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Good Amplifier With Some Caveats.

This amp is freakishly small and perfect for mounting in factory locations or other 'stealthy' locations.

One major complaint I have is per the specs this amp is stated to be able to accept 4ga wire MAX. I would say in reality or at least my case that number should be closer to 6ga. I tried bare wire (NXT Kit), 4ga ferrule, 4ga to 4ga reducers and none of these would fit and were just barely too big. Finally I used a 5/16th drill bit and drilled out ground and 12v + connectors and completed my install with the 4ga insulated ferrules.

Other issues include:

Line in connectors with incorrect pin-out. I had to use a de-pin tool to match the plugs with the input on the amp. Also RCA connectors on connector cable are not labeled and I used my volt meter to verify which was right vs left.

Instructions regarding sub output and wiring were a bit unclear, otherwise I'd rate the manual 8 out of 10

Other than the challenges above the amp works as intended and does it well. My issues could be an isolated incident and also a little bit of user error on my part which I hope is the case.

By Anonymous on September 25, 2019 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Everything you need in one small package.

Ok, let me just start off by saying this covers a 3-month space of time.
I actually bought a different system from some other idiots (skar audio) and right from the start they danced around and wouldn't honor their return stating improper install. What? Really?? Been doing this for years. Installed the last 5 systems myself. This one is the 6th and the cleanest by far. After reading their reviews and all the headaches others went through I just said the hell with it. I'll never deal with those guys again.
I heard a friend talking about Sonic Electronix so I looked into them. I found a setup I liked (all Cerwin Vega) and after MUCH thought and tired of not having tunes, I gave in and ordered the B55 stealth bomber, 2 sets of 6X9's, and a DVC 4 ohm 12inch sub. As soon as it arrived I installed it all and right out of the gate the sub channel on the amp isn't working. Here we go again........
But Sonic..... Did me right. They made it as fast and painless as possible. I pulled the amp and in no time at all I was reinstalling a new one. Asked me a few simple questions. Had me print out a label. And drop it off and before I knew it they sent me another shipping email saying it has already shipped.
I just finished re-installing the new amp and I am totally blown away. This tiny little 5 channel amp is a beast. Being that I have a 1992 chevy C1500 regular cab space is key. I even had to custom build and tune my own center console speaker cabinet. This amp fit the bill. Punches out bass and runs the other 4 speakers without even breaking a sweat. Clean sound, size, and punch...... I'll give this amp AND sonic 5 out of 5 stars for making this happen. I'm glad I waited. And a shout out to Cerwin Vega. Killer audio equipment. I am more than impressed. I'm a customer for life.

Thx again.

By Chris McFly on March 5, 2021 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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