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I put these in my '96 Grand Prix with the Boss CH6950's and they are sweet. I can turn it all the way up with no distortion. Boss hasn't stopped amazing me yet with their products; high quality speakers at a low price. I Highly recommend these if you want some small, powerful speakers.

By Trent on March 17, 2010


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Not bad for the $

I bought these to replace the stock blown speakers in my van. I am running them off a JVC KD-R200 deck, and they sound good. I know this size speaker is not for bass, but having the bass gain on my deck at 3 (out of 6) they distort. Turning down to 1-2 seems good until I turn the volume to high (40+ on the dial). More power would help (deck pushing 20 rms/50 peak per channel and I seriously doubt they will handle 230 rms & 450 peak per pair). The highs and mids are quite good as well, and actually over run the factory 6 x9's in the rear. Overall, for a low dollar replacement, they are good speakers. I will eventually upgrade them as funds increase, but I am happy for the time being. If you are looking for something to replace blown factory speakers, this is a good choice for the money.

By James on December 24, 2010


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excellent price

I installed the Boss Ch5530 speakers in the doors of my vehicle to replace dead factory speakers. its been 6 months now. the speakers sound quality is great just like on the first day i installed them. i have had 0 issues with these speakers for 6 months so far. i like the design and look of theses speakers . so far the durability of these speakers are great.if you need a cheap quality set of speakers. i recommend these.

By v8guy on January 24, 2011


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great value

yes i recommand this product.

By roman on June 20, 2011


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Nice sound - great price!

Very pleased with the Boss CH5530's. Big enough sound for the styles I listen to and they fit perfect and look great.

By Rich on April 4, 2011


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Boss CH5530

Speakers were great price. Had them in my 99' avalon at the time and fit in door panel perfectly. Sound crisp and clear too.

By Hayden on September 13, 2011


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Awesome for the Price!

I used these to replace front door speakers in my wife's station wagon. They are very clear and bright, cover a surprising range down into the mid's, and I can push them as hard as the head unit will push with no distortion whatever. Unbeatable value, I'd buy them again in a second.

By aaron on February 11, 2011


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Boss has Great Value and performance!

Product is a great value and is very easy to install! Replaced my original speakers! The speaker seem to have less low range than prior but I do not have a high power radio to push them like they can. I have the original factory radio.

By Rick on December 8, 2014


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These speakers work great with plenty of good sound! and they look cool!

By gubgub1 on April 19, 2011


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Awesome speakers

Way better than stock very nice. I'm enjoying them very much

By FoleyBeast on September 10, 2014


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Great Value

I would recommend this product for anyone looking for a good value speaker. I have had them for almost a year and no issues.

By Brandon77 on April 16, 2013


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They are OK

I Have these Speakers power up by Pioneer GM-D8604 and its in a Scion XB. They Work fine and all but I'm looking for something thats loud enough for a system I have, They can handle the watts but its Not loud enough. If You want some speakers that loud, dont go with these but if u just want something just to replace then these are fine.

By Brian on October 28, 2013


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Boss 350

Not bad speakers at all for the price, they hit hard for such small speakers and the sound quality is great. Highly recommend these.

By James 1 on July 18, 2012


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Good Speakers

This speakers are good for their price for sure. Beats any stock speaker and works great.

By Rene' on December 22, 2011


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Boss CH 5530

They were good. Thanks

By Warren on September 11, 2011


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Great value

This one is very good to use and we needed to order it

By HANH on August 29, 2014


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OK speakers

I have these speakers in my 2000 grand prix gt and they are ok speakers but it took maybe a week and one of the speakers has a small ting noise to it yes they are very loud and don't get distorted so i am not sure if it is actually the speaker i might just be that something has rattled lose in my door it is only on one side and goes completely away when you turn it up. but the quality of these speakers is pretty good they tend to keep the bass pretty good to they aren't junk speakers but they are not top of the line and i would also say i really doubt that they will handle 225 each my stereo is the stock stereo and they seem to get very very very little distortion when i turn them all the way up so I'm guessing if my stereo was just a lil louder they would blow

By Christopher on October 19, 2010


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for the price can"t be beat

i was happily surprised with these way better then expected

By Mr big dick on September 17, 2013


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Great Product

This is a great product with a great price, fully satisfied with the install in my truck.

By kasman on September 10, 2013


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my feedback

It was everything you said and it was fast delivery and Im a repeat customer thank you.

By robbie on April 9, 2015


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Speaker review

I got these as an inexpensive stock speaker replacement in my 01Jeep Cherokee. I am powering them with a JVC head unit, so not much power. The speakers sound fine, nothing fantastic nor horrible. The sound is improved from the old stockers. I have not had any issues with them over the 6 months I have owned them. They are meeting my basic need.

By KG on March 21, 2013


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Excellent Speaker for the price

Nice sounding speaker, with a great look to them,,pleased with performance

By Kyle on March 18, 2013


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Great Value for the money

I had another pair of pioneer speakers in the same car as I put these in and from what I can tell they are just as good maybe even better at over half the cost

By Gottnot on December 17, 2009


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bought it for my wife she loves it and I think it sounds great the price was awesome

By josh on September 22, 2009


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in a fish tank

pretty solid for the price but they get a bit sketchy up in the louder range, but unless you are making an awesome system in your car buy them

By genghis on July 11, 2010


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very good speakers. sound clear and look good.

By hj on August 4, 2010


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good value

i think the sound quality is not bad at all, i have not yet connected my amp but i think it will produce great results if amplified. bass response ok aswell at mid level volume and if higher little distortion is heard.

By azi on April 16, 2009


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Good sound for cheap price

I just bought a pair of these. They sound very good, much better than stock speakers. For the price they are very good speakers.

By Daniel on September 4, 2008


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Great deal

Replaced speakers in my BMW these are amazing perfect sound no static thank you thank you for a great price on awesome speakers

By Zak on July 26, 2015


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Boss CH5530

It seems like a very good quality product, the sound is very good. I only gave it 4 stars because is to early to give a full 5 stars rating since I only had it for 2 weeks. Other than that it seems like an excellent product and I recommend it.

By Anonymous on May 28, 2018


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Excellent Speaker for the $

Very pleased with the clarity and performance of these 5 1/4" speakers

By Otis on August 31, 2016


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Mr. mRonald Waits

great sounding speaker. easy to install and fast delivery I'm satisfied

By Anonymous on June 22, 2019 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Great Product for a Great Price!

Fantastic speakers to swap out for your stock ones. Perfect balance of bass and treble.

By Avery on November 7, 2016 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Great product

Really nice speakers and looks great design quality sound is good

By Pete on November 1, 2016


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It's was a Great Product!!!

I would recommend this product to anyone that would listen!!! Great sound easy to install!!!

By Janella on January 9, 2017


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Not bad.

Now i have ordered boss in the pass(Hints why i bought these). They are good products for the unbeatable prices they sell for and these were no different. Just think about your setup and contrast the lvls your trying to push with it.

By Splicer on September 29, 2016


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Please do not waste your money on this,purchase from any other brand of speaker!

By Bad Malibu on January 16, 2022


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