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Turlock, CA

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Amazing in the right box !

November 8, 2019

The following review is for P10SVC, which is a part of the bundle you are viewing.

I bought this sub for 2 reasons: I needed a sub in my second vehicle, that would fit in a small ported enclosure, and was cheap. (that's 3 technically)
The T/S parameters on this sub were VERY conducive to a rather tiny enclosure, and at $40, lets see ! (I hope they don't change parameters)
So I gamed this driver out on WinISD, and BOOM ! it yielded the form of ear popping thump I was looking for... BUY
I ended up with a 600 ci (that's right, .347cf) [net] tuned to 34 Hz.
to get a port to fit in this micro sized enclosure, I went with a 12" long piece of 1 1/2" ABS (1.590 actually) with flares on both ends. yep this breaks all of the rules on port sizing, but that's what I do while thinking outside of the box.. I rounded it out with some poly fill.
(NO chuffing either, when playing music) it WILL chuff with a 20Hz test tone.
This provides a 9 db hump at 34 Hz. Any EQ, or amp boost is pure gravy.
That being said, I hooked up an old school Punch 100a2 (remember, budget minded) it sound good/ok but, it needed more power. I found a Punch 250a2, and the circle was completed!
In the end, I have enough thump to rattle the interior and license plate, and amaze those who want to see my sub. "..that's it !!! " is usually the response.
The truly funny thing is, I didn't even use MDF, AND none of the panels weren't long enough to justify bracing.
So, for under $75, driver, particle board, ABS pipe, and Misc.
You can have a baby sub, that sounds all grown up, and won't annoy your wife. At least for the space it takes up, anyway :)

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