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I grew up on cerwin vega the late 80s early 90s cerwin vega owned it AND STILL DOES if you love deep vibrating bass. I made a mistake bought the Rockford punch 8 powered sub GARBAGE put it under my 2018 tundra driver seat could barely feel it and hardly any bass. So I bought this unit almost the same size as the punch and CHEAPER. HOLY @%&! yea now I can hear the bass and feel it. Brought me back to my teenager days rolling down the road with 2 15 inch vegas bumping NWA. Along with a rock fosgate prime R25-1X12 and this unit I am all good. Don't hesitate BUY

By Jake on July 21, 2019 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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If you're looking to hit those window rattling lows, this won't do it. If you're looking for some pretty good punch without sacrificing ANY space, then this will more than suffice. I was quite surprised with the sound of this rather small package. Sturdy build, good power, and rounds out a decent little system nicely. One sounds nice, two would sound really good. I'm going to add one in the future to my pickup truck. I upgraded my factory system with a Soundstream flip screen head unit, Rockford Fosgate 6.5's, and one of these Cerwin Vega VPA 12s. I'm very pleased with the added punch this unit delivered. It hits some notes hard enough to rattle the mirrors. I'd say the sweet spot is 75-120 Hz. Like I said, it doesn't have the excursion to hit the lows, but it hits upper range bass notes great.

By Anonymous on March 13, 2019 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Surprisingly sounds better than I thought after opening, but not what I expected.

Let's start off with what it is not. It is NOT a 12! This is a 10" shallow sub! Dimensions are roughly 11 x 13 x 3 - 12" sub wont fit. So that is the bad. For a 10" sub it does sound pretty well, and is surprising for its small size. I had a small area to work with, there were no reviews out there for this product, so I bought it and hoped for the best. I did not get what I was expecting, a 10" sub will not hit as low as a 12" sub. I expected a 12" sub from all the info available on this item. However, it works, it sounds decent, and I do recommend it for someone looking for a little extra. It does sound better than the 8" speaker options out there for the same size package. I am satisfied with it and have been using it for a few months now. Again, I do recommend it!

By RHP on March 12, 2018


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perfect size,fits on back floor perfect

Great sound for box size.i was surprised how it sounded for its size

By Anonymous on August 7, 2019


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Very impressive

We purchased a new Mustang Mach E this spring and it has the factory B&O system. It generally sounds good, but they only included a 6x9 to cover the low end bass and it was... very underwhelming. We wanted to add some true low end bass to capture the full range of sound (something that one might expect with a high end factory system) without performing a bunch of modifications or by consuming the hatch space with a big sub box. There was a nice small compartment under the hatch floor that has a tire repair kit and portable charger. We settled on this since it would fit nicely in the compartment. We had it professionally installed and tuned. We were horrified at first and were about to toss it into the river until we did some tweaking on the tuning ourselves. What a difference. It can really hit some of the lows and with the right song, will add enough bass that can be felt in your chest and get the rearview and side mirrors jumping. So glad we kept with it! It does everything we hoped/wanted and more. So impressed that I'm considering adding one in my F150 as well.

By Matt on November 11, 2021 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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This thing pounds!

Although you won't have extreme bass, this unit pounds! I have a 2003 GMC EXTENDED CAB with the Cerwin Vega VPSA12 UNDER the back seat along with the Kenwood kvx-5776 double din touch screen deck and no other amps and kicker 6x9s under the back seat. It sounds amazing with good ???????????????? bass! I am really happy with how it sounds in a ???????????? truck!

By Gerbear on July 17, 2021


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For a little 12-inch shallow sub, this thing bumps. Easy to conceal under a seat when you don't have much room.

By Thomas on August 3, 2020 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Cerwin Vega 12"

I highly recommend this product, I am very impressed with the punch it packs in such a small package. I have a crew cab F-250 and it really sounds great. It is very punchy and it adds so much depth to the music. I listen to old country, new country, rock, and rap, everything sounds exceptionally better. I would definitely buy it again.

By Anonymous on July 8, 2019 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Great addition

Easy install. Sounds great. It won't rattle your license plate but rear view mirror vibrates. Great sound for the price. Very low profile. Fits under back seat if my 2011 chevy 2500.

By Anonymous on October 26, 2019


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Awesome price

Not sure how it sounds but representative said its the best compact sub

By Anonymous on February 26, 2019


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By Sean on November 5, 2022 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Great Bass!

For those that have complained that the VPAS-12 does not add bass to their system, they must have not adjusted it properly. I installed on my old commuter car(1996 Camry) since I am in the car for two hours a day and let me tell you it has dramatically helped the experience.

I placed it under the driver's seat and I get the added benefit of a massage, from the thumping, LOL. Everyone I have shown the set up loves it and think that it sounds better than a more expensive, even newer car. It is paired to a Pioneer head unit and Cerwin Vega door and rear deck speakers.

Thanks again guys for fast shipping and great pricing.

By Fabio on March 14, 2020 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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