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Covington, GA

5.25” Door Speakers

April 1, 2018

I bought these to replace some Pyle speakers that I blew. Haven’t had them long, but so far I’m happy! I listen predominantly to Black Metal, these speakers can handle this genre well! I have noticed that with Cerwin Vega speakers, you cannot mix and match front and rear speakers. I’ve always liked Cerwin Vega, so that’s what helped persuade my decision. All in all, a good product for the money!

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Hutchinson, MN

Verified Purchase
Good replacement speaker

July 6, 2020

Can't say how this set compares with the competition as I installed them in a 20-year-old tractor. The speakers in tractors were never intended for serious sound quality so just about anything is an improvement. These fit perfect and do sound better. They seem well built and look good.

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