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The price for such a quality box is amazing! Put a super inexpensive sub in it and it sounds surprisingly good. And the blue looks great! The free shipping is great and was only held up thru UPS cuz of the blizzard we had here. Definitely would recommend sonicelectronix and this product to everyone!

By Nicole on February 4, 2015


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belva bbx112bl

I really like the belva bbx112l its a very nice box . i haven't used it yet but I highly recommend it because of the price . DON'T FORGET TO GET IT AT SONIC ELECTRONIX

By JACORY on January 16, 2014


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Good Box cheap carpet glue

Great box made to handle any sub i have a massive audio rebal 12 in it which sounds amazing but the carpet it coming of in the corners which makes it look like trash so im going to have to redo it at some point and my first choice in subs would not fit cuase of the face plate and the massive audio one barley fit and i mean barley

By T on August 1, 2014


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Very nice box for sure

Okay so I bought this box just because my Mini Cooper is blue lol yes I know stupid reason but it sounds very nice super deep bass way better then I thought it was going to be I'm very satisfied with this box an i recommend it to anyone on a budget or looking for a single 12" sub box

By valois on February 26, 2015


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Ported Enclosure Custom Blue Baffle

I really liked this product. looks good and sounds very hard.

By carlos on May 8, 2014


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Good cheap box

didn't expect much for the price. but its holding up so far and sound good with installed reference Soundstream 12".

By BerGyver on May 11, 2015


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Great Enclosure

I'm new to stereo system setups but a friend recommended this kind of enclosure and this box has exceeded my expectations. The color choice is a cool feature and the box is very solidly built.

By Doovenator on October 11, 2013


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cool box fair price

Like the finish on the blue I've repainted since then but can unbolt it to customize easily

By Driver on May 16, 2015 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Good product

Great box I would recommend this website again. Quick delivery

By Tyler on May 8, 2015


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Amazing Box For $50

For $50, you will not find a better value. Everything with this box has been a plus with only one flaw.

-Durable, heavy, and made of quality materials
-Stuffed with bass friendly material
-Ported to pound
-Looks amazing

-The hookup port in the back is actually pretty bad, its actually not a very conductive port for your sub, and I instead wired directly to the sub with the wire running in through the ported hole. It sounds great and is an easy fix for this issue.

By Boombox on June 12, 2015


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Belva BBX112BL ported box

No complaints here . Great deep thunderous bass . This puppy really moves the air and hits accurate bass low low frequencies !! The box volume is about 90 thousands cubed bigger then the recommended enclosure butt the difference is so minute , it makes little difference in the sound quality . Highly recommend this box . well made great out put , Along with the supurb sonic service and quality products . I highly recommend Sonic and products !! TWO THUMBS UP !!!!

By Freddy Krueger on June 5, 2015


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OK box for the $$

I bought this box with the JBL MS-A5001 amp. I hooked everything up and put my 12" Kicker compVr dual 4ohm subwoofer in it. At first I was disappointed in what I thought was the amp. It just didin't seem to hit as hard as you would expect a true 500watt (750watt @2ohm) amp should. Then I changed back to one of my old sealed sub woofer boxes and realized that it wasn't the amp. Although the box is designed beautifully and very sturdy, it wasn't a good match for my Kicker sub woofer. I won't give the box a bad rating for this, it just may be tuned to a different speaker is all. Overall, this box is a good value for the price.

By Andrew on July 17, 2015 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Excellent Quality and Performane

Buying this enclosure was a good decision and allowed me to spend more time building an excellent crossover to match a Seismic Coax-12 speaker. The end result was an outdoor PA speaker with HiFi sound quality. You honestly cannot beat the price and the free shipping is uncommon on something this heavy.

The only product suggestion I would make to Belva would be to change the port design to lower the resonant frequency.

By Coley on August 14, 2016


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Great box

Great box! I'm going to purchase another one.I also like the different colors too. Great product .

By Charlie's Tree and on August 12, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Strong and Sexy

Bought this for a sub that needed more air space.. Ended up putting in a type R instead.. which this box is too big for.. but it actually sounds better than the sealed box I had (don't know why). Great punch on all bass freq. and basses out hard on the low stuff. Very sturdy built and looks great. For a prefab, you can't beat it.

-1 on Features because it's got those screw type terminals.

By Wick3D on April 22, 2016


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Great Choice

Got my sub box in and it was better than anticipated, hits hard and Is solid

By Hekt on March 30, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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