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Great product :D

It is a great product, I love how this amp works, thanks Sonic Electronix :).

By Giovanny on February 16, 2014


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Bad feedback noise

Installed this amp today it has horrible feedback Thought to begin with I would check wires it had solid ground and rcas were not close to power wires so I plan on buying different amp

By Jon on February 1, 2014


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Terrible amp, not worth the money

This amplifier is not worth the money even for it's cheap price. Installed it over the weekend and the noise was terrible. There was so much distortion that it made the amp useless. I would steer clear of purchasing this amp.

By Texas Ranger on April 1, 2014


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I do recommend this amp

Ive owned a few boss products and im very saticfied with them they do what i need and never had trouble out of it. For highs i recommend this amp highly...

By Anthony on December 24, 2013


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descent amp, pushes 4 infinety pretty nicely in my maz 6, not a mind blower but good for mid level system

By Dru on December 25, 2014


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Perfect for computer!

I am using this on my computer. Power comes from a generic 5A power supply (12VDC of course). Line out from the PC connects to two 2-way RCA splitters into this amp. Two channels power the satellite speakers and the other two channels power the mid bass speakers. Sounds great and is a perfect upgrade from typical 2.1 computer systems. One great feature of this amp is the soft-on (time delay speaker output relay switch) circuit which keeps the speakers from popping loudly when a brownout occurs (no need to have the speakers connected to the precious battery backup UPS!).

By Sure, why not on October 12, 2014


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Great Product

great product. I would recomend it to others. The only problem i had with it is adjusting the volume on the system itself. the knobs seem to be too small. Otherwise a great product.

By Abin76 on March 7, 2015


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I bought this amp about a year ago but due to weather and lack of time, I was barely able to install it today. I am not happy with this purchase. My speakers sounded distorted no matter how much I adjusted the levels unless I had the volume about a quarter high. Speakers sounded under powered, because they sound better with the headunit. As I was looking for a new amplifier to buy I noticed this amp is NOT CEA-2006 Compliant, which upsets me because you guys had it advertised as CEA-2006 Compliant when I purchased it.

By Rey on April 28, 2016 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Great Value

Yes I would recommend. This product very satisfied for the price.

By Gary on January 22, 2016


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Great product

Very good & the price was great & always has low sales.

By Anonymous on August 6, 2019


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For the price, no complaints

Ran into some interference problems. But the amps performance is fine. It does its job in my set up.

By Anonymous on August 23, 2018


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I hooked the amp up and in less then a day the channels 1 & 2 completely went out, now I ha e to return it thru the mail which takes like a week, then wait for it to be tested which takes up to 3 days then wait another week or so for the replacement to be sent back to me. That's almost a whole month with no music in my car. I should get something extra for the headache maybe some aspirin... dont buy this amp get something better..

By Mark on March 11, 2022 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Boss Amp

The amp is cheap,but save yourself the headache,this is junk!

By Bad Malibu on January 16, 2022


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Get what you pay for

Oh I sure as heck wouldn't recommend this one I had it less than a week installed. And speaker wire connection channels one and two completely went out and quit working on me and overall and kind of sucks. You get what you pay for.

By Drew on October 11, 2021 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Absolutely one of if not the worst amp I've ever owned honestly

I bought this amp 2 days ago nothing but distortion will return to place I bought and get my money back boss should be ashamed of them selfs for putting shit products out

By Dusten on May 8, 2023


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